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Coming to italy with a 2 year old, any recommendations of what to do?

joel May 30, 2018 answer

I will be in Naples from May 30-June 6th. Looking to commemorate my birthday with a tattoo. Looking for any recommend... Read more

Selena May 26, 2018 answer

Dear all, I am travelling to Pompeii in august and i would really like to explore Amalfi coast by Vespa/scooter (w... Read more

Urša May 9, 2018 answer

Dear All, we will be visiting Amalfi and Naples between 3-8th May. We’ve already booked room for the nights 3-4-5 at ... Read more

Magdolna April 22, 2018 answer

I'm looking for some clubs with electronic music.. want to go for a really good party :) Any tips?

Monika April 5, 2018 answer

Hi guys! Could you please kindly recommend any very unusual or original things to do or to go in Naples? We would lik... Read more

Юлія March 30, 2018 answer

I'm getting an Italian -themed tattoo, and not sure if it's just "Va fa Napoli", or "Va' fa Napoli" or even "Và fa Na... Read more

Johanna March 27, 2018 answer

Hi, does somebody has knowledge about happening art spaces/spots. Street, urban, graffiti, underground, contemporary ... Read more

Bertrand March 25, 2018 answer

Could you please share your suggestions where to go for bday with a view and very authentic in Naples on Saturday?

Yana January 19, 2018 answer

How to best arrange and plan activities for one day tour to Capri from Naples?

Yana January 18, 2018 answer

What was the name of pizzeria where Julia Roberts ate her pizza? Worth going? Any other tips for the best pizza? Than... Read more

Yana January 18, 2018 answer

Hi there, we will be at napels at the 20Th of January for a week and would like to know if ther is an organization o... Read more

לימור January 10, 2018 answer

Could you please recommend a restaurant near Via Carbonara or Piazza del Plebiscito that we could have dinner at on ... Read more

Lauren December 15, 2017 answer

We will spend 4 days in Napoli. One od them we would like to reserve for Pompeii, but also like to visit Vesuvio. We'... Read more

Piotr November 12, 2017 answer

Hi guys, My hotel is close to Municipio, it is on the Vico Monteleone Street. What is the best way for transportat... Read more

Yeşer November 5, 2017 answer

We will arrive in Napels aeroport on 1st of January at 5.30 u. Is there still time to get to Ishia (we booked an hote... Read more

Rita November 3, 2017 answer

Hello, my name is Roar from Norway. I'm looking for a private food guide in Napoli on saturday november 11 2017. Thin... Read more

Roar October 22, 2017 answer

Which are the areas that are more unsafe and should stay away from?

kate October 6, 2017 answer

Is there any areas of the city which you would say are perfect for photos? Or just the whole city is beautiful?

kate October 6, 2017 answer

Naples has a terrible reputation for pick-pocketing and mugging, i just wanted to ask if this is really as bad as it ... Read more

kate October 5, 2017 answer

Hi! Tips for restaurants, bar and club for 3 girls in Naples on Thursday evening. Asian / Italia fuosion, lounge, hip... Read more

Zina October 3, 2017 answer

Hi! Tips for restaurants, bar and club for 3 girls in Naples on Thursday evening. Asian / Italia fuosion, lounge, hip... Read more

Zina October 3, 2017 answer

If you have, how was the food, the service and the price? Any other info about this Osteria?

Chris September 25, 2017 answer

Any recommendations on how to visit Pompeii? Also, what's the best way to visit Vesuvius and hike to the top? Thanks!

Edward September 18, 2017 answer

Hi there! I'll be in Naples this week and I'm starting to worry about my *very* limited Italian skills. Do many peopl... Read more

Kat September 12, 2017 answer

Can you recommend any bars for larger groups, there will be 11 of us. Also what are the best piazzas to sit out in fo... Read more

Paul September 11, 2017 answer

I'm celebrating my wife's birthday during our vacation in Italy, we will be in Naples and I'm looking for a great res... Read more

Pat September 3, 2017 answer

I'm visiting Naples between the 17th and the 24th of august. Will everything be closed? Does anyone know of any good ... Read more

Maria August 14, 2017 answer

We're going to Italy in October and would like to get to Naples too.. We will start from Bari and then would like to ... Read more

Uldis August 3, 2017 answer

Any events happening in that time? Also after some good seafood? Thanks

Mandip July 12, 2017 answer

Im looking for an authentic experience from Naples to Capri. Any suggestions on boat excurisions or local people who ... Read more

Debbie July 11, 2017 answer

Hi, we are two English women aged 50+ and 16, and we´ll be on holiday in Naples for NYE. We´d like to do something qu... Read more

Jane July 9, 2017 answer

Do you know any? Please, recommend...

Ciao! Me and my sister are going to have the pleasure to experience the lovely city of Naples for the first time. W... Read more

Abbe June 10, 2017 answer

Best and good prices places for a hen do? clubs, bars etc

Where and how can we best see the Capodimonte pottery/porcelain?

Hi. I'm thinking of hiring a car from Naples for 2 days, so I can drive down to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. ... Read more

Courtney April 21, 2017 answer

I will be visiting naples next week, which areas is the best area to stay around good food, bars, nightlife?

Jay April 19, 2017 answer

Hi My wife and I are going to Naples in September and would like to know if we should stay in Naples or close to Baia... Read more

Rob April 18, 2017 answer

I am arriving in Naples tomorrow afternoon - I was wondering if the beach clubs will be open by now (April)? Also any... Read more

Jessica April 7, 2017 answer

Hi, can someone please suggest fine dining restaurants in Naples with good vegetrian options for a date night? thanks.

Aditya March 15, 2017 answer

I have a free time in naples on 26th jan till 5pm. Is there any one who is available for local tour ? :) will pay for... Read more

Jeehyun January 25, 2017 answer

How is the best way to get to Ischia and have a tour? My husband and I are going in late April.

Kathryn January 4, 2017 answer

Will it be too rush to stay only one day in Amalfi Coast? As I would love to spend more time to explore Naples, but s... Read more

kelsie November 14, 2016 answer

We will arrive in Italy March 1st for a duration of 5 weeks. Where could we get pasta cooking classes ( not too expen... Read more

Rose October 18, 2016 answer

Hi Everyone...are there any special events or festivals in the Naples area between October 16-25?

Tom September 6, 2016 answer

Me and my brother are Naples on Wednesday and Sunday night which night would be best to go out on and where are the b... Read more

Jamie August 17, 2016 answer

This fall I plan a trip to Hotel La Pergola, just outside of Amalfi. What is the best way to get there from the Cent... Read more

Dominick August 1, 2016 answer

what are some of the best places to eat, as local would, if some still exist?

Dominick August 1, 2016 answer

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