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Great way to see the past!
A great tour if you have a spare half day to get some exercise and explore the past. A small and personal tour, with knowledgeable friendly guide. We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to explore the Slovakian countryside and see ruins in their 'natural' state.
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour from Bratislava
Carpathian castles
We enjoyed the short castle trip with Peter. Despite heavy rains, we got to see and experience a whole different side of tourism. Peter was great - he knew tons, and it was great to ask random questions about the people, country and history, and get real answers. The castles were great, we had them all to ourselves. Far better experience than the endlessly similar museums, churches and castles you normally experience on an Eastern Europe journey. Would love to have done more with authentic Slovakia tours!
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour from Bratislava
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour - best day out in Slovakia!
We really wanted to do something to see a bit more of Slovakia and this tour did not disappoint. Our tour guide for the day was Peter who was incredibly knowledgeable and fun. Peter picked us up from the apartments and even on the way to the castles he pointed out numerous sites of interest and gave us tips for where else to to to take in the real Bratislava. The castles and scenery were really beautiful despite it being a foggy day, and Peter even treated us to a drink and some traditional Slovak snacks at a local pub. This was our favourite day of our whole time in Slovakia and was made so by how friendly, knowledgeable and helpful Peter was so we would like to say a big thank you (Ďakujem!) to Peter and Authentic Slovakia, we would definitely do some of the other tours if we went back.
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour from Bratislava
Carpathian Castles Tour - A Must Do!
The Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour was one of the best experiences we have ever had in a trip. It is a “Must Do”. It was the perfect way to explore the Slovakian countryside and to get to know the Slovakian history.
We explored some spooky and picturesque Slovakian castles. We learned a lot about the Slovakian History, from the Middle Ages to the Communist and post-Communist era. We enjoyed the Slovakian nature: mysterious forests, local wildlife. Very beautiful scenery, untouched by tourism.
But the best part of our tour was our guide, Juro. He was an EXCELLENT guide. Friendly and knowledgeable at the same time. We had become friends by the end of the tour. Thank you Juro for making our trip unforgettable.
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour from Bratislava

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