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Why locals love it

There is no better city than Chicago to get Chicken and Waffles. As a city with a high African American population, the demographic that has mastered flavor food this place is ethnically validated. It has become a favorite immediately after opening with locals in Chicago.

Why you should visit it

As culturally sensitive as I would like to sound, the best way to know if a place has good food is generally if their customers are either African or Indian background. It's not said much but it is true many times. This place has both along with crowds of other Americans wanting to eat here. The food is good!

Special tip

Order their Cluck and Goof AKA Chicken and Waffles and their Super French Toast Flight

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Love the food! It's a small place that doesn't accept reservations. Given the potential for long wait times, avoid going on weekends.
October 2, 2019
Hello, Shana. You could have said that the food is so good the place is always full, which would have eatablished your point - if your point was about the food. But you went out of your way to make it about black people and fried chicken. You are defending your racism by trying to pass it off as a new cultural zeutgeist, or vaguely-implied scientific theory. You are an ignorant racist. Your wrong-headed attempt to “commend” black people’s mythical relationship with fried chicken is foolish and indefensible.
July 9, 2019
This is racist. You are racist. Even if you ARE black, you are perpetuating a stupid, racist stereotype by announcing to the world that you think black people are somehow genetically predisposed to understanding fried chicken. And shame on the makers of this app for allowing your racist comment remain for the world to see and claiming they have no control over what gets posted here.
July 9, 2019
Hello Vonne apologies if my review offended. It was not intended that way, in-fact it was to commend. Certain cultures (notice I’m saying cultures and not the phenotypic generalization) and their culinary expressions tend to pioneer the main stream gustatory demand but of course that can change over time and this review was written awhile back. I am not assuming that because of ones genetic predisposition they are akin to a certain food. Although an argument can be made for that if you ask a geneticist or a biologist. Still that’s not what I am implying here. Now this platform is not meant to attack in its review or in its comments. It is also I believe not meant to foster the political propaganda occurring in the western world now between leftists and right views. It is meant to share local views of the places people visit. Those local views can be different they are not all western in value and tone. It is also meant as a fun and loving community and not one of over scrutiny, judgment and attack. Still I thank you for your expression and the insight. My review with minor revisions thanks to your insight will stand. After-all America is a cornucopia of different cultures and views and they give us freedom of expression to express both our views and cultures through language. No offense was meant in the creation of the review. I think that goes without saying but I shall say it anyway for those who choose to look a different direction.
Local Guru
July 9, 2019
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