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Alternative Prague Tour

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This tour gives you the chance to have an authentic local experience in the non-touristic neighbourhoods of Karlín, Libeň, and Holešovice. Discover Prague’s street art and graffiti scene, famous contemporary artists, and underground subcultures in a safe and respectful way.

Duration: 2.5 hours
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Tour by Tomáš
Local Expert

Hello, I was born and raised in Prague and I just love to explore every single bit of this magical city. I finished my university studies last summer and now I'm running a young tour company which is trying to set a new trend in the walking tours industry here in Prague. I would love to share my knowledge with you, so if my posts are not enough for you and you want to dig in little bit more and discover the real life and culture here in Prague. Then just join me for the Alternative tour of Prague ;)

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  • Hear how Czech society changed after the fall of communism from the perspective of the local youth
  • Discover Prague’s flourishing graffiti and street art scene
  • See and learn about local contemporary art
  • Explore the best steam-punk underground club
  • Pick up insider tips for the rest of your stay


We’ll take you beyond the typical tourist destinations to the heart and soul of the city, and explain how Czech society and culture have changed since the fall of communism.

The Velvet Revolution not only gave the Czech Republic political freedom, but also cultural freedom. Our guides will introduce you to authentic local culture that has flourished outside the historic centre, including music, street art, graffiti, and contemporary galleries.

Join us and discover Prague’s social and cultural hotspots. We can share tips on what to do, where to buy cool stuff, and how to enjoy the city like a local young person. We're young artists who've grown up in Prague and live the local culture every day!

What’s included & not included

  • Fun and enthusiastic local guide
  • Admission to an independent art gallery
  • Summary of what you’ve seen during the tour
  • Alternative city map with useful tips for the rest of your stay
  • Public transport ticket - 90 minutes + 30 minutes (approx. 2 EUR) we recommend the 24 hours one (4 EUR) your guide can show you a shop where you can buy it before the tour starts

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Meeting point

Main entrance to Palladium shopping center (Republic Square) in front of the window of Foot Locker store outside (your guide will be holding a black umbrella)

Reviews from travellers (25)


Alternative Prague Tour Review
Great tour with Tomas. He took us around more off the beaten path locations of Prague. We really enjoyed hearing about Prague from a local's perspective, including the history and places that locals go to. Next Prague visit we would definitely want to stay in some of those areas.

Thanks, also, to Tomas for sharing some of his meal during out last stop. It's rare to get that kind of hospitality and kindness during a vacation.

Overall, a great and highly recommended tour.
Sandra was a fantastic guide. I got exactly what I was looking for with this tour. I loved seeing "real Prague" and hearing personal stories. Every stop was a treat!
Alternative Prague Tour with Tomas
Great tour! Our guide was excellent, with personal ties to the local artist community, and took us to places we never would have seen on our own. We enjoyed the tour very much, and finishing off with a local beer was a nice added touch. Thanks for a great day in Prague!
Escape the crowd for a while
It was great to see a very different side of Prague and gain an insight into the local arts scene. Tomas was a great guide: friendly, knowledgeable and his enthusiasm is contagious. This tour was a major highlight of my stay in Prague. Thanks again Tomas.
The tour explained the history of Prague and enabled you to see interesting elements of the outskirts.
The tour is specifically good for those who like design, as he takes you to great venues with brilliant interior spaces and art.
He was well informed about Prague and has passion for his job.
Nice guide, curious stuff
It was a really good experience. Artist herself, Sandra did everything to demonstrate the unconventional side of Prague. Our tour was well-paced and things were well-explained. Sincerely recommend to take it.
Sasha was above and beyond what any tour guided is expected to do and even stayed after with us talking and helped us discover oval night life
Very Informative
I learned a great deal.
A very nice alternative trip
The tour showed us some very cool stuff which we probably wouldn't notice if not going on this tour. Very recommended
Felt like VIP
I was alone that day :) and It was my birthday! 28th of december, the guide whom unfortunately I don't remember his name took me to very unique places.
very cool and different
My friend and i booked this tour because we wanted to get out of the craziness of the touristic center. And we did! Our guide was very knowledgable and nice, she answered all our questions, and we even ended up having a drink together at the end of the tour. If you want to see the real Prague, book this tour!
Great way to see the Prague that is not on the postcards
We had a great tour with Sandra, who was very chatty and easy going and had lots and lots of stories to tell covering subjects as diverse as art, street culture, history, politics and bit coins. Whilst we may have stumbled upon one or two of the sights from the tour, this was so much more intense and personal. Definitely worthwhile!
Wonderful Tour!
This was a wonderful tour! I would suggest it to anyone that wants a more personal experience. There is a mixture of both historical accounts as well as modern ones. The small group tour was great and I would definitely give it 5 stars.
🔝 tour
The tour was very interesting and informative. Charming Sandra gave a cool insight into the Prague's local life, history, modern Czech art and graffiti. Enjoyed meeting her even more than the places we visited. Recommend this tour to everyone who is looking for a different timeout.
great and VERY informative!
Just great!
The Tour was just great, different, interesting and special. I got a good impresion of the culture and history of prague, and also about zcech as a country.
The insight into the streetart of prague is just great and makes the city even more interesting, as it already is.
Eliska our guide was just great and super passionate, she realy loves what she does and you can feel it.
I would recommend the tour for everybody that is interested in real and alternative history, culture and art of the great city of Prague. And to everybody how loves stuff that is different to the regular.
Big hug from Finland!
I highly recommend the Alternative Prague tour. I got the opportunity to meet some really nice people and learn very interesting facts around the city. Tomas was an amazing tour guide.
The tour was awesome! Thank you!
I would like to give in 5 stars. It would be great to know in advance which guide will be the one who is doing the tour. Just on the middel of it I understood that the tour guide is a known graffiti artists and film producer. It will be great to know that in advance and learn from google about the guide I am about to hear from.
It was very interesting to hear so much of the view from Prague's youth.
The tour went through all the districts, a tourist in Prague would usually never go to and to see the local art-scene in action was great. Everyone who doesn't want to be the typical blind tourist should take this tour and see the real Prague of 2015.
contemporary arts, anarchy&commie or Bitcoin society, if you're planning to visit Prague and interested in some of these, I assured the money you spent with them is the best thing you could do in your holidays here. You'll see the real Prague not just tourists' wonderland area, learn some interesting Czech's histories from the local's point of view, highly recommended.
The tour was very interesting, arriving at locations and seeing things we would have never known of otherwise. The tour guide Thomas was very knowledgeable and speaks great English. The tour fulfills its goal perfectly- showing a different side to modern Prague, the one tourists rarely see. We took the tour on our second day and received many warm recommendations for interesting things to do and see, as told by a real local that wants to show us his city. Loved it!
If I had to recommend only one tour in Prague, this would be it. This was definitely a highlight-point in our visit. Super interesting tour for those who want to really experience the actual-non-tourist-Prague and connect with the local atmosphere. The guide gives out some really good tips for the rest of the stay and a helpful map, so I would suggest to come early on in your visit. .
If you are looking for something different from the tourist crowded areas in the old city and and would like to see a side of Prague with streetart and and the underground artists this is surely some tour you
must not miss. Tomas is a really dedicated guide and has a huge knowledge about life in underground Prague. Definitely worth every single korun :-). Don't hesitate if you are looking
to see, hear and learn more about another side of Prague with some edge.
The Information in this tour was very interesting. The way Tomaz delivered it was smooth and easy to follow. I've had guides in the past that jump around and confuse me or give information that doesn't fit into the tour, but not this one. I would have done this my first day if I had known now how much local tips he also gives. Just take the tour, you wont be disappointed!
The tour guide we had is a guy called Thomas who was excellent, very knowledgable, easy going and willing to answer any questions. The tour walks you through a brief history of Prague from the perspective of local people and the graffiti art that kicked off after the revolution. This tour is about real people doing real things and almost feels kinda personal. I highly recommend, one of my highlights of Europe!
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