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Exclusive nightclub

Chez Moi

Why locals love it

Ever since opening back in the early 80s, Chez Moi has been riding the crest of the wave of the Neapolitan nightlife scene. Hosting exclusive evenings, from themed parties to classic Saturday nights, it’s particularly loved by the city’s very stylish (perhaps pretentious) customers.



Why you should visit it

You could almost describe Chez Moi as the living room of Naples, at least in an Italian way. Continually evolving both in structure and as an organisation, it has always attracted a very posh crowd. If you’re looking for exclusive nights and parties, it’s the place for you!

Special tip

It’s not always easy to get in, so pay extra attention to how you dress to give yourself an additional chance.

Chez Moi
Via del Parco Margherita, 13

Fr-Su: 23:30-04:00

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