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Half Day Islamic Muslim Sahaba Tour Istanbul

Discover Istanbul’s Islamic heritage and Sahaba tombs on this half-day tour through the city. Visit mosques, learn about the religious significance of the tombs and hear teachings from the Prophet Muhammed.
Duration 4 hours
Private tour available in English
Private tour pricing from 120 EUR per person
Group tour available in English
Group tour pricing from 125 EUR per person
We had the privilege of this being our second visit to the blessed Sahabe of Istanbul. The blessings received are priceless. I would totally recommend anyone visiting this beautiful city not to leave without doing ziyaret of the blessed Sahabe. This company is thoroughly professional & it is commendable that they are keeping alive the history of the blessed Sahabe in Istanbul . This is not something that can be done without guidance as most tombs are scattered around the city,some in obscure locations. Time was allocated at each place for respectful contemplation & prayers. We had the full benefit of Dervish Erol's expert knowledge & spiritual insight. He brought the stories of the Sahabe alive with great eloquence. His words were poetic, translated with great care from Turkish by Hakan, who was amazing. Many thanks for a memorable day. May Allah bless you with every success in your endeavours.