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Colourful ceramics

Ceramiche di Vietri

Why locals love it

Vietri ceramics, especially the kitchen objects (plates, bowls, cups etc.), are so beautiful that sometimes you actually regret using them for food! Often found decorating Neapolitan tables, they bring extra joy and pleasure to the dining experience.



Why you should visit it

Vietri ceramics are undoubtedly among the most representative objects of the region. They’re colourful, all decorated by hand and all different. If you’re looking for a pretty yet practical souvenir, be sure to check out Ceramiche di Vietri. You’ll be so charmed that it will be hard to choose!

Special tip

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space in your suitcase – all items can be shipped directly to your place.

Ceramiche di Vietri
Via Sergio Abate, 14

Mon-Sa: 10:00-13:30

Mon-Sa: 16:00-20:00

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