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Great way to see Brussels!
A wonderful way to discover Brussels. We were lucky enough to be the only two on the tour, and Jeoffrey was an incredible tour guide. He answered all our questions and pointed out wonderful sights that we never would have noticed otherwise.

I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to explore the city in a unique way.
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Perfect way to see Brussels
It was so nice to take this tour with our guide, Jeoffrey. Would recommend this to anyone visiting Brussels!
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Great tour
We really liked our tour. Our guide Emile was so friendly and knowledgeable. The only problem was that our confirmation email said 6:00pm, and when I called because I coudn't find our guide at the designated meeting point, I was told that the tour had been scheduled for 7:00pm and they couldn't come earlier because the other people who had booked would be arriving at 7:00. It was raining, so we basically had to stand around in the rain at Manneken Pis waiting for our tour guide.

I highly recommend taking the tour, just make sure you confirm what time they have you scheduled for!!
Brussels Myths & Legends Night Walking Tour
A Great Experience
The chocolate and beer tour was fantastic. The tour guide was very knowledgeable on beer and chocolate pairings and did a fantastic job explaining the information to us. Definitely worth every penny and would highly recommend this tour to everyone!
Beer & Chocolate tasting experience
Best Tour Ever
The instant photo tour of Belgium was the best experience. Our tour guide was great and he helped us gain a lot of knowledge about Belgium and Brussels. I have memories that I will have forever, in such a fun form. I highly recommend this tour and wish I could have this tour in any city I went to.
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Beautiful tour.
It was very interessting and beautiful tour. Seeing the gorgoues places by night.
Nothing for people like me who are afraid of hights. We went up with a free elevator to go top by the palais du justice. Awsome view over Brussel.
So yes this tour is recommended.
And the tourguide is entertaining. Many thanks.
Brussels Myths & Legends Night Walking Tour
A true Dora the Explorer!!
We had a wonderful tour with Dora, who was knowledgeable, super enthusiastic and entertaining. She is a born storyteller and everyone on the tour fell in love with her!! It was very cold and windy and as the tour was over 2 hours, it could have been difficult but she kept us mesmerized from start to finish. It was a highlight of our trip to Brussels!
Brussels Myths & Legends Night Walking Tour
Guide was later
The guide arrived so late that I thought it was scam and I left. I would not take again this service and I will not recommend it to my friends.
Pub Crawl in Brussels
Highly recommended. The best walking tour
Jeoffrey had a great personality, which really brought the tour to life.

The idea of having an instant camera was fanstastic, as the memory of the tour lives on.

Jeoffrey also took some amazing photos of my partner and I on the tour with a digital camera, which was a nice touch.

Definitely recommend this! Thank you
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Best tour in Europe
I’ve been all over Europe and on many a tour, from: boat, walking, bus - etc. But this tour was most definitely the best one! The tour was lovely and casual and informative and took you to some great touristy places for pics and even more places that were off the normal tourist beaten track! Would recommend to people and groups of all ages! Definitely the first thing you should do as soon as you get to Brussels! As it gives you a real feel for all the areas here! And the most wonderful part is you have some wonderful poloroid pics to take home!
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
An offbeat insight into Brussels and a brilliant host!
We had a brilliant tour and Jeoffrey was a great host and guide. He is very friendly and welcoming and has a great knowledge of the city. This includes both the obvious tourist sites such as the Grand Place, which are well worth a visit, and the more off beat parts of the city centre. With Jeoffrey's guidance you get much better feel for the real Brussel's rather than just what you see in a tourist guide.

The photo aspect of the tour also adds a really nice dimension. As well as being able to take away a brilliant souvenir you also view the city in a different way. Noticing the contrasting architecture (Brusselization) and taking a look at the city from a different perspective that the average tourist tour. Also, the photos Jeoffrey took of our tour were great. So much so we have printed off and framed some of them.

I am a wheelchair user and whilst Brussels isn't the most wheelchair friendly city (there are some sharp hills and lots of cobbles!) Jeoffrey was happy to alter our route as best as possible so I was able to complete the tour. This was very much appreciated.
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
It a
Pub Crawl in Brussels
Very Bad
I did not get free drinks. Also there very few people so we couldn't meet anyone.
Pub Crawl in Brussels
A must do
This was an excellent way of seeing the night/bar/club life in the city. I originally thought that it would be just a boring walk in your but we were at each location for just about 45 mins which when u are having fun doesn't seem long.

Our guides were vibrant and spoke English which was also helpful. If I am ever in Brussels again I will be sure to do this tour if it's available
Pub Crawl in Brussels
Fun way to tour the city at night
We were the first ones to go on the tour and we had a great time with our guide Titch. We walked to various areas in Brussels at night while he entertained us, scared us, and made us laugh, all while telling various spooky stories of Brussels in a fun and theatrical way.

Some stories were spooky, others were downright interesting. The night walking experience itself is what I think makes this tour worth it. You're gonna go to places you wouldn't normally unless you're a local.

I'd suggest this tour for anyone who wants to have a nice time while still exploring Brussels at night. Its very laid back and enjoyable. And plus you can talk to Titch in-between destinations and ask him random questions like where to find the best fires or the best waffles in Belgium and he'll happily tell you.
Brussels Myths & Legends Night Walking Tour
Awesome, laid back, informative, perfect length
Very personal tour. Never a big group. We took our toddler and things weren't too rushed or hectic. It was very organised though and our guide was very knowledgable! He spoke English very well, the region of Belgium is French speaking. We got a quick intro to the cameras and we were on our way. You get a history of the city and info on the current standing. The guide lived in the city so he was able to give great tips and advice for food and activities. Our guide took digital pictures of us and sent them to us after the tour. Boyfriends review, "I felt like the tour was about me, more than it was about makin our way through the city."
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Fantastic tour
We cannot say enough about this tour. My 11 year old daughter and I took this tour with Jeoffrey. A truly unique experience to see the side streets of Brussels. Jeoffrey was a really down to earth, knowledgable and fun guide. He gave us great insight into the city and took us to places we would never have known to go. Highly recommend this tour! Thanks Jeoffrey.
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Looked after everyone!
I was a bit out of place at first but the guide immediately put me at ease.
Pub Crawl in Brussels
Amazing experience.
It was seriously an amazing tour, our guide had was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to show us the historic monuments while explaining the history behind it. He also took pictures of us and later emailed the pictures to us so don't worry about running out of your film since his digital camera is handy. Would I take this tour again? Of course I would, I had awesome stories to tell my friends along with a packet of pictures from this tour. Thank you again for this experience, it was a highlight of my stay in Belgium.
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels
Excellent tour
this tour was excellent. Jeoffrey was very pleasant and helpful and seemed to really enjoy his job which made the tour more enjoyable for us.
I would definitely recommend it if taking photos is something you enjoy
Instant Photo Tour of Brussels

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