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Explore Brussels with a Local Guide Explore Brussels with a Local Guide

Hello, I am travelling with my mother to Brussels and she would like to have a personal tour around the city centre wit… Read more

Paloma September 13, 2022 answer

My friends and I will be in Brussels in September, and would love to visit Westvleteren. We won't have car, and I'm str… Read more

Kelly June 29, 2022 answer

Why has a physical scanned shipment not being delivered?

Jim February 5, 2021 answer

Hi! I recently bought rollerskates and looking for someone to help me learn it as well as have fun with it :)

Lobna December 18, 2020 answer

When calling a government person in Brussels and you get their voicemail, which language(s) are the system messages in?… Read more

Colin July 28, 2020 answer

Hi, I'm looking for ideas and unique characters for short films about Brussels. I'm particularly interested in Matonge … Read more

John March 11, 2020 answer

Hello, do you know of any nice place in Brussels to have dinner with my girlfriend which may end in 50-60€ max? Local c… Read more

Andres February 8, 2020 answer

Hello, What are the places where locals spend their weekend? Coffee shops, restaurant, bars, places worth a visit. A… Read more

Sabina February 2, 2020 answer

Are there any experiences in terms of nightlife(for students), monuments, coffee houses and tours that you recommend to… Read more

Ralph December 13, 2019 answer

Hi! Im coming to Brussels on Friday for the forth time and have been to main attractions and Atomium. We are coming t… Read more

Karolina December 4, 2019 answer

Hi I have purchased a painting from a local auction house in Antwerp and I need a cheap/affordable company who can pack… Read more

Michael November 28, 2019 answer

I have been to Brussels several times and have seen most of the normal tourist attractions. What can you recommend to… Read more

Nicolai October 23, 2019 answer

Hi. I'll be in Brussels for a day during the first week of November. Could you recommend a few places that I could tour… Read more

HD October 21, 2019 answer

Hi! I'm visiting Brussels for a day next week and I was wondering if there are any shops that sell rock or metal vinyl … Read more

Thea October 19, 2019 answer

I'm asking if there is nude swimming pools hotels in Brussels and also nude spa, sauna . I don't need it away from Brus… Read more

Dola September 12, 2019 answer

Where can I buy food for little baby (prefer organic vegetables and fruits and Hipp baby food)? We will be placed close… Read more

Jelena July 10, 2019 answer

Hello! I am currently doing my thesis now about waste management, is there any difference between mobile and permanent … Read more

Raditiana May 29, 2019 answer

Where do we go today/ Tomorrow for some drinks/ festival/ dancing in the sun? Rooftopbars? Dj’s outside?

Sjoukje April 20, 2019 answer

Recommended top 10 things to see/do in Brussels (3 day visit)?

Debbie February 22, 2019 answer

Restaurants near the central station would be the bestA

Minkyu December 25, 2018 answer

Hello : Any nightclubs for the 18 years old plus that are good and crowded? i am now in Brussels for few days,,

mike December 19, 2018 answer

I will be spending the new year in brussels. I want some tips about restaurants and parties where i can go. Thanks :)

petro December 14, 2018 answer

I know it's a Monday, but we were hoping to find a Révillon de Noel somewhere near Grand Place. Any ideas.

Boyd November 4, 2018 answer

Hi.. can show me any shop should i go..? ;)

Mr. October 27, 2018 answer

Where can you find a great selection of affordable art supplies and items for achitect students? Or school kids buying … Read more

Ashok October 17, 2018 answer

Anyone have any recommendations for ways to learn French and genuinely good and not too expensive language schools? Or … Read more

Anna October 2, 2018 answer

I saw a list of club suggestions but my friend who's from here said that a lot of them "don't exist" anymore E.g. Spiri… Read more

Anna September 17, 2018 answer

Im going with a group of my friends (all girls) and we want to make a reservation for a restaurant in brussels. We are … Read more

Solvei September 5, 2018 answer

Is there any memorial, exhibit or place where one can see or trace the steps of the The Jewish Brigade (section of the… Read more

Frances August 20, 2018 answer

Staying in Brussels a couple days before Tomorrowland Weekend 2. Where can we meet new people?

Doreen July 3, 2018 answer

What one can do, when you can't simply live without music, huh? I've seen a Reddit thread on where to find public pian… Read more

Gaby June 25, 2018 answer

I am speaking kn behalf of a group of hip hop artist who are about to embark on their first European tour. Ive been tol… Read more

J’Shaun June 14, 2018 answer

Son (25) wants to watch the football, can you recommend anywhere where I can have a meal and he can watch the football!!

Mandy May 23, 2018 answer

where can we eat and watch the football (son's 25th birthday!)

Mandy May 23, 2018 answer

Hi all, If I have a monthly pass on my MOBIB card, can I use the buses run by De Lijn?

Emilė April 13, 2018 answer

Are there any nice factory outlets in or around Belgium, where we get good discounts on branded items like clothes, ac… Read more

Padma April 10, 2018 answer

Hi everyone! Does anyone know a place where lindy hop nights are held? Not talking about the lessons, but maybe they … Read more

Emilė April 10, 2018 answer

Hi all, what's the best option public transport tickets-wise for travelling in Brussels? is there a card I could purcha… Read more

Emilė April 8, 2018 answer

We arrive at Rue du Doyenné,uccle around 23.00 so was wondering if there any pub open that late!

Hi, I’m coming to Brussels for a couple of days and would LOVE to go out and dance (bachata/kizomba) so are there any g… Read more

Sophia March 17, 2018 answer

hi, would like to go around Brussels on 24th April after 9 pm...any one can show me...i am traveling to Brussels since … Read more

raj February 24, 2018 answer

Hey guys! I'm.going to Brussels for the weekend, and I've covered the main tourist track on previous trips. Would like… Read more

Mariana February 16, 2018 answer

Are there any older locals out there that remember the 1958 World’s Fair and visiting the Atomium? I would love to hea… Read more

Dorothy February 9, 2018 answer

Hi any good but not overly expensive restaurant that serves belgian food (Preferably meat) near hotel motel one in brus… Read more

Pat February 9, 2018 answer

Hey:) I will have to get my second vaccination for Hepatitis A and B while I am in Brussels. I will get the vaccinatio… Read more

Eva February 3, 2018 answer

So far I have looked at gasoil and take off, but they do not have many models. Can someone help me out to find a store … Read more

Direnc February 3, 2018 answer

Does this still exist in Brussels and can someone visit it?… Read more

Dorothy January 22, 2018 answer

Hi, I know plenty of places in Bxl to go out, but things tend to change So I am wondering where the current hotspots ar… Read more

koen January 17, 2018 answer

Plesase look at the videolink. Anybody now the name of this place on this video???? Because I will visit Brussels thi… Read more

Jörgen January 9, 2018 answer

Hi, I should come to Euro Latin Master 2018 which should be on Espace Del Goutte Rue de Bois-Seigneur-Isaac 40 B8, 14… Read more

Mia January 2, 2018 answer

Hi ! passing through brussels the next few days - any locals and travellers free to hangout and go for the walking tour… Read more

Shashank December 27, 2017 answer

Hi, I am planning to go to Brugge with train after I have arrived to the airport at Brussel. But train ticket charges a… Read more

Neşe December 26, 2017 answer

Hi all, I am looking for a flat to rent in spring. I'll be staying in Brussels for around 4 months. What are the best w… Read more

Emilė December 13, 2017 answer

can you recommend any restaurants that will allow us to sample Belgian cuisine that will cater for this number of peopl… Read more

Karen December 13, 2017 answer

My wife and I are spending a few days in Brussels with our 18 month year old son from tomorrow (December 8th). Any reco… Read more

Martin December 8, 2017 answer

Is it safe to drink water directly from the tap directly or it is better to buy bottled water ?

Heba December 6, 2017 answer

Is it safe to drink water directly from the tap directly or it is better to buy bottled water ?

Heba December 3, 2017 answer

I need a carpenter to carve a special sculpture. I will show him a picture and he will do it. Is there such place?

Direnc December 2, 2017 answer

Hi all, i want to know the best affordable shopping places in brussels during the first week of january.. i want to buy… Read more

Heba November 21, 2017 answer

Hey. I am gonna visit brussels from Monday till Thursday(20-23 November).I want to know if there are any good clubs,wha… Read more

John November 19, 2017 answer

We are celebrating Christmas Ever in Brussels and my parents and i would like to know what are the nice restaurants in … Read more

Cerina November 13, 2017 answer

Hello! I was wondering local's recommendations for NYE; possibly a place to eat (nothing too expensive or fancy), i… Read more

Lacey November 9, 2017 answer

One night (23.11.2017) and I would like to see live music and taste couple of beers. What place you recomend?

Olli November 6, 2017 answer

I will start my trip through Europe in Brussels on December, but I need to buy some winter clothes because there's none… Read more

David November 4, 2017 answer

I am organising my sisters hen do in December and would like to go somewhere lively after dinner with music.

Emma October 21, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, I would like to play amateur low-stakes poker. I do not prefer casinos and I hear that there are poker … Read more

Direnc October 20, 2017 answer

Good afternoon, has anyone knowledge of decent First Aid courses in English? not French, nor Dutch, There are some co… Read more

Pievo October 20, 2017 answer

Hello folks! I'm heading to Brussels tomorrow and I will most likely only have one day (or more like 8 hours...) to spe… Read more

Kati October 19, 2017 answer

Restaurants in Ixelles. What are your favs?

David October 15, 2017 answer

Hi! Going to Brussels next friday, oct 20th. Staying until mon 23rd. Planning on visiting Brugge and Ghent on Sun 22… Read more

David October 11, 2017 answer

My husband is also being unable to understand food menu.We are Indian so pls suggest some foods which is cheap and easi… Read more

Oindrila October 9, 2017 answer

Hi locals! What should we do on a sunday here in Brussels? We did a free walking tour yesterday and today we still hav… Read more

Christine October 8, 2017 answer

Hello everyone! Can you tell me is it possible to buy something like a 5-days or a week ticket that is valid for all th… Read more

Maja October 6, 2017 answer

Hello everyone. I am looking for a local who can give me a quick tour around Brussels on the 7th of October. Thank you … Read more

Jose Arnold October 4, 2017 answer

Hey, I'll be in Brussels on 21st of October. Any suggestions for nice restaurants with great food and beer? Thanks!!

Anca September 29, 2017 answer

Hello, hitting Brussels on the 23.9 eve and looking for an electronic music bar that opens relatively early as i have a… Read more

Tomer September 17, 2017 answer

I really like to follow the Heavy Metal scene wherever i may roam so if someone could suggest some metal bars it would … Read more

George September 9, 2017 answer

Where you suggest to go for tomorrow night? For fun and meet new people.

Selçuk September 6, 2017 answer

Hello we are from Iceland and we want to see the nightlife in Brussels :) We are staying in Brussels from 26 of Octobe… Read more

Jóhanna August 29, 2017 answer

The only problem is I do not know anything about the school system here in Brussels. I'm about to turn 18 and am into a… Read more

Laurène August 29, 2017 answer

Hi. I will be in Hague in early October and would love to visit Brussels for a day-trip. Can you recommend a fairly rel… Read more

Yin August 23, 2017 answer

Hi, we are a couple stayinging Brussels till 22nd at Le Châtelain Boutique Hôtel and we only eat Hallal. What restauran… Read more

Arnaud August 20, 2017 answer

Hi, I'll be visiting Brussels tomorrow (Jul 15). I try to buy traditional masks from the countries I visit. Are there a… Read more

Anupam July 14, 2017 answer

Helo everyone. I am used to travel with my roller skates when visiting some cities In Europe. Skating while sightseeing… Read more

Mariano July 14, 2017 answer

I like to go vintage/ second hand shopping - are there any nice spots? I m in town from sunday to tuesday, if that … Read more

Leonie July 13, 2017 answer

Hi! I'm going to celebrate my 28th bday in Brussels in oct with 15 people. I'm looking for a good restaurant -/+ 40,- p… Read more

Josje July 13, 2017 answer

Hi! I'm going to celebrate my 28th bday in Brussels in oct with 15 people. I'm looking for a good restaurant -/+ 40,- p… Read more

Josje July 13, 2017 answer

So, me and my girlfriend are going to Brussels this October for four days. We're thinking that on one out of those four… Read more

David July 12, 2017 answer

where can i find good local restaurants

Edwin July 2, 2017 answer

Where in Brussels I can find a proper pub with dance floor? I came alone to Brussels and I would like to make new frien… Read more

I am staying in Brussels for a few more days with my son wants to go to Disney Paris. He is a major Disney fan from Ca… Read more

Bernie June 24, 2017 answer

Hi, I search a shop or a place where I can sell my second hand bike. Because Icant use it anymore.

Rafael June 21, 2017 answer

Hello, We're taking a day trip from AMS and just wondering where to focus our time. One adult and two 16 year olds. Do… Read more

Jenn June 6, 2017 answer

Hello, We're taking a day trip from AMS and just wondering where to focus our time. One adult and two 16 year olds. Do… Read more

Jenn June 6, 2017 answer

Where should I eat? What should I see?

Jeannie May 23, 2017 answer

Hello! Me and my sister are staying till monday. We're in Schaerbeek. Could anyone recommend some local night clubs/pub… Read more

jolly May 19, 2017 answer

I am going to brussel from the 5th of May till 8th. I have a small budget and im going with my boyfriend. Can you recom… Read more

Sanne May 2, 2017 answer

Is it expensive to get a taxi in Brussels? for a road that takes about 20 minute driving, how much will cost for 3 pass… Read more

Alaa April 30, 2017 answer

Dear friends, this Friday I will visit Bruxelles with a group of friends. We made a reservation to have dinner around… Read more

Leon April 18, 2017 answer

Do locals in Brussels generally speak English as well? we're travelling there without a guide, so..

Alaa April 16, 2017 answer

Anyone to suggest a decent priced footwear shop, particularly selling flat shoes for women? Best

Hediye Nur April 13, 2017 answer

I'm traveling through Brussels and want to see the city and experience some of the great beers and food. I'd love to f… Read more

Kyle April 10, 2017 answer

Hey! Could you recommend me where to find second-hand books in Brussels? I've heard of Pêle-Mêle but I haven't been … Read more

Sara April 10, 2017 answer

Hi there, I'm looking for a place in Brussels with wifi and power outlets where I can work. I don't mind the noise of m… Read more

Javier April 4, 2017 answer

My sister and I are coming to Brussels in May. We do not want to do tours but want to eat good Belgian food and taste l… Read more

Ashley March 20, 2017 answer

Hi all, I am coming with a friend of mine on 23.3. and we would like to go to some EDM party, do you guys have any s… Read more

Kids are 10, 9 and 5 years old. Looking for kid friendly activities or tours. Thanks

Lee March 11, 2017 answer

What parties this saturday in BXL?

Giulia March 10, 2017 answer

Can you recommend some nice place to go for breakfast? Thanks :)

Eva March 8, 2017 answer

Can someone suggest some good nightclubs here? Clubs which play electronic like Martin Garrix, Avicii, Hardwell etc. I'… Read more

Hey I'm travelling to Brussels tomorrow and I was wondering if any of the locals could reccommend me some hidden gems a… Read more

Tadeja February 16, 2017 answer

Hey! I wanted to ask you about where to find second hand bikes or low-priced ones. Do they also sell them at the Marché… Read more

Sara February 13, 2017 answer

Hey! I'll be travelling to Brussels soon with a couple of friends, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions o… Read more

Oliver February 2, 2017 answer

Hello all, We are coming to Brussels through Brussels Charleroi South Airport and are looking for good ways to get to… Read more

Emilė January 13, 2017 answer

Hej! Do you guys know of any spas, wellness or even public pool where you can "treat" yourself in Brussels? for a f… Read more

Thea January 11, 2017 answer

Hey! I am working at concert agency and we are thinking to include Brussel in tour of one cloud rap artist. But I … Read more

Alina January 4, 2017 answer

Hey! I will be staying in Brussels in January due to work. I would love to see some parts of the city with someone loca… Read more

Andy January 3, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, Me and a friend are coming to Brussels tonight. We are looking for a NYE party. What do you recommen… Read more

Andreas December 30, 2016 answer

Hello, I am arriving at Charleroi Airport tonight at 22:30 and I just found out that there are no transportation after … Read more

Andreas December 30, 2016 answer

Hi guys, we spend new years in Brussels and would love to go partying. Do you now a good alternative oder student club … Read more

Natascha December 11, 2016 answer

Hi there! I am 19 year old who is new in Brussels and I preferably like to go out to cafes and bars that have couc… Read more

Amira November 17, 2016 answer

I am young energised and in brussels for this night, is there some party going down, or maybe even a homeparty with awe… Read more

Alexander November 4, 2016 answer

If I have to get to Brussels airport really early in the morning (the flight leaves at 6am) then what's the best option… Read more

Hanna September 24, 2016 answer

I don't care where they are but i just want to find a good place to dance non stop

Micaela September 19, 2016 answer

Hey, guys! Could you please tell me how to spend nighttime in Brussel? I have 10 hours transfer in Brussel (12 p.m. til… Read more

Lena August 23, 2016 answer

Recently moved to Brussels and I really miss some good strong coffee, nicely roasted and brewed, but so far I couldn't … Read more

Ioana August 18, 2016 answer

Our flight is at 6am monday morning so will have to leave brussels midi at around 3/4am. Is there anything you would ad… Read more

Niamh August 10, 2016 answer

Forgot to ask also if any of you know is there any Gluten -Free restaurants or cater for Ceoliac. Mainly with in talkin… Read more

Anthony August 5, 2016 answer

We are Brussels for a few days in the start of September, in time for the beer festival (can't wait) but we are looking… Read more

Anthony August 5, 2016 answer

We are in Brussels from Thursday to Sunday so have limited time. Looking at tours we were thinking the beer & Chocolate… Read more

Owen August 2, 2016 answer

I am here in Brussels , trying to find good clubs in Brussel , any suggestions for Friday night clubbing ?

Fady July 15, 2016 answer

HI all I'll be leaving Belgium, Brussels and looking for a nice spot/bar to celebrate in for bigger amount of people… Read more

Flavio July 14, 2016 answer

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