Whirling Dervishes Ceremony in Istanbul Every Thursday


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Discover the story of Sufism, learn about Istanbul’s present-day Sufi community, and experience a Whirling Dervishes ceremony first-hand in an authentic Sufi monastery.

Duration: 3 hours
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  • Visit an authentic Sufi monastery
  • Experience a Whirling Dervishes ceremony first-hand
  • Get to know the history of Sufism
  • Learn about Istanbul’s present-day Sufi community


Spend an evening discovering the story of Sufism and learning about Istanbul’s present-day Sufi community. You’ll meet members of the local Sufi community, visit their monastery, hear their music, and experience a Whirling Dervishes ceremony first-hand.

Known to the west as the Whirling Dervishes, the Mevlevi Order was founded by Mevlana Rumi in the 13th century. The Order wrote of tolerance, forgiveness, and enlightenment. Today, they survive as a cultural brotherhood. Their practises are not theatrical spectacles, but sacred rituals.

The ceremony of the Mevlevi Order, known as the sema, is a serious religious ritual performed by Muslim priests in a prayer-induced trance. Mevlevi believe that during the sema the soul is released from earthly ties and able to freely and jubilantly commune with the divine. Dervish literally means ‘doorway’, representing an entrance from the material world to the spiritual, heavenly world.

Ceremonies take place in an authentic Sufi monastery every Thursday evening.

What’s included & not included

  • Transport to the monastery
  • Tea
  • Tips

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Meeting point

Şengüler Tourism: İshak Paşa Caddesi 6

Reviews from travellers (8)


An authentic experience
If you want to experience Whirling Dervishes Ceremony like a local then don’t miss that one.
Excellent and authentic experience
This is the real deal, you take oart in a ceremony and not a show for tourists. A very unique experience
Great Experience
I am a long-time fan of the poet, Rumi, so this authentic experience of seeing a whirling dervish ceremony was one of the top highlights of my trip to Istanbul. The educational session beforehand was excellent and our guide was well organized and thoughtful. I booked this excursion two weeks in advance from the states, and the guide answered all of my emails/questions promptly beforehand. I highly recommend this event for anyone who is interested in learning more about the true history of the whirling dervish community.
An authentic experience – Recommend!
I was skeptical of going to see the Whirling Dervishes in Istanbul because it sounded very touristy, but this experience was very authentic. Before the "performance" we got to see a real Sufi ceremony and the experience was so interesting. Highly recommend for those interested in a more authentic cultural experience.
Great authentic experience. Highly recommended!
Excellent experience!
We took the tour for Sufi ceremony at Silivrikapi. It was perfect, exactly as I expected. When we book, we were afraid that it could be a touristic attraction but it was not. We were among real followers and not tourists. Thank you Hakan and thank you Erol.
Had a wonderful experience at the Dervish Ceremony which was authentic and unlike others that are more catered for tourists. Excellent service by our contact point, Mr Hakan, who's very engaging and friendly! Really enjoyed our conversations with him sharing on football and Istanbul. Thank you Hakan and Istanbul Life! We truly enjoyed ourselves!
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