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Lively, scenic, city hangout

City Winery Chicago Riverwalk

Why locals love it

This place is new and hopping! There are other places to eat along the Riverwalk but I would defiantly recommend the City Winery as the new cool kid on the block. If you want to see and be seen this is where you should go.



Why you should visit it

You should go for the great view of the river and great wine. The Riverwalk has been newly renovated so it still has the "new and shinny" feel. You can come here for a meal or just for drinks. I would recommend going early-ish to be the crowd since the place has become very popular

Special tip

Open hours are weather dependent so check the weather before you make a specific trip to this place

City Winery Chicago Riverwalk
11 West Riverwalk South

Mon-Su: 11:00-21:00

(312) 229-5593
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