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Awful Kyiv Walking Tour


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Most tours will take you to the shiny, pretty parts of a city - but not this one! See the awful side of Kyiv on this unique walking tour past derelict buildings, abandoned factories, semi-demolished homes and old artificial caves. By the end of the tour you will realise that awful can be awesome!

Duration: 3.5 hours
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Tour by Alina
Local Guru

My name is Alina. I am a local guide, photographer and blogger.

I have an itchy feet, so I constantly try to discover the world. What I love even more - is to show my city to travellers.

Kyiv is called the city of Golden Domes. But to me Kyiv is a city of prospectives and contrasts. I love to find out what is happening behind the most outstanding landmarks, and to show it to my guests.

That's why I am trying to get lost among beautiful or half-ruined backyards - I call it beautiful ruination.

I am constantly learning something new about my city: I watch documentaries, read books, study old and new maps and organize events for locals, expats and tourists.

I am in a place where I supposed to be. In awesome Kyiv - as awesome as you are!

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  • See the old wooden houses of Kyiv where people still live
  • See what is happening to the abandoned factories
  • Learn about the dark chapters in the city's history
  • Explore hidden backyards and strange garages
  • See Kyiv from hidden picturesque hills

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Discover the awfully awesome side of Kyiv on this walking tour which features some of the city's most unfortunate sights and stories.

You'll have the chance to see the old wooden houses of Kyiv were people still live today, learn about the illegal real estate business, and discover hidden backyards that hold tales from the past.

The tour will pass through the district where Kyiv's second hand culture was born. We'll walk into strange garages where you'll be surprised to see amazing views of the city!

Your guide will tell you about the notorious trial against Mendel Beilis which was one of the darkest periods in the country's Jewish history. You'll also hear stories of the abandoned yet still functioning factories of Kyiv.

There will be plenty of photo opportunities of weird and wonderful things on this tour...and I hope it will convince you that ugly can be beautiful!

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What’s included & not included

  • English speaking guide in Kyiv
  • tram ticket
  • food
  • drinks

Meeting point

Kontraktova square (Kontraktova square)

Reviews from travellers (9)


Simply Awesome-The guide and the tour
for Alina’s tour (Awful Kyiv Walking Tour)
If you want to tour churches, this is not the tour for you. Want military history, nope not for you either.
Do you want to see the real Ukraine, the real Kviv, Han this is the tour for you. We spent the day walking though the real Kviv most tourist never see. We spent time where the real Ukrainians live not just where the tour buses go. We saw the underbelly, we saw the beautiful graffiti, we saw amazing city views from high above the city.
The best part wasn’t even the tour itself, it was the guide. We talked we conversed, I learned about many different topics from an expert. We discussed politics, history, economics, jails, guns, art, how the youth live, how other lives. We talked about everything under the sun.
She was magical, we saw the rich and we saw the poor. Great tour but the guide was even better than the tour itself.
I cannot rate this high enough, 10 stars would barely scratch the surface. The guide is lovely, knowledgeable, fun, laid back and beautiful.
Towards the end of the tour she will show you a bunch of bars, restaurants and cafes and many other things that will turn your good trip into a great trip. 15 stars!!
Very enjoyable
for Alina’s tour (Awful Kyiv Walking Tour)
De verlaten plekken waren zeer goed.
for Alina’s tour (Awful Kyiv Walking Tour)
De gids was zeer goed.
Je kon doen en vragen wat je wou.

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A lot of what happens in Kyiv happens in courtyards or backyards away from the main streets. You simply won’t find them without help. This tour is invaluable in order to really see the city. My guide Alina was charming and insightful, and enriched my visit.
Top very good walk!!!
A very positive view on Kiev
Many unexpected details, an excellent guide. Highly recommended
Its easy to fall in love with Kyiv with such a fun and witty guide
I had a wonderful time on the tour with Alina, she is well informed and give you interesting and fun facts about the city and its history. She made me so comfortable it was like taking a walk with a friend, while telling me about her people and culture. Because of her I discovered many places I would have never found on my own and wouldn´t have the background facts /story behind it. I can recommend Alina and her tour to everyone, you will have a lovely time and learn a lot about Ukraine and Kyiev, don´t miss your chance to get a true experience.
Hidden gems of Kyiv
Alina is a passionate and extremely welcoming guide. Her knowledge of the history of Kyiv together with contemporary aspects of the city meant that we got a complete perspective. We loved Alina surpring us with hidden gems of Kyiv in places we’d never expect them or be able to find ourselves. Alina also takes the time to ensure we had a great experience. We highly recommend Alina and this tour.
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