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Great tour
We really enjoyed our Beer Craft Tour in Bratislava. The guide was nice and full of knowledge, and was easy to communicate with. Highly recommended.
Bratislava Craft Beer Tour
A delicious food adventure
Daniella was wonderful. She knows her way around the town and restaurants and it was wonderful to have different parts of a meal in different locations. We started with an appetizer (charcuterie and duck confit) then walked along the city wall to find the next place to eat chicken soup. We ate in a cellar which was romantic. Then we walked through the city to a micro-brewery that specializes in traditional Slovak food. Apparently lunch is the biggest meal. We had potato dumplings, pork dumplings with sauerkraut, beef with carrot and parsnip purée. This was followed by a number of sweets and wine/liquor tasting. The food and drinks were absolutely wonderful. I definitely recommend doing any type of tour with Daniella.
Bratislava Traditional Food Tour
Wonderful tour in Bratislava
My daughter and I had a chance to learn about and eat local food Bratislava. It was a great experience that we won't forget. Daniela really knows Bratislava, and was really comfortable sharing her knowledge and perspective on this wonderful city. A food tour is an amazing way to add purpose and depth to a city visit. So getting a chance to learn the local foods and visit local places made our day trip in Bratislava so much better. I recommend Daniela as a tour guide any day.
Bratislava Traditional Food Tour
First Rate Tour
Great range of locations and food. Linda was very knowledgable and shared much information about the food and settings. Easy conversation along the way made her more of a hostess than a tour guide. Pleasant -- and full -- afternoon!
Bratislava Food Tour
Exceeded our expectations
We visited Bratislava as a family of five in June. Joining Bratislava Food Tours was the best thing we could do! In my opinion foodtour is a great thing in general and this one was amazing. We were introduced to some of the best delicacies in Slovakia and visited 5 or 6 vendors. I especially liked the sauerkraut soup Slovaks eat on Christmas. Our guide Linda was very knowledgeable about customs, culture, history and also some statistical data about recent Slovakia. And it was obvious that she is a foodie, too. What a delightful afternoon!
Bratislava Food Tour
Reasonably priced and worth every euro!
This is a great food tour introducing a perhaps lesser-known European cuisine along with traditions and walking around and seeing the city. Great guide and tons of food and drink!
Bratislava Food Tour
Great time, fun, interesting went to places I would never have found on my own
Bratislava Craft Beer Tour

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