The Chicago city, cover photo


About Chicago

One of the great American cities. It's the place where the first skyscraper was built; it's home to the legendary Michael Jordan; it's President Obama's home and where he started his career; it's where people are as passionate about their sports teams as they are about pizzas and hot dogs. The city sits on the shores of Lake Michigan and acts as a transport hub for many railways and airlines, as well as an international hub for commerce, industry, telecommunications, and finance. After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Chicago rebuilt itself and became a mecca for architects from around the world. Today Chicago boasts one of the finest skylines this side of the world, with the second largest American downtown urban center after Manhattan. It's a cosmopolitan world-class city where hundreds of cultures intermingle, gastronomic inventions are on the cutting edge, high-brow and low-brow coexist, and people carry some of the strongest hometown pride. And with reason.