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Why locals love it

You simply cannot miss the most famous phenomena called "ruin bars". These retro pubs – often combined with an open-air taproom – bring the word alternative to a higher level. Transformed from an abandoned residental building, these places offer a unique atmosphere with eccentric designer decorations.

Why you should visit it

This is the biggest ruin pub in Budapest - with its adjacent areas, it offers a variation of 8 bars, 4 dancefloors, and a garden. It has a top quality sound system, and a wrist band instead of the usual, easy-to-lose piece of paper you get for valuables at the checkroom.

Special tip

The banquet hall can be rented out anytime with a DJ and a bar.

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Nice place to party:)
March 3, 2020
On the 3rd of September 2019, two friends and I spent a night in Budapest at The Instant club. We had a few drinks but we were not drunk nor did we not know what we were doing. While enjoying our night in Budapest, nothing to say about this beautiful place, we went to the toilet and while using the urinal, we and other people started singing (common in boys toilet), my friend and others started tapping on the wall with their hands. Nothing special for now. Until two bouncers arrived and started to hit in the face my friend, just him and without any warning, from behind and repetitively. It was really violent and shocking. A quick reminder of the purpose of a bouncer: “provide security, to check legal age and drinking age, to refuse entry for intoxicated persons, and to deal with aggressive behavior or non-compliance with statutory or establishment rules.” If the behavior of my friend and others in this toilet was bad, we do apologize, and we would apologize if the bouncers asked us to stop, but in this case, the two bouncers didn’t say anything other than hitting my friend. Additionally, they didn't even eject him from the club ( if he did something bad that’s maybe what should have been done) Showing that all they wanted to do was to hit and hit, nothing more. From that moment we left the club and went to the hospital, where we waited for 2h for our friend to get 2 stitches. ( attached) We did not go to the police station as we had our plane in the morning, but I cannot let this kind of unacceptable behavior unpunished, we expect some excuses and that your staff get a real formation, I can understand it’s complicated to handle drunk people all night but in no way the option used in that night is acceptable. It should be punished and your club should take action against those 2 bouncers, I don’t have a specific description other than there were two big guys, but I’m sure they will know who I’m talking about. Unless they do that often and that’s just sad for your place. My friend is 60kg and obviously stand no chance against those two men, same for everyone in the toilet at that moment that didn’t dare to stop them, ( and they know that) everyone was shocked, the lady offering the paper too but she didn't say anything. P.S We sent an email to the club but they never answered
September 23, 2019
Hi, do you know how much the entry fee is please?
August 10, 2019
Hi! I would like to ask you, if is it possible to enter the club even if you are under 18, if they check IDs or something. We are going on a trip with my whole class and we would love to go clubbing, but few of my classmates will be at the time still 17 and we are worried that it might be a problem. Thanx!
May 30, 2018
Best club in Budapest.
March 25, 2017

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