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Adventurous tour
Thank you Eric. You took us through the market at just the right speed, sharing your own thoughts and your knowledge of the local foods. I loved the fact that you took us to stalls and bought us what the locals eat! We saw the queues but would not have known what to ask for without your guidance. We loved the pickled veg..especially the sweetcorn and my fav was the beetroot. The picnic at the end of the tour warmed us up ( it was cold day). An amazing end to the tour. Thank you.
Bites & Sights Bratislava Food Tour
Excellent tour
We wanted a tour which wasn't just city centre and gave us a taste of Bratislava's and indeed Slovakia's history. Our tour guide Brana did just that. He used his own experience of being a local to share his knowledge as well as his education. The guide book really illustrated his points too. The bike tour was lovely.... We learnt about the city centre and beyond. Luckily it was good weather and we were treated to some historic refreshments! We loved Bratislava but loved it even more after our tour. It was flat in the main and about three hours long with plenty of interesting stops and conversations.
Bratislava Iron Curtain Bike Tour
Definitely recommend this tour
Erich met us at the marked location on time and we had a lovely two hour tour of the central market. It is easy and cheap to get to on public transport. It is definitely off the tourist trail, we were the only ones there with cameras! I would recommend this tour as Erich being a local was able to tell us some of the history of the market and share his insights into local life in Bratislava. His English is very good. The food was local and authentic and there was lots of it. We wouldn't have know where to start with all of the food on offer but Erich explained what we were buying and a bit of the history. We have plenty of time to wander around the market before sitting down together with all of the food Erich had purchased as well as a couple of glasses of wine to share lunch together. Arrive hungry! We had a lovely sunny Saturday lunchtime tour which I would recommend to anyone who likes food and is spending time in Bratislava.
Bites & Sights Bratislava Food Tour
Interesting and delicious Tour
We had e really interesting and delicious tour with Erich. He told us all the interestung details about the local people. He reacted to all of our questions and our tasting wishes. It was a real pleasure.
Bites & Sights Bratislava Food Tour
Great guide and tour - enjoyed doing something a bit different!
The guide was very knowledgeable and had a great personality. We all thoroughly enjoyed the tour and were glad we chose the bike option.
Bratislava Iron Curtain Bike Tour
An interesting walk with interesting conversation
Erich Seeman was our very personable guide for a our Bratislava Off the beaten track - He speaks excellent English and enjoyed discussing Slovakias history and present , while taking us through 'his' part of the city . Highly recommended if you want to gain a better insight into ordinary people's lives in this lovely city.
Off the Beaten Track Bratislava Walking Tour
well worth a visit
i booked a private tour for half a day. Bratslavia is is short drive from vienna and well worth a visit.
Private Guided Walking Tour of Bratislava
Great excursion outside the city
This guided bike tour is a great way to get outside of the city for some unique sights while getting a personal perspective on the history of Bratislava and Slovakia. I can highly recommend Authentic Slovakia to anyone visiting! We did this tour as a group of friends aged 35-40 and also took the Post-Socialist City Tour.
Bratislava Iron Curtain Bike Tour
Fascinating insights into modern Slovakia
Erich gave me a really interesting tour of Bratislava! He shared some insights with me about the history of the city, how it developed under Soviet rule and how that has shaped the city today. Lots of great views and insider knowledge on old buildings around the city. Thanks Erich!
Off the Beaten Track Bratislava Walking Tour
Carpathian castles
We enjoyed the short castle trip with Peter. Despite heavy rains, we got to see and experience a whole different side of tourism. Peter was great - he knew tons, and it was great to ask random questions about the people, country and history, and get real answers. The castles were great, we had them all to ourselves. Far better experience than the endlessly similar museums, churches and castles you normally experience on an Eastern Europe journey. Would love to have done more with authentic Slovakia tours!
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour from Bratislava
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour - best day out in Slovakia!
We really wanted to do something to see a bit more of Slovakia and this tour did not disappoint. Our tour guide for the day was Peter who was incredibly knowledgeable and fun. Peter picked us up from the apartments and even on the way to the castles he pointed out numerous sites of interest and gave us tips for where else to to to take in the real Bratislava. The castles and scenery were really beautiful despite it being a foggy day, and Peter even treated us to a drink and some traditional Slovak snacks at a local pub. This was our favourite day of our whole time in Slovakia and was made so by how friendly, knowledgeable and helpful Peter was so we would like to say a big thank you (Ďakujem!) to Peter and Authentic Slovakia, we would definitely do some of the other tours if we went back.
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour from Bratislava
Carpathian Castles Tour - A Must Do!
The Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour was one of the best experiences we have ever had in a trip. It is a “Must Do”. It was the perfect way to explore the Slovakian countryside and to get to know the Slovakian history. We explored some spooky and picturesque Slovakian castles. We learned a lot about the Slovakian History, from the Middle Ages to the Communist and post-Communist era. We enjoyed the Slovakian nature: mysterious forests, local wildlife. Very beautiful scenery, untouched by tourism. But the best part of our tour was our guide, Juro. He was an EXCELLENT guide. Friendly and knowledgeable at the same time. We had become friends by the end of the tour. Thank you Juro for making our trip unforgettable.
Carpathian Castle Ruins Tour from Bratislava
Iron Curtain Bike Tour: a must-do in Bratislava!
I had booked this bike tour ahead of time with Authentic Slovakia (and BikeBratislava) - Brano was very friendly and helpful. They delivered exactly what they were promising and more! It was an absolutely amazing bike ride along the Danube, crossing the bridge (on a bike path of course), following trails, visiting an actual bunker, getting to the border between Austria and Slovakia, seeing remnants of the communist-era, etc. Our guide, Lubos, was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything and answer questions. The tour is about 2.5-3 hours-long and is very easy if you've ever ridden a bicycle before (15 km, all flat except when going on bridges). I highly recommend this tour! I did it with my 3 teenage kids (14-15-17).
Bratislava Iron Curtain Bike Tour
Fun bike tour
We did Iron curtain bike tour with Luboc. Very gentle ride mainly on cycle paths. Crossed 2 of bridges over Danube and visited 2 WW bunker. And pub. Our guide was charming. A very pleasant 3 hours. Thank you.
Bratislava Iron Curtain Bike Tour
Great tour
We really enjoyed our Beer Craft Tour in Bratislava. The guide was nice and full of knowledge, and was easy to communicate with. Highly recommended.
Bratislava Craft Beer Tour
A delicious food adventure
Daniella was wonderful. She knows her way around the town and restaurants and it was wonderful to have different parts of a meal in different locations. We started with an appetizer (charcuterie and duck confit) then walked along the city wall to find the next place to eat chicken soup. We ate in a cellar which was romantic. Then we walked through the city to a micro-brewery that specializes in traditional Slovak food. Apparently lunch is the biggest meal. We had potato dumplings, pork dumplings with sauerkraut, beef with carrot and parsnip purée. This was followed by a number of sweets and wine/liquor tasting. The food and drinks were absolutely wonderful. I definitely recommend doing any type of tour with Daniella.
Bratislava Traditional Food Tour
Wonderful tour in Bratislava
My daughter and I had a chance to learn about and eat local food Bratislava. It was a great experience that we won't forget. Daniela really knows Bratislava, and was really comfortable sharing her knowledge and perspective on this wonderful city. A food tour is an amazing way to add purpose and depth to a city visit. So getting a chance to learn the local foods and visit local places made our day trip in Bratislava so much better. I recommend Daniela as a tour guide any day.
Bratislava Traditional Food Tour
First Rate Tour
Great range of locations and food. Linda was very knowledgable and shared much information about the food and settings. Easy conversation along the way made her more of a hostess than a tour guide. Pleasant -- and full -- afternoon!
Bratislava Food Tour
Exceeded our expectations
We visited Bratislava as a family of five in June. Joining Bratislava Food Tours was the best thing we could do! In my opinion foodtour is a great thing in general and this one was amazing. We were introduced to some of the best delicacies in Slovakia and visited 5 or 6 vendors. I especially liked the sauerkraut soup Slovaks eat on Christmas. Our guide Linda was very knowledgeable about customs, culture, history and also some statistical data about recent Slovakia. And it was obvious that she is a foodie, too. What a delightful afternoon!
Bratislava Food Tour
Reasonably priced and worth every euro!
This is a great food tour introducing a perhaps lesser-known European cuisine along with traditions and walking around and seeing the city. Great guide and tons of food and drink!
Bratislava Food Tour

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