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I'm having a vacation in Bucharest very soon. Where do I go, if I want to listen to some live blues and jazz music?

Tonni April 22, 2017 answer

Hello locals. I have a half day in central of bucharest after business. I'd like to get buy some souviniers like gero... Read more

Marco April 22, 2017 answer

What to do alone in Bucharest, how outgoing people there are to get in touch with romanians? I'm coming in may for 9 ... Read more

Kerli April 16, 2017 answer

I will be with my friends in bucharest between 11.4-15.4 We are 23y old want to drink good beer and party . Please... Read more

Reem April 10, 2017 answer

Hello locals, I will be in Bucharest next week from 14 till 17 april. I was wandering if there is some nice things ha... Read more

elly April 8, 2017 answer

Hi! I'd like to know places to eat sharmala. I've heard about Caru Cu Bere but do yo recommend others?

Dana March 13, 2017 answer

hello guys, i am coming with a friend in two weeks. its the first time we travel in Bucharest. where is the best p... Read more

Styliana February 26, 2017 answer

I am looking for a place where i could buy a tabacco but not a Chesterfield. /This is the only thing they offered me ... Read more

Ola February 20, 2017 answer

Hello boys and girls, I am travelling to Bucharest in 2 weeks for the weekend with some friends and I do not know wh... Read more

Christopher January 16, 2017 answer

Hi guys! We're a group of 40 students from the Netherlands and we're going to visit your beautiful city in April 2017... Read more

Samantha November 14, 2016 answer

I am traveling to bucharest with a small group of friends, one of them is howeber 17. Will she havr any trouble goin... Read more

A.D. November 2, 2016 answer

I am staying at the Radisson and would appreciate some suggestions about restaurants and some fun nightlife where the... Read more

Tomas October 31, 2016 answer

Any suggetions for good view of the city? (rooftop bars,terraces or places by the river)

areti October 19, 2016 answer

Hi, I will be in Bucharest between the dates October, 28-31. So could you please give me some information about fl... Read more

Özge October 11, 2016 answer

As all of you have helped me so well with breakfast, I hope you can help me with dinner as well. Wil be arriving on a... Read more

4duckie2see September 20, 2016 answer

Where around Lipscani, or on the way to the parlement, would be a nice place to have breakfast?

4duckie2see September 20, 2016 answer

best places to meet and make new friends

Sam September 9, 2016 answer

Parks and dog friendly restaurants, bars and cafes

Sam September 9, 2016 answer

Hello! We are visiting Romania for the first time next week, and our last day (Sunday 28) will be spent in Bucharest ... Read more

Galina August 15, 2016 answer

Hi first visit to Bucharest and will be staying by the train station. As the weather will be nice n hot can u advise ... Read more

t August 3, 2016 answer

How much is the usual price range for restaurants and cafeterias in the city? Also, how much does public transportati... Read more

Mineisha July 1, 2016 answer