6 Cosy Vegetarian-Friendly Eateries in Copenhagen

Like A Local Guide • 15 Sep, 2015

If you’ve ever been to Denmark, you may have noticed that the country caters almost exclusively to carnivores. While the supermarkets and restaurants in neighbouring Sweden are flooded with all manner of vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, insert-food-preference-here fare, don’t expect to be spoilt for choice in Copenhagen. Here are a few of our favourite places to grab a meat-free bite in the flesh-loving Danish capital.

1. simpleRAW


Photo credit: Jessica Braz

This sleek little eatery is tucked in the basement of an 18th-century abode on an atmospheric inner-city square. It delights fresh food lovers of all persuasions – rawbies, vegans, vegetarians and curious carnivores – with a mouth-watering menu spanning breakfast to late-night dessert. Stop by for a nourishing mid-morning brunch spread, a succulent quinoa and mung bean burger or tantalising tapas. The presentation is impeccable (these guys are suckers for straight lines and symmetry), as is the service.

2. Spisehuset Rub & Stub


Photo credit: Nuria Bartual

This non-profit restaurant is the first of its kind in Denmark. Volunteer staff conjure up hearty meals using surplus foodstuffs from local farmers, supermarkets and bakeries that might otherwise go to waste. The menu is short and sweet, typically with one or two entrees, a pair of meaty mains, at least one vegetarian dish and a couple of delectable desserts. Unsurprisingly, the selection changes daily depending on the available ingredients. Head over to their Facebook page to see what’s on offer today.

3. Grød


Photo credit: Grød

If you’re hunting for an inexpensive and nourishing meal to warm your frozen innards, Grød is the place to go. These guys specialise in just one thing – tasty bowls of steaming porridge! Rather than serving up the stodgy goo of our childhoods, they work with unexpected ingredients and flavours to create endless variations of grainy goodness. Many of the dishes are vegetarian, and there’s always one or two vegan options.

4. Grønsagen


Photo credit: Grønsagen

Run by residents of Copenhagen’s experimental community, charming little Grønsagen is a local landmark. Here you’ll find fresh organic produce available for purchase, as well as a wholesome lunch buffet of meat and meatless dishes that you pay for by weight. While it’s certainly one of the most fascinating places to visit in Copenhagen, Christiania can also be a tad intimidating. Grønsagen is therefore not just a cheap and cosy spot to hang out, but also serves as a friendly respite if you’re feeling a little out of place.

5. Morgenstedet


Photo credit: Beth

Morgenstedet started out as a breakfast restaurant, but has since evolved into a popular lunch and dinner spot. It’s one of the cosiest corners in Christiania and a great place to fill your stomach with hearty vegetarian fare. They have a limited menu that changes daily, and everything is organic and homemade.

6. Kate’s Joint


Photo credit: Thomas Madsen

With an ever-changing menu of Asian, African and Caribbean-inspired dishes, Kate’s is the perfect place to fill up on wholesome, home-cooked food at very reasonable prices. From chickpea stew and spicy daal to tofu stir-fry and Malay-style curry, the vegetarian delights will leave your upper lip sweating and your stomach purring.

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