Top 7 Tours & Activities in Prague

Like A Local Guide • 8 Jul, 2017

Prague is a popular tourist destination, and local guides and tour companies are well aware of this. In fact, there are so many tour operators in Prague that it can be difficult to choose from all the tours and activities available. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our absolute favourites.

1. Discover alternative Prague

This tour takes you off the typical tourist trail to experience authentic local culture. As you explore lesser-known neighbourhoods beyond the historic centre, you’ll get to know the city’s graffiti and street art scene, and learn about underground subcultures and alternative lifestyles. Fun young guides will also share tips on where to eat, drink and party.


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2. Bike through the city’s glorious green spaces

The many parks of Prague are among the city’s best-kept secrets, and are often missed by tourists. This amazing bike tour takes you through the most scenic green spaces in Prague. Sign up for this five-hour adventure to relax and recharge as you cruise through the city!


Photo credit: BIKO Adventures

3. Try local beers and tapas

It’s a widely known fact that the Czechs make some of the best beer in the world. As with most beer-producing nations, locals laugh at the stuff that gets exported and love the stuff that’s produced in local microbreweries. On this tour a knowledgeable and passionate local guide will take you to places where you’ll see, smell and taste some of the finest nectar produced in the Czech capital. And it’s not only about drinking – you’ll get to sample some tasty Czech tapas too.


Photo credit: Prague Urban Adventures

4. Enjoy an urban hike in the Prokop Valley Nature Reserve

Prokop Valley Nature Reserve is just a short metro ride from the city centre. Its location makes it the perfect place for urban hikes, yet it still boasts beautiful nature and breathtaking views. Besides enjoying amazing scenery and hearing interesting stories, you’ll get a decent workout. Don’t be intimidated though – the trail is suitable for people of all fitness levels.


Photo credit: BIKO Adventures

5. Dive into the world of myths and legends

Do you love ghost stories and urban legends? Can you imagine how many exist in a city with over 1000 years of history? During this tour you’ll hear the stories of many remarkable people who lived in Prague and had such a great influence on the city that locals still talk about them today. You’ll hear the legend about the arm that was chopped off inside the Church of St. James the Greater, myths linked to the wisest rabbi who ever lived in Prague and many more mysterious stories.


Photo credit: Michal Pliva

6. Explore the city on a running tour

Why not explore Prague’s city centre by running through it? If you’re into running, there’s no reason to drop the habit while you’re travelling. This tour gives you the chance to see all the major highlights while staying fit and active. Being completely customisable, it’s suitable for beginners as well as seasoned runners.


Photo credit: Radim

7. Travel back in time on a WWII and communism tour

This tour is designed to give you a full understanding of what life was like in Czechoslovakia during its 50 years of totalitarianism. You’ll see the memorial on Národní St. dedicated to hundreds of student protesters, hear the stories of people who stood up against the regime at Wenceslas Square, visit the former Gestapo headquarters at Petschek Palace and find out why several Jewish sites survived destruction in the Jewish Quarter.


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