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Ir was great!
Jay took us to the best bars and made it well worth the money! I would recommend
Munich's Original Pub Crawl
Fun evening
Had a great time. Nice night with our guide.
Munich's Original Pub Crawl
SO MUCH FUN!! First time in Munich and this was the best way to find really fun bars and meet some really cool people! As large of a group as we were (which isn't the normal) the tour guide was able to keep us all together and keep us all happy! 10/10 would do it again
Munich's Original Pub Crawl
t o l l
I’m going to do it again, sooner or later! And my compliments to the guide, thanks!
Munich's Original Pub Crawl
I'm new to Munich so I don't know where to go out to and just googling clubs and going to them is pretty daunting to me. This was a great way to get familiar with some great spots in Munich and make some great connections with people from the group.

I came a bit late but the guide was very nice and helped me find my way. Great experience, will do again!
Munich's Original Pub Crawl
Awesome night
I hope you will extend to other cities, we had a great time, it was really nice to meet you guys !! The best way to discover the good places in town :)
Munich's Original Pub Crawl
An excellent night out, with great company!
Having never set foot in Munich before, I had little idea of where to go, or how to make friends. Luckily I came across the Bartourz crew, and what an experience it was!
The guides Matze and Jessi were so accommodating and friendly, they taught me all the German I needed to get through and gave me a night I will never forget!
Bartourz is the perfect way to experience the city, with true locals, delicious beers and a banging boogie.
Great value, great crack and a great city to explore.
Would recommend to anybody who likes culture, fun and friendly people!
Munich's Original Pub Crawl
Drink, roll and party!!!
Hell of a night out with Bartourz.

Normally I don't really like to explore a city with an organization. But Bartourz changed my perspective on that. They arranged the tour in such a matter that it felt like a real night out with friends....... instead of an organization.

Are you in Munich and you don't know where to go, take a tour with Bartourz. In less than a night, a good but little blurry impression of the city Munich. ;)


Munich's Original Pub Crawl

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