The Budapest city, cover photo


About Budapest

Budapest by day is visually delicious and by night is deliciously delirious. The city is severed in two, with Buda being more tame than the pulse of Pest. Historically speaking, this city has had a tumultuous path but it's paved its perseverance with groovy architecture, righteous bridges and the fortitude to forever forge forward. Within daylight, there is a wealth of historical sights to rock and behold. Castles, Parliament, Basilicas, Synagogues, monuments, museums and that's in between experiencing the world renown spas and the country's cuisine. At night, Budapest bounces to a different drummer and you can find yourself pleasantly lost within the excitement. With scores of pubs, restaurants and clubs, the night life forever brings out the party animals and you'll meet people from all over the world not letting go of the night's potential. If you know where to go to engage your senses; if you have fun getting lost and finding yourself along the way amidst Hungarian history; Budapest is utterly unbelievable.