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Personalised Tour of Istanbul with a Local

Hi, everyone! This tour is designed for Istanbul first-timers and those with limited time in the city. If you don’t want to get lost, join me!
Duration 4 hours
Private tour available in English
Private tour pricing from 28 EUR per person
Group tour available in English
Group tour pricing from 50 EUR per person
We had Gökhan show us around Istanbul on our first day in town and are really glad we did. Prior to the tour he asked what we were interested in seeing and doing. We were interested in getting a feel for the city, seeing some of the things locals do on the weekend and finding some good places to eat. I said we didn't want to visit a heap of Mosques and museums as we're not big history buffs. He came up with a plan and also said he'd bring his wife along which worked out well. On the day they were at our hotel on time and we set off for our walking tour. Things my wife and I liked about the tour: - as we walked he told us about the things were passing - he'd clearly thought about a plan for the day based on what we wanted to do - showed us how to use public transport and we used it to quickly move between areas - tasted a few local specialities - showed us things they like to do on the weekend in Istanbul - explained some of the major areas After the tour he was more than happy to message us to answer questions and give more advice. Gökhan is relatively new as a tour guide but we really enjoyed our experience with him. We felt like we could enjoy the city without having to check google maps every 2 minutes. He offers the tours because he is proud of Istanbul and likes to meet new people and it really shows through. I'd strongly recommend booking a tour with him