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Jalousie in Colors

Quartier Jalousie

Why locals love it

Hundreds of homes painted pink, blue, yellow, green, teal, and purple appear as a painting from afar. This project is perennially controversial as the homes of this impoverished zone were simply painted but not earthquake-retrofitted after the 2010 quake. Despite this, residents have mixed feelings and many are proud of the new look.



Why you should visit it

Jalousie is a poor neighborhood built on the hillside above Place St. Pierre. About 50,000 people live in these one and two room masonry houses; most lack flush toilets and all are in danger from quakes and mudslides. The community has strong bonds, a rich culture, and several well-known rara bands.

Special tip

If you enter from the street behind the Kinam you can walk up hill easily. Don't be shy about talking with residents. Ask before taking photos.

Quartier Jalousie
Pétionville, Ayiti
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