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AJ Housewares & Gifts

Why locals love it

This store is very affordable and is one of those places you can trust you will find a gift even if it is something goofy. You will defiantly find toys, jewelry, paper lanterns, pretty tea sets, awesome ramen bowls (mu treasured trinket found at this shop), and very affordable kitchen supplies.



Why you should visit it

Not only is this shop a good place to find gifts but it is an experience! I've never been to China but I every time I go I feel like I am being transported to China for a few minutes. This place is so affordable you most defiantly come out of the shop with something fun!

Special tip

If you need some kitchen supplies on the cheap come here

AJ Housewares & Gifts
2125 S China Pl, Chicago, IL 60616, USA
+1 312-567-9908
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