5 Local Things to Do in Sydney

Like A Local Guide • 18 Aug, 2016

Sydney is a vast metropolis that might even come across as a bit intimidating. Being the oldest and biggest city in Australia, there’s so much to experience that it can be difficult to decide where to begin, especially if you want to steer clear of the typical tourist trail.

To get you started, Sydney local Deasha shares five of her favourite things to do in her beloved city. Deasha also blogs about her worldly adventures and fitness routines over at Travel ‘n’ Fitness.

1. Walk from Coogee to Maroubra

You’ll see many tourist guidebooks recommending the walk from Bondi to Coogee, but this alternative route from Coogee to Maroubra has less people and is stunning. Be careful, though: there’s a section that doesn’t have a walkway as such and is more of a scramble across the rocks.

Stop in Maroubra for a coffee or an ice cream and admire the Rubik’s cube on the long sandy beach before heading back to Coogee either on foot or by bus.

1202809134_3429afe2b6_bPhoto credit: Francisco Martins

2. Cycle around Centennial Park

You can hire bikes easily and cheaply for an hour or two in the area surrounding Centennial Park. There’s usually a wedding going on and, if you’re lucky, you might even spot a film set. There are also many lakes to admire, plus there’s a café in the middle of the park where you can grab some lunch. Another option is to bring along a picnic and set up camp.

8191796505_c3b5a2c12c_bPhoto credit: Deborah & Kevin

3. Discover the magical Brooklyn area

A short train ride out of the city towards the Hawksbury River will bring you to Cowan. You can walk from here to Brooklyn. It takes a few hours, but you’ll end up in a very cute fishing village where you can enjoy some fresh seafood for lunch and catch the train back to the city.

2627698862_fb8c9a0230_oPhoto credit: Brian Yap

4. Take a break at the Ritz Cinema

As a tourist, sometimes it’s hard to always be on the go. If you need a rest and want to have a relaxing night out, head to the Ritz Cinema in Randwick. This old-school cinema has a bar upstairs and is just how it was decades before. Showing all of the latest movies, it’s certainly worth the trip.

Ritz Cinema 1, looking at screenPhoto credit: Ritz Cinema

5. Go souvenir shopping at Paddy’s Markets

This is the best place to buy all that tacky Australian-themed stuff you need to send back home. You’ll find everything here at great prices. You can also head upstairs where the outlet stores are and buy some bargain-priced Converse or last-minute clothes at Cotton On.

2190909038_2ebd5ebb28_bPhoto credit: Johan Larsson

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