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Classy Delectable Brunch


Why locals love it

Locals love this place because it is a well kept secret for now. Many substandard brunch places can have waits up to 3 hours may good ones longer. The wait at this place is almost negligible but the food is outstanding. The atmosphere is so chill and it arguably has one of the best Eggs Benedict ever.



Why you should visit it

Well there is little to NO wait for world class brunch food. Believe me I am a picky eater. Also, they have beergaritas, a mixture of beer and juice. Incredibly tasty and trendy. This place does brunch only on weekends and during the week are open for lunch and dinner.

Special tip

Take an UBER there, as Pilsen is still a developing community. Order "The Ordinary" it's something special but different every time you go.

1227 W 18th St

Mon-Fr: 17:00-02:00

Sa: 09:00-03:00

Su: 09:00-02:00

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