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Vesterbro Beer Tour

Come experience Vesterbro’s colourful story through visits to dive bars and gourmet beer places with Copenhagen By Mie & Friends. Learn about the old red light district in Copenhagen, see firsthand how gentrification can change a place, visit the revamped Meatpacking District and much, much more...
Duration 3 hours
Private tour available in English, Danish
Private tour pricing from 54 EUR per person
Group tour available in English
Group tour pricing from 132 EUR per person
This tourned out to be a great and very special guided tour. We got to experience a part of Copenhagen that we did not know much about, and it was interesting to learn about the development of the area by walking the streets and visiting parks and cafes/pubs. Much history and stories about every day life, and nice dialogue with Karl. Great way to spend an afternoon in Copenhagen!