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Knowledgeable Guide, Nice Way To See The City
I enjoyed the notebook of supplemental material the guide carried. A bicycle is a great way to see the city. Our guide had an excellent knowledge of the subjects, including answering questions, and clearly a passion for it as well. She spoke excellent English. We probably could have met closer to the location where the bikes are kept, it's not too hard to find. I felt we could have used a few more stops along the way. Also, the listing should suggest that participants bring water (although the guide carries some water and cups), and should suggest that the ride is moderate, not easy, and may not be suitable for young children.
Wheels & Meals Budapest Bike Tour
Our trip would not have been the same without Ferenc!
We met Ferenc on a Ruin Bar tour we'd scheduled our first night in Budapest. We had so much fun exploring different ruin bars, eating snacks with the locals and dancing the night away! We enjoyed Ferenc so much that we scheduled 2 additional tours with him, the next day he met us at the Central Market, walked us around to tell us about all of the goodies. We tried so many pickles, we bought paprika and gifts to take home. The following night, Ferenc gave us a tour of Castle Hill and the Royal Palace and then a boat cruise on the Danube. This part of Buda is a MUST SEE at night, it is truly magnificent! Ferenc is a wonderful guide, he doesn't just tell you the history, he tells you stories, he makes you laugh and he answered all of our crazy questions! I would definitely recommend Ferenc and Budapest Urban walks, it will be a highlight of your trip to Budapest, you will not be disappointed!
Fools & Kings: Budapest Castle District Tour
Exceeded our highest expectations! Best way to see Budapest in a short period of time.
My friends and I enjoy taking walking tours when we travel internationally and Budapest Urban Walks provided a fun introduction to Budapest. Do yourself a favor and book with Frank through Budapest Urban Walks - you won't be disappointed. We got an excellent overview of the city and its history – including the Castle District, Ruin Bars, and Market Hall. Frank was incredibly enthusiastic and a captivating storyteller with an impressive span of knowledge about the history and current trends in Budapest. He also had suggestions for restaurants and bars to visit during our stay. We will definitely be back to visit and look forward to booking another tour with Frank!
Fools & Kings: Budapest Castle District Tour
Night of Budapest
I had the opportunity to get to know the downtown area in a nocturnal walk. The beauty of the places and monuments and their lights is delightful. My guide Frank was able to present a new perspective of the city with details of the historical places I definitely recommend this attraction if you are interested in getting to know better this amazing city.
The Bright Lights of Budapest
wonderful days in budapest
We already had a tour previously arranged with another company during the day so we decided to take a look at Budapest from a different perspective, during the night. We booked very last minute but Frank was extremely flexible regarding our schedule so after exchanging a few emails we were there. Although the weather was quite cold, we didn't even notice as he entertained us so professionally and answered all our questions. After a nice walk in the city centre and on the bank of the river Danube we went to one of the famous ruin bars to continue our nightly walk. As we were both into classical music he gave us great recommendations for the next day to explore Budapest on a larger scale. We are glad we chose to book the night tour 'The Bright Lights of Budapest', as we definitely saw this magical city from a different angle. Thank you Frank!
The Bright Lights of Budapest
Great city! Great Tour! Great guide!
We loved the Urban Walk crew, Gabriella was our guide for a few hours in Budapest. Our small group of friends had a fantastic time experiencing the local vibe and some great snacks and beautiful places!! Thanks Langos!!
Budapest Urban Walk
Perfect experience
Although we are from the countryside of Hungary, we booked with our group of friends the "Born under the Red Star" tour, as we were looking for a deeper history lesson about the Communist times. It was a great experience, as we did not really know the sights and different historical places previously. The coffee stop was a lot more then we had expected, we had a chance to taste an old socialist soft drink called "bambi" and we also visited a bazaar full of decades old relics. Now we feel a lot more closer to this time of Hungary's history. I would definitely recommend this tour to local people as well!
Born Under the Red Star
A beautiful and well planned tour, giving a good impression aboud the city. The guide, Caesar Éva, is a very giving and generous person, who like to share her great knowledge about Budapest. Highly recommended!
Budapest Orientation Walking Tour
Great way to see Budapest!
A fantatic and fun way to get orientated to this fabulous city. The over four hour long bike trip took us all over the city including a gruelling climb up the hill to the castle district. Our guide Adam was excellent. His English was perfect. There were many stops and lots of time for photos. And the lunch was very goulash ever...except for apparently Adam's mother.
Wheels & Meals Budapest Bike Tour
Tourist Angel – Andrea Kevei
Imagine you are going for the first time and alone to Budapest and you find that one of your very good friends was born there and is willing to go with you and show you the sights, sounds and something of the culture of the place, then that is pretty much the the experience that you will get with Andrea Kevei. Her English is very good, her background knowledge is excellent, she asks what sort of things you think you would like to see/do, and sets up a programme to discuss and agree with you. However, she remains very flexible about arrangements throughout the time she is with you.
Budapest Orientation Walking Tour
Super tour
Andrea was very helpful and always attentive to our requests, gave us also tips to save money, helped us to get the week bus ticket and also she is full of important information. We really recommend Andrea as she is a true guide!!
Budapest Orientation Walking Tour
Budapest Sightseeing Bike Tour
Great guide - bought Budapest alive
Budapest Sightseeing Bike Tour
A real local experience!
We signed up for the bike tour with Like a Local and truly feel that we got the 'local' experience! Our guide tailored the trip to our physical abilities while showing us all the major highlights of the city. We also made stops along the way at certain sites that we would have otherwise never seen or known about. For instance our guide had us stop outside of a local hot springs water center where we sampled fresh mineral water - both hot and cold! We got to learn about the history and current happenings of the city from a local who's passion for his city was very evident. None of the people in our group had experience with 'urban biking,' and it was definitely a little daunting at times, but most of the roads had bike lanes and when they didn't, our guide warned us and still made us feel safe. If you (or your group) don't have a lot of time on your trip to Budapest, definitely consider this as a fun and active way to city the sites of the city in a day!
Budapest Sightseeing Bike Tour
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your “Exclusive Budapest Walking & Wine Tasting Tour”. Our guide - Barbara - was not only very well informed, she spoke TO us (ie - she did not simply narrate) and was fun to interact with, regarding the Jewish history of Budapest, especially as it related to her and her family’s past, as Jews in Budapest. The sites were made meaningful with her talk. Further, to finish the tour with wonderfully generous “tastes” of 6 regional wines, complete with an assortment of meats, cheeses, breads & olives made this tour an emphatic 5/5 rating!
Exclusive Budapest Walking & Wine Tasting Tour
We had a great time on the tour and would recommend it to anyone coming to Budapest.
Budapest Sightseeing Bike Tour
We went on the Meals and Wheels tour. Our guide Adam brought us to hidden sites around the city and to the historic sites. Very interesting and Money well spend :-).
Wheels & Meals Budapest Bike Tour
The Meals and Wheels tour was a great way to introduce us to the major tourist sites in Budapest. The bike ride made us feel like kids on an adventure, especially with the squeakers on the handlebars. Our guide, Zsuzsi, was very knowledgeable regarding history, but also made it very memorable with her fun and friendly personality. Out of a group of nine, everybody had a great time and wanted to pay more than the 23 euros it cost.
Wheels & Meals Budapest Bike Tour
I took the "Meals and Wheels" bike tour. The bicycle itself was high-quality, probably the best I have ever had on a bike tour! My tour guide, Laszlo, was excellent: extremely knowledgeable, jovial, and friendly. The Goulash soup lunch also turned out to be the best one I had in the atmosphere in the park was a nice perk. I agree that Budapest is not the most bicycle-friendly city, but Laszlo was very mindful of every situation and maintained safety at all times. In general this was a great experience and a fantastic way to familiarize oneself with much of the city in a short amount of time. Highly recommended!!
Wheels & Meals Budapest Bike Tour
As we we were out of season, I chanced my arm at contacting 3 or 4 of the bike tours & these lads came out the most likely to do a good job. And they most certainly did! Everything was arranged perfectly beforehand, including a discounted price! Kriszti was our guide on the day & she showed us everything we could have wanted to see, in about 2 & a half hours. Her English was excellent & not only did we learn about most of the important landmarks in Budapest, but engaged in conversations about the European economy & loads of other things, including recommendations about where to eat & drink. We had a great time & would recommend it to anyone wanting to get a broad view of the city & its important landmarks.
Budapest Sightseeing Bike Tour