Top 5 Places for Local Cuisine in Buenos Aires

Katrin Meschin • 19 Oct, 2018

Buenos Aires – the city of good air, tango and passion. As one of the largest cities in Latin America, it’s a jewel worth discovering for its cuisine, culture and people. In a country where food is an integral part of friendship, it’s definitely worth experiencing the best local dishes. When it comes to cuisine, Argentinians don’t hold back. Every dish expresses the passion and love of life that the people here share. To help you navigate the maze of eateries and not get carried away at the first takeaway spot you see, here are our top five places for local cuisine in Buenos Aires. Let the feast begin!

1. Don Julio

Argentina is one of the top meat-consuming countries in the world and Don Julio will show you why. With excellent steaks, delicious dressings and passionate staff, this place is ready and waiting to impress you. Often recognised as the best parrilla in town, it’s a good spot to discover various Argentinian meat dishes and learn about the nuances of different steaks (it’s a real science). Nevertheless, don’t get too carried away with the choice – it’s probably a good idea to share a portion.

Photo credit: Don Julio

2. El Sanjuanino

El Sanjuanino is a heart-warming place. It attracts both locals and tourists with its pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and good prices. Whether you order a stew, empanadas or tamales, you can be sure you’ll leave satisfied and happy. It’s also a good place to try Argentinian wine, which they serve in pingus (jugs shaped like penguins). You can sit, relax and enjoy your meal in the garden or order your food to-go.

El sanjuanino empanadas
Photo credit: El Sanjuanino

3. Casa Felix

“Closed-door” restaurants (home restaurants) are becoming more popular in Buenos Aires. One impressive example is Casa Felix. Diego Felix, the dude who runs this private eatery with his wife three times a week, is becoming something of a local legend. You’ll be served a five-course meal in a private garden, allowing you to enjoy the fresh evening air while diving into Diego’s culinary masterpieces. This place is getting more and more famous and seating is limited (they usually only host around 12 people per evening), so you’ll need to book well in advance. It’s not a place for heavy steak, but rather dishes made with top-quality local ingredients.

Photo credit: Casa Felix

4. Rodi Bar

Rodi Bar is perfect for those looking for a nice steak at a local price. As it’s located away from the buzzing city centre, it feels more authentic and is definitely more favoured by locals. Here, fresh local ingredients are combined with good quality local beef (from Argentinian grass-fed cattle) to create traditional, well-prepared dishes. You can really sense that this is a local place with a homely feel. You’ll have a hard time finding a better place to experience authentic local cuisine in Buenos Aires.

steak Ale Atali
Photo credit: Ale Atali

5. San Antonio de Areco

There’s a real treat hidden just 1.5–2 hours’ drive from Buenos Aires right in the middle of the Pampas. The small 18th-century town of San Antonio de Areco is where you’ll find Gauchos, locals sipping mate tea and real South American culture. In addition to discovering another part of Argentina, you’ll find lots of delicious food at much cheaper prices compared to the capital.

Photo credit: Lisa Franz

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Cover photo credit: Ale Atali
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