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Superb Tour
The Moscow Car Tour is definitely a good tour if you are a first time visitor to Moscow. The guide was very friendly, professional, and flexible at the same time. It provides a good overview of some of the most important city highlights, including the Kremlin and Red Square. I would highly recommend this to first time visitors to Moscow.
Moscow Car Tour
Very knowledgeable guide
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and we learned a great deal about the history and interesting facts and anecdates relating to the Metro stations. I am sorry but I can't remember his name.... the only thing that could be improved would be to give us more time to take pictures. I felt the tour was too rushed and I often found myself walking fast to catch up after stopping to take photos. Also, we were the only two in the tour as others didn't show up, which turned out to be great - but I think it's better to use a headset so people can hear the guide over the noise. Overall, I'm glad I reserved the tour!
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
A "must" tour
Moscow Metro Tour
Alexander Kovalenko was a perfect guide
We had a very interesting tour with Alexander. He was very knowledgeable and at the same time open to answer many other questions we had. Great guide, great tour!
Moscow Kremlin Tour
Amazing historic tour!
This was like going back in time with a guide. We got to visit several of moscows major stations and find out about the fascinating history and detail behind each station. I highly recommend.
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
Good Guide, good tour
The tour covers The top attractions. Masha The guide was very good, has a good English she is very kind and knowledgeble. We had a small incident with The Driver that made us loose some time, but at the end, all was set well and The company have us some extra time.
Moscow Car Tour
Interesting but relaxed and a very pleasant guide
Moscow for Dummies
Must must must
I feel very bad I forgot the guides name... I thinks it was Andre.... he seemed like a very fun guy.... he really knows his stuff... extremely patient.... and a good sense of humour.... it’s because of him I understood the metro system so well .... and have used it for my entire trip.... I recommend everyone to go for this trip hosted by Moscow me...
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
Perfect walking tours
Moscow is a beautiful city and you learn so much more when you’re introduced to it by such a wonderfully knowledgeable guide as Ksenia. The free tour at midday was so fascinating I booked the Back in the USSR tour that evening which was a delight. So much to see. I absolutely recommend MoscowMe to anyone visiting the city.
Back in the USSR Daily Group Tour
Night tour
I went on a night tour and enjoyed it thoroughly. Marina showed me a very interesting side of Moscow with a lot of nice historical anecdotes.
Moscow At Night Daily Group Tour
A Pleasurable Tour
My Husband and I booked a tour with Ksenia last summer to see the Metro in Moscow. We had a wonderful time. Ksenia was a well of information and very knowledgeable about the history. She was very sweet and friendly answering all our questions and taking her time in showing us around. I highly recommend the tour with Ksenia.
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
Perfect Tour
Ksenia led a group of 4 of us on a fascinating and fun tour of the Moscow metro. Her English is great and her knowledge fund is outstanding! She knows how to make a tour interesting as we simultaneously shared laughs and insight into a local's perspective on this beautiful and unique city. She also gave us great food and drink recommendations, and was a blast to be around. I have been on all types of tours in many different countries, and having Ksenia as a tourguide was definitely memorable! Enjoy!
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
Best way to learn about Moscow
Ksenia took us on a private tour of the Moscow Metro and completely opened my mind on this amazing city and the country's history. The tour was so good that a year later we are using Ksenia's services again! In a couple of hours you get a comprehensive overview of Russia, insight into her people and lots of fascinating stories to tell friends about after the tour.
Moscow Metro Daily Group Tour
Great Discovery of a beautiful city
Alexander is a very interesting guide with a very good knowledge of the history of Russia and its impressive capital.
Moscow At Night Daily Group Tour
The itinerary is well planned and organised! And Ksenia is great!
We enjoyed the Moscow At Night with Ksenia a lot! Ksenia is an amazing guide, she is bubbly, kind and helpful. Her fantastic stories, great knowledge and funny jokes about the amazing history and culture of Russia made it interesting and fun. The itinerary was well planned and organised too. Thanks again for making our first trip in Moscow unforgettable, we are already looking at options to book again in the foreseeable future. Pedro & Anais

Moscow At Night Daily Group Tour
Think that's a unique experience, we visited 2 roofs with awesome views. Also experience is worth it, at least to know Niko, he is a great traveller and very interesting and simple person. Strongly recommend)
City Rooftop Tour of Moscow
I don't think anyone is as passionate and genuine with Moscow rooftops as Niko – and he backs this up when he told me, "going up on rooftops is my life." A cool alternative to sightseeing in Moscow, rely on Niko to show you the best city views from different rooftops. He'll also take you or recommend off-the-beaten non-touristy spots and activities like indie movie screenings, coffee shops, bars, etc. Niko is a very easygoing, nice, and sensible guy so it was fun to hangout with him! Definitely worth checking out this travel experience.
City Rooftop Tour of Moscow
Due to my hectic work schedule, at my request, Niko took me on, what turned out to be, a hybrid rooftop and hidden bar tour of Moscow. I really appreciate his flexibility in tailoring the activities to my whims (I'm late... I'm hungry... I think I need a drink, etc.). Niko is a personable and polite guy. I wish I would have stayed in Moscow longer so I could have taken his full hidden bar tour and/or film night. Thank you for showing me around Niko!
City Rooftop Tour of Moscow
Friendly and informative
Our guide was friendly and informative, and the tour was just the right length and amount of information for everyone to find it enjoyable without being too much. We had history buffs and beginners so it was a good balance!
Communist Moscow Tour
Great guide
Irena was very knowledgable and had a sense of humour. It was a nice small tour group and I learnt alot about Moscow's history.
Communist Moscow Tour

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