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Best to-dance-higher-than-floor places

3 places
This short list tells you about hot Moscow bars where dancing on tables, window-sills or barstands is not only permitted but desirable!
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Live music for free

6 places
This list presents you bars and clubs where you have a chance to listen to a live gig. But that doesn't mean that every single concert is free there. To know that for sure, please, visit the web-sites and check the schedules.
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The most unusual spots

5 places
In every city there're some outstanding places that charm their visitors not just because furniture is good selected, chief is excellent or trees are put in straigh rows but there got nice and interesting concepts of and facts ab…
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Top outdoor spots

8 places
Moscow is surrounded by these huge reserves or homesteads that were built some senturies ago by rich Russian families. And now they demonstrate this past way of life with its scale and luxury to present visitors. Together with bu…
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Art clusters

4 places
An art cluster in the context of Moscow is usually a former industrial space reformed into a complex for development and entertainment, business and studying. So, commonly in these areas different kinds of events are held and var…
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Top soviet monuments

4 places
These are some of the not so famous monuments situated in different parts of the city. Seeing those and digging a bit deeper than just a photo shoot with the monuments gets you closer to art and life of the soviet period.
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Unique places in Moscow

18 places
Sure, most of Moscow’s tourist attractions seem to be focused on the Red Square, ranging from the mammoth Kremlin to the historical department store GUM. And there’s the reputation that it’s a city saturated with luxury, complete…
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