Cover image of this place Muzeul Hărţilor şi Cărţii Vechi

Museum of Old Maps and Books

Muzeul Hărţilor şi Cărţii Vechi

Why locals love it

The National Museum of Maps and Old Books, hosted in a beautiful villa from the 1930s, is allegedly the largest cartography museum in Europe. It was founded in 2003 by a private collector who donated over 800 historical maps (the oldest is from 1525), books, paintings, globes, and its collection was later enriched by other donators.



Why you should visit it

The maps reflect Europe’s territorial changes and political development from the Roman Empire until after WWI. As they are displayed chronologically and by geographic region, reading them is like traveling back in time. You can also explore cartography as an art form and focus on the lavish artistic representations which border the maps.

Special tip

The stained glass windows were custom made in the 2000s to illustrate the theme of the museum.

Muzeul Hărţilor şi Cărţii Vechi
str. Londra nr.39 sector 1 Bucuresti

We-Su: 10:00-18:00

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