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Ice cream heaven


Why locals love it

You know it's summer when you walk through Munich and people stand in line in front of an unremarkable shop in order to get ice cream. Every single sort comes with a twist (for example chocolate-ginger or cream-basil). On their website they tell you more about the 10 rules on how to make the best ice cream and the result will blow you away.



Why you should visit it

Because no matter how long you will search or ask random people on the streets, this is the best ice cream in Munich. They only use the best ingredients and everything is handmade. Definitely worth waiting in the queue.

Special tip

No matter how many scones of ice cream you order, you will always be asked to try a spoon full of another sort. Be experimental!

Theresienstraße 46, 80333 München, Germany

Su-Sa: 11:30-22:30

+49 89 18912943
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