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Hello ,this is my second time coming to Budapest, i am flying out at the end of the month , This time I am coming with … Read more

maor September 17, 2022 answer

Hi all, I am going to Budapest next month and I would like to know if there is a club with techno music on any of th… Read more

Arend September 15, 2022 answer

Hi. I am looking for a place in Budapest where I can buy old style long trench coats for men. I am also looking for a p… Read more

Bahar August 11, 2020 answer

Hi , I am From Kerala, India. I am looking for Some Local who can Show me Budapest. This is My second visit , first tim… Read more

Jaleel May 21, 2020 answer

Hey! We are some girls who are going to Budapest, and we were wondering where is the best place to stay. We are going t… Read more

lillian February 17, 2020 answer

Hi guys, does anyone of you happen to know some nice indoor playgrounds or other activities for a toddler in Budapest?… Read more

Katja February 8, 2020 answer

Hello everyone, we are travelling to Budapest in May 2020 for a friends 30th birthday. I was wondering if there are any… Read more

Georgina January 2, 2020 answer

This includes food, accomodation and shopping, entertainments and frequently hanging out with friends (sorry forgot to … Read more

Sevak January 1, 2020 answer

Anyone up for a private walking tour on the 24/1 afternoon? Christoffer

christoffer December 18, 2019 answer

Hi, I will be in Budapest with my family (3 daughters of 20, 20 and 22 years old vegetarians) we are looking for a fun… Read more

Patrizia December 10, 2019 answer

Hi. I want ro visit Budapest on 24-26/12. Can any one tell me, if smth is open on 24/12 from 15:00 till late night? Re… Read more

kiril December 9, 2019 answer

Coming to Budapest for the first time for new years. Looking for a club night on new years eve, any suggestions on wher… Read more

Ashish November 27, 2019 answer

I will be in budapest from 18th till 20th November. Any suggestions for local food, sightseeing and chilling is appreci… Read more

EMRE November 11, 2019 answer

Hi all! Are there any sports-type bars that show American football games on Saturday & Sundays? (Not soccer!)

Mari September 2, 2019 answer

Hello, we are a couple in our 30’s, we love music and good food. Could anyone recommend a place to go for new years eve… Read more

Mel August 27, 2019 answer

Do i need to buy some plastic bags for recycle? If it's true, where could i buy?

Changwoo August 27, 2019 answer

Is it true that everything is closes on the 20th of august? Supermarkets? Musea? Restaurants?

Sarah August 7, 2019 answer

Hello, I am going to be in Budapest for a few days in August and would like to attend a concert at St. Stephen's Bas… Read more

Dave July 12, 2019 answer

Hi everyone! Are there good dinner places you could recommend near the Jewish district that we could get in without a r… Read more

Hi Guys! I’d be in Budapest for the month of July. I was wondering where to hang out to meet locals who speak English? … Read more

Mahmoud July 1, 2019 answer

Hi locals! Do you drink the tap water in Budapest?

Christine June 30, 2019 answer

Hello everyone This week end I will be in Budapest! I want to know if are schedule some events or festivals? T… Read more

Simona June 28, 2019 answer

Hi everyone!! Next week end I'll be in Budapest with my boyfriend and I ve some questions for you: - which are the be… Read more

Simona June 25, 2019 answer

Hi, this is one of the founders of Like A Local here :) I have a strange request – could anyone lend me a camera (such … Read more

Ülane June 18, 2019 answer

I am travelling to Budapest tomorrow, and I have a very important task for work I need to finish on Friday. Can you ple… Read more

Тина May 29, 2019 answer

Hi i will visit Budapest in few days which is the best place to eat traditional cuisine ?thank you!!!

Dora May 26, 2019 answer

Hello, my friends and I will be there next weekend and were wondering whether you could suggest us some non-touristic t… Read more

Adriano April 20, 2019 answer

Hello? Do you know any restaurants or bars with wine tasting / wine pairing?

Pia March 18, 2019 answer

Hi there! Do you know any hip cafes or restaurants with gluten-free options?

Pia March 15, 2019 answer

Please give me recomendations about good taxi service in Budapest

Sergey January 25, 2019 answer

My dear friends, I just moved to Budapest last week. I am in love with the Shisha/nargile/vízipipa so I'm lookin… Read more

Barbara January 21, 2019 answer

Hey everyone, I'll be coming to Budapest in March, and just wonder if anyone knows of any bars that play indie music… Read more

Oliver January 11, 2019 answer

The place where party goes non stop from friday til Monday. And is it possible to buy something except alcohol there? I… Read more

Yanie January 11, 2019 answer

what are the must visits? and which clubs/pubs do you recommend?

Caro December 27, 2018 answer

Are there any artist workshops in the winter? most i can find seem to run in the spring summer fall. normally when i t… Read more

jackie December 26, 2018 answer

Hi, where would you suggest us to party on New Year's eve? We are a group of 6 friends and we are searching for some gr… Read more

Jasmina December 16, 2018 answer

Hello, I´ll be in Budapest work related on Friday, 30th November and was wondering, if anybody (girls/boys +25) would … Read more

Anna November 14, 2018 answer

Hey! We're planning to visit Budapest next week and looking for some football fans and places. Thanks for any help!

Maroo October 31, 2018 answer

Is Budapest decorated for the Christmas period in early November? What to expect?

NIKOLAOS October 18, 2018 answer

Hello, Can I have sightseeing by using public transportation? How? Cost? How to use public transportation there? Than… Read more

NIKOLAOS October 17, 2018 answer

Hello! I'm visiting Budapest in January with my girlfriend. We'll be there just for 2 days. What do you think I must se… Read more

Pau October 12, 2018 answer

Hello! Where I can find the Best Somloi dessert in Budapest? And best retes! I like these yummy sweets and I want to fi… Read more

Vladislav October 11, 2018 answer

we will stay near to Kalvin ter metro station (actually in Raday street)

George October 10, 2018 answer

Hi there ! is there a Flexbus station at Mexikoi Ut.? I cound not make heads or tails of Flexbus site . We w… Read more

Alexandra September 30, 2018 answer

Hi, we are visiting Budapest with my friends and we are keen to have a good night out for dancing. Where do you recomme… Read more

Maria September 29, 2018 answer

Hey hey 3 girls from berlin with a big love for coffee are looking for the best place in town :)

Anush September 27, 2018 answer

Is there an all night night club in Budapest on Friday 28 September or one open until about 5 / 6am ? After this I want… Read more

maria September 25, 2018 answer

My wife and I are arriving by air to Budapest Wednesday 10/31 around 13:00 and will take the train to Vienna. I notice … Read more

Paul September 23, 2018 answer

hi, I am looking for restaurant suggestions: 1) Something for a special occasion - fine dinning but still has nice f… Read more

Tan September 18, 2018 answer

I was wondering why there are no posts about Rómaifürdő. I found it one of the best and most relaxing "off-the-beat… Read more

Gad September 13, 2018 answer

Hi guys! What's the best Chinese restaurant with Chinese food but also dim sum?

Darek August 27, 2018 answer

I am currently on the road from Gyor to Budapest, on my list of food need to try left following positions: Any recom… Read more

Darek August 27, 2018 answer

What are the not miss resturants near here?

Teresa August 22, 2018 answer

Hi, my fiancé and I are getting married in Budapest and would like to donate some of the wedding gifts we receive to a … Read more

Brendan August 20, 2018 answer

My sister and brother-in-law are coming with the kids - they want somewhere central to the ruin bar area that they can … Read more

Brendan August 17, 2018 answer

Hey, I will visit Budapest on tOctober with my friends....Did anyone knows any village or city with good transport and … Read more

George August 10, 2018 answer

Hey guys, I will be visiting Sziget festival on the 10/11 and maybe 12?!:) of August and was wondering if anyone is goi… Read more

Izabela July 27, 2018 answer

Which is the most reliable taxi app? Which allows you to pay with cash without needing to save a credit card? Which has… Read more

Brendan July 24, 2018 answer

hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice place for dinner? I am looking authentic hungarian but also nice… Read more

Tan July 16, 2018 answer

hi, I will be in Budapest in October and I would like to dine at one really nice restaurant to celebrate an occasion. I… Read more

Tan July 12, 2018 answer

Visiting with my husband and kids (3 & 13) for 3 days for my birthday. We are seasoned travelers and big foodies. We pr… Read more

Alice July 3, 2018 answer

Hi. Me and 7 of my friends are visiting Budapest in a few weeks. We are staying in the city centre and mainly want to e… Read more

Roman June 18, 2018 answer

Hi folks, Here are couple from Poland in your BEAUTIFUL city. Do you have an idea where/if we can watch friendly matc… Read more

Mariam June 8, 2018 answer

What types of employment have the highest turn over? How important to the economy is the tourism trade?

ruth May 15, 2018 answer

myself and a friend are visiting at the beginning of October and I am looking for some suggestions. I have a list of th… Read more

jackie May 3, 2018 answer

Hi all, Where can I watch Liverpool Roma tonight? Any suggestions on sports bar in Budapest? Thanks!

Matteo April 24, 2018 answer

I will be in budapest by mid july. Im from mexico and im going to stay there for a couple of days. Is anyone interested… Read more

Fernando April 15, 2018 answer

And besides the spas any other places Any special tips on transport, The best place to change money. A drink we hav… Read more

Marie April 14, 2018 answer

Jo nápot kivanok, I am seeking a location for a short family gathering on Friday 24th August in Budapest (my weddin… Read more

Brendan April 9, 2018 answer

Does anyone know about a guide who take people for a walk up in the Budacastle? Who do the tour in Norwegian or Swedish?

Josefine April 3, 2018 answer

Hello :) today (30.03.18 - Friday) is the parking free for everyone?

Gal March 30, 2018 answer

Hi all! I was thinking of visiting Budapest for a few days (not too sure how long yet!) after going to Istanbul. Ca… Read more

Serene March 16, 2018 answer

Hello, Can anyone recommend a good sight seeing cruise company with whom I can book evening cruise. Not interested in … Read more

Vishal March 14, 2018 answer

I heard this term a few days ago, but I have no idea what does it mean, or which district were they talking about. Many… Read more

Jaime March 11, 2018 answer

Hi, Can anyone please suggest me a good local guide for Budapest sightseeing? Thanks Vishal

Vishal February 27, 2018 answer

Where shoukd goto grab a few drinks tonight. I like dancing. Which club do u recommend?

Kamal February 25, 2018 answer

going with my Grannie for 3 days in september. she's almost 80 y/o and have bad legs/can't stand up for too long. sear… Read more

Anne February 22, 2018 answer

me and my 2 friends are planning to visit Budapest for 3-4 days. Where do you recommend us to go since it's only a shor… Read more

Akmal February 19, 2018 answer

Me and my friend (we are two 19 year old girls) want to go out tonight. Where should we go if we want to dance & don’t … Read more

Lisa February 16, 2018 answer

I love nature. I would like descriptions on what I can do that is more scenic. I enjoy hikes and climbing. I would als… Read more

Zanele February 12, 2018 answer

Hey everyone We are planning a trip to Prague/Budapest/Amsterdam. We will be landing in paris on the 22nd Of this mont… Read more

Kamal February 9, 2018 answer

Hi Everyone, I and my husband are planning a vacation for 10-12 days in Prague/Budapest/Amsterdam and Berlin (Will pr… Read more

Priyanka February 7, 2018 answer

Hey there! Can someone tell me great vegetarian restaurants? 🙏🏾😁 Thx in advance!

Leo January 25, 2018 answer

Hi there! I'm on my way to Budapest and i was wondering if someone could tell me great gay places (bar and nightclubs).… Read more

Leo January 25, 2018 answer

Are there any Sledding tracks in Budapest that are easily accessible?

Buffy January 20, 2018 answer

do girls like young man from Ukraine?))

I just got into BP and ill be here all weekend. Let me know if you want to meet up and do some exploring!

Ian January 4, 2018 answer

Hello, please i want recommendations for cheap and good clothes shops in budapest , as well as souvenirs. Thank you. A… Read more

Heba December 30, 2017 answer

Hi, I have checked the bike tour with goulash, but I am vegetarian, is there any option for me to eat something meat fr… Read more

blanca December 24, 2017 answer

Hi there! I am an American and just got to Budapest yesterday. Im traveling solo and would love to meet people put for … Read more

LJ December 19, 2017 answer

Need to arrange a corporate trip to Budapest 23-26 th of February for 40-50 people of staff. Aged 27-32. Any ideas as f… Read more

Andriy December 14, 2017 answer

Hello, I am coming with my bf and my friends and we are thinking to experience the baths but some of them are preoccupi… Read more

Venice December 14, 2017 answer

Hello everyone! :) HELP! My boyfriend and I want to spend NYE in a restaurant/pub in Budapest. We would like to eat l… Read more

Katarina December 10, 2017 answer

Which free walking tours do you suggest?

Stella December 1, 2017 answer

Hi! Are there any other good markets in Budapest this weekend except from the christmasmarket by Vorosmarty ter? … Read more

Josefine November 23, 2017 answer

Wanting some nice restaurants close to hotel; how close is Central Market to hotel

Carol November 21, 2017 answer

I'd like to find someone speaking french to visit Budapest tomorrow morning. Kind regards. Leon

Leon November 16, 2017 answer

Can anyone recommend anything to do for new years eve? Or any restaurants that have dinner and some sort of new years e… Read more

K November 14, 2017 answer

Would be glad if a local can show me around the must see attractions..

s November 13, 2017 answer

Hello, We are visiting Budapest this week me and my girlfriend and it is my girlfriend's birthday on the 18 of Nove… Read more

Jonathan November 12, 2017 answer

Will be visiting Budapest this week me and my girlfriend and it is my girlfriends birthday on the 18th of November. I w… Read more

Jonathan November 12, 2017 answer

Hi Guys! We arrive on a sunday and leave on wednesday and will be out every night for for food followed by late nigh… Read more

Vee October 25, 2017 answer

Hi - I'll be visiting Budapest soon. I usually like to get "edible souvenirs" when I travel - some kind of food item li… Read more

Kim October 19, 2017 answer

We are 15 years and 21 years, two sisters who have already been to most of the tourist sights and we are looking for so… Read more

Josefine October 18, 2017 answer

I am travelling to Budapest this weekend with some friends and love to know where the best bars are and in what areas. … Read more

Rupert October 17, 2017 answer

Hi, I will be for a weekend in Budapest (5th district) and am looking for a cozy restaurant for dinner on Saturday and … Read more

Rochel October 10, 2017 answer

Hi, my partner and I will be in Budapest for new years eve this year. We are in our early 30's and looking for an even… Read more

Stacey October 1, 2017 answer

hey, we will come to budapest in November. we are a family who including mom, dad, and three child ( age: 15,15,13). w… Read more

t September 30, 2017 answer

Hey guys, how to get from Budapest airport to Nepliget Bus Station ? Thank you

Mari September 30, 2017 answer

Im a relatively tall (173cm) US woman of medium build. If i want to ahop for clothes there will i fit in them? What are… Read more

LJ September 21, 2017 answer

Would like names of some casual restaurants with good food close to hotel; is Central Market close in location

Carol September 18, 2017 answer

Hey, I'm going to Budapest this February. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a place that would offer folk dance… Read more

Noura September 13, 2017 answer

Hello there, I'm staying in Budapest next October, and I'm looking for some rock\indie bars\disco. Are there any good s… Read more

Francisco September 13, 2017 answer

Szia! :) My love & me want to drive bicycles during our time in Budapest, as cheap as possible, rickety is great :) ...… Read more

Anneleen September 5, 2017 answer

I am 20, I'm going to budapest to do my erasmus, and I would like to know what are the best nightclubs for me to go. Th… Read more

Sofia September 3, 2017 answer

Hell I am just wondering how much meals would normally cost, form lowest to highest Also the same with drink like b… Read more

Jack August 31, 2017 answer

Hey, I was wondering if anybody knows some place to find pretty prom dress, I will be staying in Budapest and would lik… Read more

Zuzana August 30, 2017 answer

I will come back to Budapest, and next time I would like to take a short hike in a less busy place (alreay "climbed" to… Read more

Gad August 27, 2017 answer

Hi! I would like to find the pictures that are taken at Szimpla kert. A photo was made of me and my friends there and I… Read more

Eva August 23, 2017 answer

Hi guys, I have already booked my flights for Budapest in December. But I'm having difficulty finding a decent place t… Read more

Smitha August 23, 2017 answer

I'm traveling to Budapest for a few days next week. I travel often and really love going to places away from the touris… Read more

Amanda August 20, 2017 answer

I'm from India and wish to travel to Budapest in December. But I want to know if it will be too cold to go sightseeing … Read more

Smitha August 17, 2017 answer

If I wish to transfer from the Budapest airport to Paulay Ede utca, Budapest, 1061, Hungary. What is my best option?

Joel August 15, 2017 answer

Hi everyone, I am a solo traveler, traveling to Budapest 1st-3rd Sept. Would love to meet some of you, go out … Read more

Dhruv August 9, 2017 answer

I like wines and wine tasting, as well as seeing new places and meeting local people. Are there day tours from Budapes… Read more

Terry August 5, 2017 answer

I'm looking to rent 2 bedroom apartment from 11th-17th Sep in Erzebetvaros ( District VII ).

Khalid August 3, 2017 answer

A friend of mine told me "Go to Obuda, I don't remember much but it was very nice...": what is nice in Obuda ? Thanks… Read more

Gad August 2, 2017 answer

45 and traveling alone, in Pest. Any places where you can dance but without the (too:-) young crowds I will be st… Read more

Gad July 24, 2017 answer

I'll be staying in Erzsébetváros area on Sep 11-15th. Could you please give me things that I must do to have a well Bud… Read more

Khalid July 19, 2017 answer

I will b at Sofitel Hotel early December; after river cruise; how far would Christmas markets b from hotel?

Carol July 12, 2017 answer

I'm looking for a hairdresser in Budapest who works for a reasonable price and speaks English because a lot of Erasmus … Read more

Detti July 10, 2017 answer

Not looking for a club or bath house

Lewis June 29, 2017 answer

where is the best exchage money places in budapest? with the best rate? from EURO TO FORIENT. thanks !

Matan June 27, 2017 answer

For example that you have to ring a bell in some random door to enter, or may be the entrance is hidden in a store or … Read more

Max June 5, 2017 answer

What's the best area to stay if you like to have drinks, party?

Does the interchange at Budapest Airport apply commission for transactions ?!?

Sabri May 24, 2017 answer

Just lookig for clubs and any intersting place and people suggest this club where you can party at the tub. Is it worth… Read more

Gerti May 23, 2017 answer

Hello. We are going to celebrate a birthday in Budapest on thursday and are going to stay until Sunday. Please any advi… Read more

Gerti May 23, 2017 answer

Hi there we are in Budapest on the 2 June and looking for a trnce or house club ? Please help

Marius May 20, 2017 answer

Hi there we are in Budapest on the 2 June and looking for a trnce or house club ? Please help

Marius May 20, 2017 answer

How does it function with train/bus/metro tickets. Is there a day ticket? Is the same ticket available for train/metro/… Read more

Sabri May 18, 2017 answer

How does it function with train/bus/metro tickets. Is there a day ticket? Is the same ticket available for train/metro/… Read more

Sabri May 18, 2017 answer

I want to know about cheap places where locals buy nice clothes or other things? some stores that are not for touris… Read more

Matan May 14, 2017 answer

Hello locals ! I'm looking for special and hard escape room. we have done already 60 rooms around the world and we want… Read more

Matan May 5, 2017 answer

Please advice me, where in Budapest can I buy one that is good not super expensive and not fake?:) Thanks in advance!

Is anybody available to give me a ride from Budapest Airport to Logodi utca 74 at 24.May.2017, between time 19:00/19:3… Read more

Sabri May 2, 2017 answer

Is it worth trying if I come only for 2 weekend days - 13-14 May? Can I book some accommodation near lake? Or maybe s… Read more

Viktoriia April 27, 2017 answer

Wanna grab a beer tomorrow night? Contact me, will be in town just over night. :)

Linnea April 19, 2017 answer

Which bus / metro / Train should i take?

Sabri April 19, 2017 answer

I will visit Budapest with my friends for couple of days. I like irish style bar, snacks, music and good beers :)

Sabri April 16, 2017 answer

Hi! I've found several options for touring the Pálvölgyi Caves but I'm wondering which tour I should take? Caving under… Read more

Kate April 16, 2017 answer

Hi! How do you get to the airport at 4am? By bus, train or what do we do?

Christoffer April 15, 2017 answer

Hi! How do you get to the airport at 4am? By bus, train or what do we do?

Christoffer April 15, 2017 answer

My wifes 70 birthday and our 45 year Anniversary , Want to do a dinner cruise but so many to chooose from Any recomenda… Read more

Russell April 12, 2017 answer

Hi, I will be visiting Budapest this week with a hen party and we were looking for somewhere to go on Thursday evening … Read more

Sydney April 12, 2017 answer

Hi, i'm not sure if i am double posting this query. Not sure if the last obe went through. Could you suggest places whe… Read more

Jayita April 11, 2017 answer

Any Easter events not to be mised And recomendacions for dinner and evening drinks near Ibis Style hotel .

Russell April 5, 2017 answer

Any activities not to be missed over Easter And any recomendatios for cocktails and dinner Near Grandior hotel Thanks

Russell April 4, 2017 answer

Guys, on my birthday this November I accidentally went to some kind of a club. It is situated in some sort of garage or… Read more

Olja April 2, 2017 answer

Hi, could anyone please suggest me some great places for Goulash in Budapest, apart from the old market hall? I wanna k… Read more

Jayita April 1, 2017 answer

Hi all, we are two Swedish women (30-35 yrs) who are going on a business trip to Budapest in late April. We will have 2… Read more

Åse March 24, 2017 answer

Hi, Where could i buy hungarian sausages in Budapest, apart from the old market?

Jayita March 18, 2017 answer

We are a non-profit organisation and we can't pay a lot of money for renting a room so it would be the best if we could… Read more

Detti March 15, 2017 answer

Hi, i will be spending a day in Budapest. I will travel from Bratislava by train. Where could i buy Forints before star… Read more

Jayita March 14, 2017 answer

Hi everyone! When I travel, I like to stay away from the touristy areas. I truly enjoy walking around in local neigh… Read more

Hi Everyone i am preparing a trip offer to Budapest for my client. 7 Groups of 50 persons each. or 5 groups of 50 pe… Read more

Agnieszka March 2, 2017 answer

Can you tell me please if Bars/ food places stay open on your National Holiday, Thanks, Miles

Miles February 24, 2017 answer

we will be travelling to Budapest in Mid March with a 2 year old and would like to visit the baths, which ones accomoda… Read more

Amanda February 23, 2017 answer

Hi Where to go with outside restaurants with good people spotting ? Any good restaurants around Corvin Best road to … Read more

Ronnie February 22, 2017 answer

Visiting Budapest and really love to find the old type embroidered, stitch work designs onto ladies wear, tops, shirt… Read more

Emma February 10, 2017 answer

Hi! I have question about Monthly Budapest-pass for students. I don't study in Budapest but I have student card from … Read more

any public ice skating? Some not so touristy ideas?

Michaela January 11, 2017 answer

Hi guys, I have only 1 night in budapest, could you please recommend a local nightclub for enjoying, thanks

kemal January 2, 2017 answer

We (22-year-old me and my parents) are arriving to Budapest on the 31st! We are looking for a fun NYE event or dinner/b… Read more

Katie December 29, 2016 answer

Any good recommendations with good music (rock, pop, fun), cheaper drinks? It can ofc have entry fee...somewhere in the… Read more

Jure December 26, 2016 answer

We are going to meet NY in Budapest. What are the best places to visit during NY night? Preferably something with live … Read more

Maxim December 17, 2016 answer

We are a young couple and would like to stay at best, crowded, happening locations like times square in NYC or near Dub… Read more

Himanshu December 8, 2016 answer

Hello! Can someone tell me which night buses pass near the Szent Istvan Bazilika (Szimpla kert) and to: Hotel Ventura … Read more

Vedrana December 3, 2016 answer

Can you name some restaurants and bars that will be open between 24th-26th of December? Nothing fancy... more hip places

Cynthia November 29, 2016 answer

Hi guys, I'm coming today to Budapest, i dint' plan so i haven't time for prepare.. staying only for the yo… Read more

Nataša November 4, 2016 answer

I am traveling with a small group of friends, one of them is howeber 17. Will she havr any trouble going in… Read more

A.D. November 2, 2016 answer

Hi everyone,I am coming next weekend to the Budapest on October 28. I want to celebrate my birthday in this city. I wou… Read more

Marijana October 23, 2016 answer

Hi everyone, me and my friend, we are plannig trip to the Budapest this weekend. We are looing to the best dancing club… Read more

Anna October 18, 2016 answer

I'm going specifically to Budapest to celebrate my birthday. And I have no idea where to go. Any useful advice, please?… Read more

Olja October 9, 2016 answer

I'm going to visit budapest next 2 weeks and I have a lot of information about historical places, restaurants and ... b… Read more

kaveh September 18, 2016 answer

We will be in Budapest right after Christmas. Any tips for the city at that time of year?

MaryKate September 9, 2016 answer

Hi everyone, can tell me the names and addresses of design shops, unique shops, concept strores of Hungarian (still no … Read more

Uzon September 6, 2016 answer

Any tennis courts in Budapest ? My husband cannot take a break and wants to bring his tennis racket.

Joanne August 28, 2016 answer

Can anyone recommend a breakfast place near Széchenyi Lánchíd / Chain bridge with a beautiful view of the bridge and th… Read more

Rob August 26, 2016 answer

1. What is the best way to go to Gilbert hill for a tourist? 2. Is it ok for tourists to go up the hill in the evenin… Read more

Rob August 26, 2016 answer

1. What is the best way to go to Gilbert hill for a tourist? 2. Is it ok for tourists to go up the hill in the evenin… Read more

Rob August 26, 2016 answer

I read that I should be on Pest side and that 5,6,7 districts are the best to stay in. Can you advise me please? Tha… Read more

Joanne August 21, 2016 answer

i am visiting szekszard in november end . can any body suggest best night clubs to party in szekszard or budapest

toshinder August 17, 2016 answer

hello I will be alone for 6 days in budapest what are good places to know?

Mario August 15, 2016 answer

Hello! I will travell soon to Budapest but I1m bit stucked with the airport transfer question... What kind of transfer … Read more

Gab August 2, 2016 answer

Hello i'm organizing a bachelor party (august 2016) in Budapest, and we want to go to great club. Does the club Studio … Read more

Blaž August 1, 2016 answer

What club to go to for some nice Chicago house music?

P July 29, 2016 answer

I was thinking about taking a trip to Budapest in October. I was wondering about where you would recommend me to stay? … Read more

Ida Marie July 20, 2016 answer

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