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Think that's a unique experience, we visited 2 roofs with awesome views. Also experience is worth it, at least to know Niko, he is a great traveller and very interesting and simple person. Strongly recommend)
City Rooftop Tour of Moscow
I don't think anyone is as passionate and genuine with Moscow rooftops as Niko – and he backs this up when he told me, "going up on rooftops is my life." A cool alternative to sightseeing in Moscow, rely on Niko to show you the best city views from different rooftops. He'll also take you or recommend off-the-beaten non-touristy spots and activities like indie movie screenings, coffee shops, bars, etc. Niko is a very easygoing, nice, and sensible guy so it was fun to hangout with him! Definitely worth checking out this travel experience.
City Rooftop Tour of Moscow
Due to my hectic work schedule, at my request, Niko took me on, what turned out to be, a hybrid rooftop and hidden bar tour of Moscow. I really appreciate his flexibility in tailoring the activities to my whims (I'm late... I'm hungry... I think I need a drink, etc.). Niko is a personable and polite guy. I wish I would have stayed in Moscow longer so I could have taken his full hidden bar tour and/or film night. Thank you for showing me around Niko!
City Rooftop Tour of Moscow
My friends and I took tours with City Hackers - one in Moscow and one in Saint Petersburg. Definitely, a MUST DO for anyone wanting to get more of a local experience in Russia. Taking these tours enabled us to see both cities in a unique way that we would not have been able to do on our own. Guides were fun, energetic and gave a real insight into the local culture. Highly recommend!
Small-Group Tour of Moscow's Trendiest Bars

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