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Discover Slovenia through Ljubljana

Learn about art and craft of Slovenia on the streets of Ljubljana. Cheer with a beekeeper, taste, smell, touch and see what Slovenians have been making throughout centuries.​
Duration 3 hours
Private tour available in English, Spanish
Group tour available in English, Spanish
Group tour pricing from 170 EUR per group
Tjasa took us on a personal tour of the old city, answered all our questions and gave us a sense for her city and country that we won't forget. It was quite clear to us that you love Slovenia and Ljubljana and we can certainly see why. It is indeed a beautiful city and country. If your travels take you to California someday be sure to let us know so we can return the hospitality. By the way, the jewel shop that you recommended (Kamen) had exactly what Cathy wanted and the restaurant was awesome (Gujzina)! We enjoyed a truly special meal there; the server was also really into their food and he shared several insights about each dish. Thanks!