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By Traveller May 15, 2018


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By FOOK Traveller May 15, 2018

Apologies beforehand and I do not intend to offend anyone. Just that we never been to a place where certain red light activities are it is safe to walk along Langstrasse in the evenings, daytime?
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Langstrasse is Safe, there are some very good bars and restaurants in the area.. there are no girls in Windows like in Amsterdam, this was closed down a decade ago.. you can tell the rougher seedier bars pretty easily.. and you may see a few street walkers.. but it is generally safe, I used to walk home that way from the centre, on my own and stop and get something to eat in the early hours.
Thank you, Pete
Langstrasse during the day is a bit surreal. You may see people that live there since has some very nice appartements there but apart from that there is not much going on during the day.

If you plan on visiting Langstrasse I would suggest you go in the evening. It has lots of bars and also restaurants. Also its not dangerous just very busy...mostly on weekends but also during the week. You may see SOME strange people and some Police but mostly its the party mile.

A wide variety of guests (in age) has for ex. Brick Bar close to helvetia platz or Felix Bar is also a good cocktailbar Theres not much with live music as far as I know. There is one bar you may like in Zürich Niederdorf called Splendid Piano bar Niederdorf in general my suit you better than langstrasse. Its vibe might be more your thing because it is pedestrians only and has lots of bars & restaurants to just walk in (not what you asked but I'll give the advice anyway just in case)
Local May 15, 2018
Wow, this is indeed great info. Thank you so much, Vera