Dachau Memorial Site Tour from Munich

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The Dachau Concentration Camp was the first permanent camp built by the Nazi Party. It was opened on March 22, 1933, two months after Hitler’s rise to power, and liberated on April 29, 1945. This tour gives you the chance to delve deep into the complexities of the Nazi concentration camp system.

Duration: 6 hours
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A 5 star rating only because I can't give it 10! One of the best tours I've ever been on and probably the most well informed guide (Marcin Wright) I've encountered.

I can't praise Marcin enough, more than happy to ask questions, he was affable and extremely knowledgable.

For 6 hours he presented a tour that was compassionate, balanced, yet did not hide any of the 'difficult' and ugly points in the history of which there were many.

By the end everyone was visible moved, and we all walked away knowing we had just been through a life changing experience .

For our Munich resident friend, who was with us, this was the 3rd time in Dachau... But he said this had the greatest impact and has already said that next time we come over we have to do another tour with Marcin Wright. (I'm guessing we have to come back!)

It was amazing ... Am still digesting it several days late.
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Reviewed by Julia


  • Take a chilling step back in history at the infamous Dachau bunker and the Barrack X crematorium
  • See the International Memorial dedicated to the millions of Jews who died in Nazi concentration camps
  • Walk through the Jourhaus entrance building and across Appellplatz, a square where daily roll calls were held
  • Visit the SS training facility which served as training grounds for staff from other camps
  • Learn about the three phases of the camp’s history


Dachau was the only concentration camp to exist for the full 12 years of Hitler’s dictatorship, & is one of the most well-preserved former camps left in Europe today. Our highly experienced guides tell you about all aspects of camp life & death for the thousands of prisoners that passed through the gates between 1933 & 1945.

Visiting a former Nazi camp is one of the most important things you can do when travelling in Europe.

The Dachau Memorial has no specific information designed for children & our tour is catered specifically for adults. We no longer accept children aged 13 or below on our Dachau Tours, but children from 14 are welcome on the basis that the parents attend the tour with the child & that they understand graphic nature of the tour content.

Meet your guides on Marienplatz, Munich. They’ll be holding a white and blue umbrella & holding large signs that say ‘Dachau Tour’. Look for the small kiosk close to the shop Wormland and the intersecting roads of Kaufingerstrasse & Rosenstrasse. ***November 27 until December 24 the tour meets at the department store Ludwig Beck (Marienplatz 11). ***

We suggest arriving at 10:30am ready for our 10:40 start!

What’s included & not included

  • Transportation
  • Professional Memorial-qualified guide
  • Drinks
  • Food

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Meeting point

Marienplatz in front of a small kiosk by the shop "Wormland". The guides will have a White and Blue umbrella and signs advertising the tour. *November 27 until December 24 The tour meets at the department store "Ludwig Beck"( Marienplatz 11)*

Reviews from travellers (50)


Adam is a fantastic tour guide.
Thanks to Adam for a great tour to Dachau. This trip is not for the faint hearted but you really feel you are getting an accurate and thorough account of activities in the concentration camp from Adam. He is so knowledgeable.

Adam is a really friendly guy and manages to tailor his delivery - serious about the brutality of events, but chatty and friendly before and after the tour. Great for insider knowledge and tips about the city.
Adam is wonderful!
Adam, our tour guide, was absolutely wonderful! He was so passionate and knowledgable about Dachau. He consistently shared facts throughout the route and the tour.
Adam also gave us great suggestions for food and places to go near and far.

It is hard to describe Dachau and the experience but I think it's a must do and also best with a guide. A lot of the original structures are present, however they have been maintained and modified throughout it's working and museum years.
It was an overall saddening but enlightening experience.
Very informative tour, great value!
Best money spent on my Europe trip. Our tour guide had great enthusiasm, and was very knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone!
very informative and thought provoking.
Dachau tour with Marcin
The tour was very good and well explained by Marcin. He gives a good condensed history of the Nazi's and how the concentration camps came to be.
He is very knowledgeable and effective in his delivery of the story of this horrible place.
Awesome guide
We have Adam Martin as our guide and it feels like history have come alive. Adam gave us so much insight of the area and information on the history of Dachau, we learned so much. Alot of walking but as expected as the area to cover is big. Definitely worth it!
The best tour of Anything we have ever had
Marcin is passionate about tours of Dachau and it shows in everything he does.

My wife and I were spellbound for the length of this tour. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
Our guide Scott was really great. He was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and insightful. His tour of a difficult place was powerful and thoughtful. One of the best guides I have ever had. Thank you Scott and the tour company!
And, if you read this Scott, remember to check out the book The Altruistic Personality. :D
Respectful and Informative
Visiting former concentration camps is never a fun trip, but this tour has to have been one of the highlights of my visit to Germany. Our tour guide (forgot his name but shout out to him!) was honest about the difficult nature of the site and laid out our plan at the beginning. He was VERY well educated and informed, but also respectful. In addition, he made note of peoples education levels about the Holocaust/Dacha and specific interests, giving additional tidbits if needed. I would 10000% suggest taking this tour if your a lover of WWII history.
Thorough and Informative tour with a great guide
Marcin is very knowledgeable, and he explained all of the history in a way that was accessible to all levels of historical knowledge. I considered just going to the memorial site without a tour guide, and that would have been a mistake.
Worth all the time
This tour was an experience I will never forget. At first i was hesitant about the length of the tour but that was the perfect amount of time to see everything. Our guide Marcin was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and we especially liked how he explored all sides of the history by acknowledging all parties involved. As a student of history this felt like more than reading a textbook because he was able to bring in ideas and theories that were very thought provoking and discussed the respect one treats the site. This is definitely the way to go when visiting the site. Highly recommend.
Very informative..worth it .
Scott is awesome....even though there was a hiccup in the train..he was still able to make the trip work.
The tour made a huge difference.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to book with this company. There is just so much to miss without a guide’s knowledge. It was a very interesting experience.
Great although sad tour
Deep and Moving
Marsin was a awesome guide. Really knowledgeable about the subject matter. Group was the right size.
Must do!
Definitely do this tour, extremely informative and great value. Tour guide knew so much and it was clear this was a passion of his.
Taking this your added so much to the experience of visiting the camp itself.
Fantastic Tour
Great guide
I was impressed with the quality of this tour. Organizationally, everything went smoothly from booking to meeting the guide to transportation to the camp. The guide was fantastic. Highly knowledgeable yet didn’t offer too much information to the point of boring you. Tour went at a good pace, and there was some time to reflect alone. I also appreciated he was certified to lead the tour within Dachau itself vs. bringing us to the site and passing us on to a guide there.
A tour that can change your perspective on life
After taking the most amusing City tour with him, Marcin ones again proved to be an outstanding guide - this time on a much sensitive topic.
He explained Dahau with such passion and emotion as though some of the scenes were happening in front of our own eyes. Very moving, very informative, and well worth a visit. In my experience the best tour I have been on. A service to be thoroughly recommended.
Awesome tour
Before starting the tour, I was little bit afraid of understanding those history and overall description because I am not good at English. However, Marcin, who guided this tour, described from the beginning of Dachau history to liberation of Dachau in detail, therefore I felt easy to understand what he said about Dachau. He was very professional and all of information he tried to give us was detailed and made us feel how prisoners was put on harsh circumstance. Overall, the tour was beyond my expectation and I want to join the tour again if I have any opportunities. I strongly recommend that people join this tour and learn and feel sympathy on Dachau concentration camp.
Great knowledge of subject matter
Very comprehensive
Adam was fantastic. The tour was comprehensive, engaging, and powerful. Couldn't recommend it enough.
Learned so much..
Our guide Marcin made the Tour perfect. You could almost imagine yourself at the concentration camp, when listening to him.
I'm just wondering, how did the marathon run go the next Day :)
Great guide!
Excellent Guide on eye opening tour
My Wife and I joined the day tour to Dachau Memorial Site led by Marcin. He was extremely informative, thorough, and clear in his account of facts. On a cold day when there were 5 of us in the group, Marcin did not spare any effort in making sure we all could understand the significance of what we were seeing at Dachau. This is a tour which we would highly recommend to anyone visiting Munich. It had a profound effect on us and we were very lucky to have been able to experience it. Much thanks to Marcin fir a great job. Even though he had led more than a thousand tours to the site, his enthusiasm and dedication to his role as guide clearly had not diminished. Keep up the great work!
Marcin is amazing!
He knows everything about Dachau and the Holocaust. He's really nice and e explains everything you must and want to know
Excellent and worth the money!
Adam was a fantastic guide who was passionate and knowledgeable. Would definitelty recommend taking this tour with Adam if you are visiting Munich!
A great tour for such sensitive history
I cannot express enough how great Marcin and InMunich tours are. We went on a walking tour with Marcin and liked him so much we booked his Dachau tour the following day. The history of Dachau is so sensitive and Marcin does an incredible job. He is very knowledgeable and really takes his time to make sure you understand the whole picture of Dachau. I am very happy I was there with him and not walking around with a little audio tour phone.
Could not recommend this highly enough – we went on the tour of Dachau with Marcin who was full of knowledge and insight on what is clearly a very difficult subject matter. The tour was very comprehensive and Marcin even offered to answer any questions we had after the tour, i.e. when we were back home! It was also great that they were nice enough to run the tour even with a small group (my husband and I were the only ones signed up on the day).

I loved it, but...
The tour was amazing. We had Marcin as our tour guide and he was excellent. I think I learned more about concentration camps that day than I did in all of high school and college. It was a six hour tour and literally my only complaint would be that we didn't get to sit at all. But understandably there is a lot of ground to cover. I highly recommend this tour!
Great tour!
I can fully recommend this informative tour. On schedule, very clear and worth the money.
The Dachau Memorial Site Tour was very good.
Jon did an excellent job of providing a comprehensive history of how the camp system was set up. It was a very sobering experience to find out what happened in this camp along with other ones like it. I would give this tour a 5-star rating.
A 5 star rating only because I can't give it 10! One of the best tours I've ever been on and probably the most well informed guide (Marcin Wright) I've encountered.

I can't praise Marcin enough, more than happy to ask questions, he was affable and extremely knowledgable.

For 6 hours he presented a tour that was compassionate, balanced, yet did not hide any of the 'difficult' and ugly points in the history of which there were many.

By the end everyone was visible moved, and we all walked away knowing we had just been through a life changing experience .

For our Munich resident friend, who was with us, this was the 3rd time in Dachau... But he said this had the greatest impact and has already said that next time we come over we have to do another tour with Marcin Wright. (I'm guessing we have to come back!)

It was amazing ... Am still digesting it several days late.
We had a great day at the Dachau Memorial Site Tour along with your guide Marcin. We are all (six in a group) happy to say that the trip and the guide were super, and we give 5 stars to the tour. Thank you very much and give our best to Marcin (if I´m writing his name correct) ;)
We were just four during the whole tour. It looked like the guide knew a lot about the Memorial Site but the way he said it was completely unemotional. He spoke really fast, that I couldn’t even think about what he was saying. I don’t know why he was in a hurry. The whole tour he was walking really fast and it made me a bit anxious. I couldn’t even enjoy each place as I wanted to. The tour was really expensive, considering that the entrance to the Memorial Site is free and the ticket to get there costs half the price that we payed. I’m really disappointed.
The tour was insightful.
Our guide Marcin did a really good job explaining and walking us through the museum and the camp itself. I had gone to the camp focusing on the brutality that had been executed on innocent beings but Marcin showed us another side of humanity - the survivors' story. The strong will of men and the courage to stand tall in the face of evil. I am thankful for the experience and hope others can be enlightened too.
The outing was as monumental as one would expect-- a troubling journey through the bowels of the beast. Our guide Mark truly took his responsibility seriously and had impressively detailed knowledge of the Holocaust and the site.
Our guide Jon was very knowledgeable and the details and examples he provided went beyond what was on the signs at the site. I'm very glad we chose to go with a guide and not on our own. It was very well-paced. The site is so huge that if I had gone on my own, I would have spent all of my time in only the first 1/5, without realizing how much more there was to see.
I took both the free walking tour and the Dachau memorial tour with these guys. Both tours were very well done and the our guide , Adam was wonderful. We could feel his love and passion for Munich. Dachau was very interesting as well and emotional. The only ‘negative’ comment that I would have is that the time in the museum in Dachau was a little bit too short. But not a big deal.

For these free tours I would mention in bigger print on the prospectus and website that tips are welcome and according with your satisfaction. In my group I am not sure everybody gave Adam a tip for the Dachau tour (About 7 hours of his time) and I was so sad for him.
We were more than glad we did the tour!
Obviously it was a sombering and eye opening experience but our tour guide Marin was great! He had a great personality, very knowledgeable and answered any questions we/the group had! I would definitely recommend him and the tour for the future!
I was apprehensive to go at first because of the nature of the tour but I am really glad I went. My tour guide was Marcin again. He was very respectful and once again experienced in his knowledge, having been to and researched the many other concentration camps in Europe. Furthermore, he highlights the important details of the museum that you would otherwise miss if you were on your own. I would definitely recommend going in a tour group although going by yourself allows you the flexibility of time to walk through every exhibit and soak in the environment.
I would like to rate the tour with 5 stars. Markin's knowledge and emotional deposition with regards to the tragedy at Dachau was evident throughout the tour. Overall, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Jon the guide was very knowledgeable n gave very good and interesting explanations on the camp. Me and another tour member got separated from the group at the end of the tour and Jon came back to look for us. Very responsible and knowledgeable guide. He also shared tips on the best restaurants/beer gardens. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
We also did the trip to Dachau. Jon our tour guide was excellent and we learnt a lot more about the history of Dachau than if we had visited independently.
My friends and I signed up for the walking tour with Jon and it exceeded our expectations by far. The group was small enough so you could actually hear. Not to mention he was hilarious and knew everything about Munich so it was easy to stay attentive. We loved it and the next day we even came back for the Dachau tour with Jon again. This was also a very informative and eye opening tour and he knows his stuff. I would 100% recommend this to anyone ever traveling to Munich. Thank you!
Guide did a good job at being both relatable, informative and very well read. Feel like he could have been a little bit more engaging (/genuine) at times - but was overall very good.

Thanks for this experience!
We had almost made up our mind to go with the other popular tour operator for Dachau tour, that is when we saw Marcin holding a board for his tour with impressive ratings from Tripadvisor.
We took a chance & it was so very well payed. He has been giving tours to this place for years before he founded his own tour separately 3 months back. This being a very sensitive tour, I could see him giving all sense & care while handing the tour. We are truly thankful of him to share his knowledge & other experiences with us to understand the whole place.
I highly recommend InMunich Tours above any other tour operators here :)
Who knew there was so much more to Munich than beer! We were so impressed we decided to do the Dachau Tour with him the next day, even though we had already been to Sachsenhausen in Berlin. Again the tour did not disappoint, Marcin did a great job even with such a sensitive topic. Don't even bother with any of the other walking tours just book with Marcin or one of his business partners, you won't be disappointed. Also there was no umbrella following and everyone will be so enthralled you won't need the headsets or microphones you see some other groups using.
I took the Dachau tour in June,14. Our guide Mr. Marcin, a passionate gentleman, well versed with history from both side. His explanations of historical events made us feel as if we are witnessing the events unfolding in front of our eyes.. I would highly recommend using InMunich tours.
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