Top 10: Best Free Things to Do in Stockholm

Like A Local Guide • 9 Sep, 2013

It’s true that Stockholm is on the expensive side, but luckily there are plenty of ways to experience the city on a budget. Jessica, our local editor from Stockholm, came up with the top 10 things that you can do for free in Stockholm.

1. Galleri Kontrast

Galleri Kontrast is a fine little gallery devoted to documentary photography. Housed in a former bank with lofty glass ceilings and intimate underground vaults, it’s worth a visit even if only to experience its stunning architecture.

Photo credit: Marcus Haraldsson & Christo de Klerk

2. Hellasgården

Located just 15 minutes from Slussen in the Nacka nature reserve, Hellasgården is the place to go if you’re looking to escape the hubbub of inner city Stockholm. Here you’ll find a lake, endless expanses of forest, an inexpensive sauna, and extensive walking, running, cycling and skiing tracks.

Photo credit: Joopey

3. Katarinahissen

Katarinahissen (the Katarina elevator) offers stunning panoramic views of Stockholm revealing the true beauty of the city. Although the elevator is out of service, you can still access the viewing point by taking the stairs.

Photo credit: Jakub Kadlec

4. Djurgården

Apart from being home to several of Stockholm’s most famous museums and attractions, Djurgården offers perfect grounds for peaceful picnics and long walks. The extensive stretches of forest and parkland also make it a favourite recreational spot amongst locals.

Photo credit: Tommie Hansen

5. Långholmen beach

Långholmen beach is a family friendly sand spot that attracts a mixed crowd of all ages. The fact that the beach is located on Långholmen, a former prison island, gives this place a mysterious feel.

Photo credit: Marcus Linder

6. Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet (the modern art museum) has one of the world’s finest collections of 20th and 21st century art and a photography dating back to 1840. They offer free entry on Fridays 18.00–20.00, so be sure to time your visit well.

Photo credit: Francisco Anzola

7. Skogskyrkogården

Skogskyrkogården is a picturesque cemetery set in pine woodland just a 14-minute subway ride from the city centre. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a perfect combination of functional architecture and breathtaking nature.

3666229464_066bb1c014_oPhoto credit: Michael Caven

8. Södermalm

Once a working class neighbourhood, Södermalm (aka Söder) is now the hipster’s paradise. With its trendy vintage clothing boutiques, cool independent galleries and intimate little bars, it attracts locals as well as tourists.

Photo credit: André Vasconcelos

9. Stadsbiblioteket

Stadsbiblioteket is Sweden’s largest public library with more than half a million books. Not only is it a cosy working and studying station, it is also an architectural masterpiece.

Photo credit: Emma Ramoy

10. Vitabergsparken

Vitabergsparken, one of Stockholm’s most beloved parks, attracts locals with its peaceful and green setting. It’s an ideal spot for picnics, people watching or simply soaking up the sun. In addition it offers an impressive view of the city.

Photo credit: Holger Ellgaard

Cover photo credit: Stefan Lins


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    Really Thanks alot for this informative Post. Actually I have no any idea about these places but after reading this post I feel wow it’s amazing place. Stockholm is the best tourist destination. These all are amazing and attractive places to visit in Stockholm and really I will go there in these places
    Kimi Soni • Apr 30, 2018 • Reply
    These are all fantastic places to explore and visit the capital city of Stockholm. Here are a few more of my favorite things to do in Stockholm.
    noel • Jan 21, 2016 • Reply
    I'm coming to Stockholm this weekend as part of a tour so am on a budget.Any tips on free museums and chaep eats. I found your suggestions very informative and have added them to my schedule9(time permitting).Any sports bars for football?
    Kevin Prior • Sep 15, 2015 • Reply
    I wanna party as hard as I cam this weekend. What do you suggest?
    Rod renaldo • Jun 18, 2015 • Reply
    Great list of things to do! I'll be in Sweden for a week this summer and this is very helpful for planning.
    Kara • Jun 09, 2015 • Reply
    Hi Kash! Yes, Swedes speak English really well, no need to worry! Stockholm is quite vegetarian friendly, a lot of places offer vegetarian options. Check here for local recommendations: . 1 USD = 8.6 SEK roughly Wouldn't know to recommend hotels unfortunately - try Google! Hope that helps!
    Kris Härsing • Apr 28, 2015 • Reply
    Hi. First time visit to Sweden (Stockholm) IS English spoken well there? Are there Vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm? What is the currency rate to US dollar (Krona conversion)? The Best budget Hotel in Stockholm? Thanks
    Kash • Apr 25, 2015 • Reply
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