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Private, Professional & Fun Photo Shoot in London

Take home some extra special souvenirs of your time in London! Your personal photographer will capture stunning photos of you as you explore the city’s local charms, with memorable London locations as backdrops.
Duration 1 hours
Private tour available in English
Group tour available in English
Group tour pricing from 349 EUR per group
We had a photoshoot with TripShooter photographer Ben Pipe in London. Ben exceeded my expectations and was not only a great photographer, but very personable and professional. Many of our vacations only include single photos of myself or my husband. We don't use selfie sticks and are at the occasional quick mercy of a nice individual to take a bad couples picture, well fortunately not on this holiday. We were presented with a quality group of pictures to choose from with lovely backgrounds in a beautiful city. I am so happy we did this and will look this company up again in the future. Thank you Bertrand, Ben and TripShooter