The Naples city, cover photo


About Naples

Napoli is an ancient city that has been the capital of two kingdoms (Kingdom of the 2 Sicilies and Kingdom of Napoli) for several hundreds of year. The city is full of well-known as well as less known monuments, with churches, castles, palaces, galleries all surrounded by an extremely beautiful natural scene. The bay of Napoli is famous for its volcano Mount Vesuvio (the one that made Pompei known to the world and main 'vent valve' of the otherwise highly seismic area ), for Capri's island today's favorite of many Hollywood stars and for its other islands such as Procida where the film Postino (Postman) was shot. The city is rundown and often unorganized which call for for its visitors' flexibility and sometime sense of adventure. But this characteristics are not a downside for the city, the belong to it. Napoli will never be Paris! and its difficult side reflects the Neapolitan spirit: creative, kind, sincere, real, often messy and unorganized!