Local Spotlight: Our Most Active Ambassadors in 2015

Like A Local Guide • 28 Jan, 2016

Last year there were 2692 new tips posted on Like A Local; that’s 27% more than in 2014! This is all thanks to our brilliant community of local contributors around the world. Not only do you fuel our growth, but you also help curious travellers skip the shite and experience your city in a more authentic way. High fives all round!

Now it’s time to shine the spotlight on these 10 legends – our most active volunteer contributors in 2015.

1. Sebastian / Berlin


Sebastian posted a whopping 77 tips last year! If you’re looking for good, simple, reasonably priced food in Berlin, this guy has you covered. He prefers small, offbeat restaurants and prides himself on only reviewing truly special places. Having merrily munched our way through many of his recommendations, we can certainly attest to his taste! What’s more, he’s originally from Vienna and has posted plenty of foodie tips for his home city too.

Check out Sebastian’s tips here.

2. Nadine / Frankfurt

Just like Sebastian, Nadine has a fondness for eating and discovering new flavours. In 2015 she posted 60 tips for an eclectic mix of places, from ethnic eateries to neighbourhood markets to lively local nightlife spots. She also enjoys getting back to nature and making the most her city’s cultural offerings, so you’ll also find tips for fun alternative stuff to see and do.

Check out Nadine’s tips here.

3. Maria / Thessaloniki

Maria is a travel buff based in Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece. In 2015 she posted 55 tips for fantastic local places to eat, drink, explore and more. She has been blogging about (and taking inspiring photos of) her adventures since 2009, and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to everything Greece.

Check out Maria’s tips here.

4. Nijat / Baku

We were thrilled when Nijat joined our community and became a local ambassador for Baku, the relatively undiscovered capital of Azerbaijan. Whether you’re into history, culture, cuisine or nightlife, he has more than a few recommendations for you. In 2015 he posted 37 colourful tips, and uncovered his city as a top alternative travel destination.

Check out Nijat’s tips here.

5. Shawn / Prague


When he’s not playing accordion in smoky bars, Sean spends his time wandering the streets of his delightful city and tapping away (I’d rather say “putting pen to paper”, but pen-wielding people are something of a rarity these days) in quiet cafés. Besides sharing Prague’s most interesting beer lists, coffee shops and live music venues on our site – 33 in total for 2015, he runs a cheeky travel blog aptly titled Saint Facetious.

Check out Shawn’s tips here.

6. Shana / Chicago


Ramen, burgers, pizza, coffee, candy, cupcakes, tacos and Filipino fare – this is just a taste of what Shana covered in her 33 tips of 2015. Needless to say, this multitalented woman has a passion for pleasing the palate. When she’s not hunting for new eating establishments, you’ll find her performing on stage and blogging about her foodie escapades.

Check out Shana’s tips here.

7. Katarina / Uppsala

If there’s a common thread between our local contributors, it’s definitely a love of eating. Katarina’s 32 tips of 2015 are mostly food-related (cinnamon buns, cardamom buns, saffron buns, oh my!), but in true Swedish style she also shared her favourite local outdoor haunts.

Check out Katarina’s tips here.

8. Dana / Prague

Dana is dedicated to steering travellers off the typical tourist trail. She runs a cool local business called Prague Behind the Scenes, offering unique small-group tours for those who want to experience her city in a less-touristy way. We’re chuffed she found the time to post 29 fabulous tips to Like A Local last year, covering everything from an old wastewater treatment plant and an embryo-clad drainpipe to purveyors of the city’s hippest new beverage – chicken broth.

Check out Dana’s tips here.

9. Mélanie / Mauritius

Mélanie is an outdoors lover, foodie, music enthusiast and adventure seeker who spiced up our site with 29 dreamy tips last year. She certainly knows her stuff when it comes to nature, beaches and seaside establishments.

Check out Mélanie’s tips here.

10. Allison / Chicago

When she’s not working as a landscape architect, Allison can be found seeking out Chicago’s best local bars and coffee shops. In 2015 she added 28 caffeine/booze-infused tips, with a few shopping spots thrown in for good measure.

Check out Allison’s tips here.

Want to influence the travel scene in your city? Join the Like A Local community and start sharing your favourite local spots with travellers!

Opening photo credit: Cali4beach

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