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Secrets of the Duomo Private Tour in Milan

Discover all the secrets of the Duomo on a special private tour from the underground archeological area all the way to the rooftop. You’ll become an expert on Milan’s beloved cathedral!
Duration 2 hours
Private tour available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese
Group tour pricing from 230 EUR per person
I was in Milan for a company conference. Saturday morning was booked for a guided tour of some art museum and the Duomo. Art is not something that interests me in any way, so I did not expect too much. But, with such an inspired and knowledgeable guide as Giacomo Zavatteri even I truly enjoyed art, the walk in the city and the Duomo. Book tour and you can't go wrong. My guess is that Giacomo can make almost anything you choose to visit interesting.