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will visit Prague for 2 days and looking for a local guide

I February 26, 2022 answer

Is it a good idea to rent a car do explore Prague?

Rafael September 17, 2021 answer

Is Sauna club located on Ve Smečkách near Darling Cabaret still open?

Chris August 9, 2021 answer

We visited Prague September 2019. I purchased enamel cat earring from a vendor at Wenceslas square. I would like to con… Read more

Nancy February 20, 2021 answer

Hello i want to know the avarage salary for junior flutter developer or software developer with 1 year experience in pr… Read more

Refaat January 18, 2021 answer

I'm currently commissioned to engage with authentic foreign food and drinks produce/brands from foreign markets to sel… Read more

karis October 15, 2020 answer

Will my US Verizon phone work or do I need something else? I have the global plan. It works other places, just wonderi… Read more

Sandi January 9, 2020 answer

We looked into going to a beer spa. I have some questions, though. Do you all go, or is it just something that only tou… Read more

Sandi January 1, 2020 answer

I’ve heard Prague has the most beautiful women. Want to see cool places and take said woman’s for dinners and show me b… Read more

Joe December 6, 2019 answer

I smoked a cigarette at the bus station because I didnt see the no smoking sign. I got an on the spot fine of 200 czk a… Read more

Samantha November 24, 2019 answer

Hi everyone, Is there any recommendation for a fresh market in Prague? Looking to buy some fresh Czech honey and explo… Read more

Sami November 3, 2019 answer

We would like to stay where the locals are. We like parks, coffee and cafes. We only have 3 days after our cruise. W… Read more

Deborah October 27, 2019 answer

Hi! I really hope that any of you could help me with answer to my question???? I am look for this special pub in Prag… Read more

Jörgen October 27, 2019 answer

Please recommend some trustful online shops in Prague/Czech and some places that change tires.

Kalev October 22, 2019 answer

Hi, Looking for advice on places to eat and spend New Year’s Eve. Wanting a fun, relaxed atmosphere nothing formal an… Read more

Kelly October 8, 2019 answer

Me and a large group of my friends (10-15) are planning on visiting Prague for my stag weekend next year. Most of us ar… Read more

Craig September 29, 2019 answer

Hello, I’m going to visit Prague this weekend and I am interested in some cool places like nice bars/gardens for a dr… Read more

Lidia September 25, 2019 answer

Hi everybody! I'm working at a travel company Surprise Me, we create self-guided tours in a mobile app. We're looking f… Read more

Ekaterina September 10, 2019 answer

Can anyone please recommend nice place to eat for 24 people group in the oldtown of Prague? Not a fancy restaurant, bet… Read more

Mindaugas September 4, 2019 answer

Hello, need a bus shuttle form Vaclav Havel Airport for 22 people. Do you have any non-overpriced local transport compa… Read more

Mindaugas September 1, 2019 answer

Few years ago, 2013, i had this tantric massage experience in Prague. It was a private massage studio owned by a lady w… Read more

Could someone in Prague go check if there's anything wrong with: Modern Apartment Charvátova Charvátova 3, Prague, 11… Read more

Arthur August 22, 2019 answer

Hi, I would love to know where i can change dollars in Praha 1 or Old city ? Thanks everybody 1 Aurelia

Aurelia August 13, 2019 answer

We are planning to do day trips to Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora and Karlovy Vary. What would be the best way to get there … Read more

Vivian August 3, 2019 answer

Hi, we are arriving tomorrow and we dont to go to the tourist places. Any recomendations?

Dion July 23, 2019 answer

How can I find a reliable 1-way sightseeing tour from Prague to Munich on Sunday, August 18th? Thanks.

Pauline July 8, 2019 answer

if there is,I would love to if someone will recommend me. THANKS!!

Lindsey July 1, 2019 answer

We will be visiting Prague in January 2020 for 3 days. What are the do not miss things we should do. Include non touris… Read more

Sandi June 13, 2019 answer

Hi, I need a semi-pro photographer in Prague for 4 days (Jun 17 - Jun 20). The job includes following a small group tha… Read more

Kalev June 6, 2019 answer

Hello What is the best train to take from Prague to Vienna?

Dre April 25, 2019 answer

I will be in Prague in a few weeks time & will be staying in Parizska, Prague 110 00. I am allergic to both dairy and s… Read more

Margaret April 21, 2019 answer

Intersted in; - arcitechture - street art - art - local designers shops (not the high price once) - some night l… Read more

Silje April 15, 2019 answer

Hi i bought an open ticket from Prague to berlin and also a seat reservation. What i do not understand if that day i ch… Read more

Sherry April 12, 2019 answer

Also what traditional food do you suggest trying please?

Joseph April 4, 2019 answer

Hello folks. If you are local guides maybe you know, can I use my guide card( tour guides association of Georgia) to ge… Read more

Mari March 26, 2019 answer

I need to find someone in Prague who has a good knowledge about the different print houses and their services. Can anyo… Read more

Ülane March 19, 2019 answer

where is the best places for meet up with local people and local food ,drinks for laugh Thnxs

jan February 11, 2019 answer

Karlovy Lazne has a lot of bad ratings and we dont know anything else other than that..

Levente January 27, 2019 answer

Hi, Can anyone recommend me a fine hotel. I'm looking for something well placed but not too familiar. Any ideas?

Jorge January 27, 2019 answer

It would be ok anything between 600 and 1000Kc, or that it has discounts for students, since I'm a foreign student.

Jorge January 24, 2019 answer

Hello. I would like to ask you, Where should I stay in Prague for 5 days during April? Not very noise area and also not… Read more

Mari January 14, 2019 answer

When visiting Prague Castle, is it permitted to leave the castle grounds (ex. to go for lunch) and then re-enter on the… Read more

Janice January 6, 2019 answer

My mother and I are visiting Prague in the summer, then we want to take the train to Vienna. We will have our luggage.… Read more

Janice December 22, 2018 answer

Hello I’m going to go Prague from December 24th. I want to know that whether Christmas markets and some tourist spot su… Read more

Anna December 20, 2018 answer

Hi I am thinking of heading to Prague the end of January for 6nights maybe. I am wondering as it is low season would th… Read more

Jessie November 11, 2018 answer

please advise on best place for christmas day lunch

Chris November 9, 2018 answer

Hi everyone! I like to design / illustrate, I just wondering is there any shop with the good price I can print small q… Read more

Yu Wen November 8, 2018 answer

Wherr can one buy a decent pair of boots below 50 euro?

Mansi October 28, 2018 answer

Hello! I'm visiting Prague in January with my girlfriend. We'll be there just for 2 days. What do you think I must visi… Read more

Pau October 12, 2018 answer

When I visited Prague this year, I found a shop which had all sorts of colourful crafts. They had kitchen tools and ut… Read more

Irina October 9, 2018 answer

Can you tell me about this train? Thanks

eti September 5, 2018 answer

Can anyone recommend a good place to watch the F1 race tomorrow? Many thanks

Donna August 25, 2018 answer

We are a couple (straight!), willing to visit a strip club in prague. Just want to make sure we don’t encounter a stag … Read more

M. Reza August 21, 2018 answer

Wanna play a professionnal game ?!

Nabil August 20, 2018 answer

Hello, I'm visiting Prague from 6th to 10th August and I would like to go to karaoke. Which place should I pick?

Aleksandra August 4, 2018 answer

Hey , its my husbands birthday today and would love some recommendations for great places for dinner - traditional food… Read more

Gill July 24, 2018 answer

Hello, Please suggest me some outdoor places for swimming Thanks

Sarah July 23, 2018 answer

Hi locals! Can anyone recommend a spot to Salsa dance in Prague?

Zaira July 20, 2018 answer

My name is Yana. I'm doing a research for the company Gremm Group, which is engaged in works to improve the urban envir… Read more

Yana July 20, 2018 answer

Im heading to prague between the 7 - 11 of August and was wondering how to find local underground clubs (techno and hou… Read more

Giorgia July 19, 2018 answer

I am trying to take my boyfriend out to see a play for his birthday (it's in a couple days - a later addition to my pla… Read more

Alexa July 18, 2018 answer

I am heading to Prague tomorrow and wondering if there are any fun events this weekend and any bars and eateries worth … Read more

Daniela July 18, 2018 answer


please i need to know where could one buy nice chandelier and lamps in prague.

looking for classic bohemian chandeliers/ lamps and glassware decor for our home. also please let me know where to get … Read more

Hello! I will be visiting Prauge next months and I would like to get reliable info from locals :) here are my questions… Read more

Hello, i will be coming to prague end of this month, will be there for 2 days, please suggest best places and activities

Marshall July 9, 2018 answer

Hello everyone! I was told by a local Czech that there is some very healthy tasty and nutritious Czech dark bread tha… Read more

Finn July 8, 2018 answer

Hi guys I’m looking for a place to do some pullups in Prague. Since I only want to do some pullups I’m not so much look… Read more

Finn June 29, 2018 answer

Hi There, Next month, I'm going to Prague and I've booked my room at Halkrooms Hotel. So, I'd like to ask you if yo… Read more

Kemao June 27, 2018 answer

we don't need high end or mainstream brands. were looking for nice local clothing stores.

aadya June 21, 2018 answer

Which are the locally known vegan cafes in the downtown area? Any suggestions to try local delicacies.

Sumit June 18, 2018 answer

I will be travelling to Prague this August and would be residing there on leisure for a month. I plan to visit local re… Read more

Rajwant June 4, 2018 answer

Hi! My wife and I will be visiting Prague for 3 days in late-July and are looking for a few local/non-touristy food/ba… Read more

Mike June 4, 2018 answer

Hello everyone. I am visiting your amazing city next August. I was planning to buy some hockey accesories, since hockey… Read more

Mariano May 29, 2018 answer

Which are the best bicycle routes to explore the city, popular and off beat routes, known more to the locals. Recommend… Read more

Sumit May 29, 2018 answer

Im over monday till thursday and big into clubbing. I can deal with most genres of music but most prefered is hip-hop/r… Read more

Brandon May 25, 2018 answer

What places would you recommend when both of us prefer serenity of parks and not the hustle and bustle of the old town.… Read more

Robert May 20, 2018 answer

I will be in Mělník during 3rd week of June 2018. I am interested to know is there any website which lists sport and fi… Read more

Amitava May 16, 2018 answer

I didn't play for a few years so I would be looking for beginners team

Diana May 13, 2018 answer

myself and 2 friends are visiting at the beginning of October and I am looking for some suggestions. I have a list of t… Read more

jackie May 3, 2018 answer

Looking for a public swimming pool , preferably 25 or 50metres were i can do some lap training for 1hr/90 minutes.Obvio… Read more

Mick April 28, 2018 answer

What is your favorite beer place around center in Prague? Non touristic would be much better! Thanks! Cheers

ataman April 21, 2018 answer

Where can I buy a wireless speaker like jbl or something except in Palladium

Giannis April 18, 2018 answer

I am looking for a spa located within walking distance from the heart of PRAGUE. A spa where they have tranquility roo… Read more

jenn March 24, 2018 answer

Hy, everyone. Me and my boyfriend will be in Prague for a few days and I was wondering does someone has info about some… Read more

Beatrice March 22, 2018 answer

We're a group of 5 portuguese arriving Prague next Thursday 22. We want to go out but we would like to avoid turistic … Read more

tiago March 19, 2018 answer

Please tell me the pros and cons of each. I was under the assumption that Old Town Square is more quaint and a quieter… Read more

jenn March 15, 2018 answer

I am going with my family for one week and we have never visit Prague. I am 16 years old and I am going with my parents… Read more

Ísold Vala March 12, 2018 answer

Could you tell me when the sellers are on the Charles bridge? Is it just summer months? I purchased some jewellery ther… Read more

Wanda March 12, 2018 answer

Hi there, do you know where i could buy some grass-fed butter? and if so, how can you tell if it is grass-fed?

Zoro March 7, 2018 answer

I am not sure where to look for this type of dresses and especially nice ones. tips very much appreciated!

Lisa March 5, 2018 answer

Hello! I am writing a novel and I would like to know please, if there is a cloister with cloistered nuns currently in … Read more

Alberto March 4, 2018 answer

Where to find great music and good place for partying and dancing

An Inactive User February 28, 2018 answer

Can someone help me i saw in the internet a romantic tour that consists a visiting multiple locations and at the last l… Read more

An Inactive User February 21, 2018 answer

I saw on in the internet a walk tour that consists of visiting multiple romantic locations and at the final location w… Read more

An Inactive User February 21, 2018 answer

I have seen so much about the traditional poppy seed pastries and was wondering if someone could recommend a good baker… Read more

Grace February 20, 2018 answer

Hi, I am looking for a (designed) tour outside “inner city”, that could be Strašnice. Or the other side of the river. L… Read more

Per February 10, 2018 answer

I want to do for her a lovely surprise on her birthday any suggestions? Thanks

An Inactive User February 10, 2018 answer

Projezd zakazan in a circle with red border outline Below the circle there is a square box which says : MIMO MHD … Read more

Abhishek February 7, 2018 answer

Hi , I recently visited Prague a bought a black and white print of a lady walking across the St Charles bridge. Any ide… Read more

Stuart February 4, 2018 answer

I am in prague now and wanting to have authentic and easy going pub meals while I am here

Suami February 3, 2018 answer

Hi, i am seeking for a designed tour in surrounding “inner city” that could be Strašnice. Or the other riverside. Last … Read more

Per February 2, 2018 answer

Hi there, I am visiting prague end of June. 1. What would be an ideal early morning start time range to explore Prag… Read more

Vishal February 1, 2018 answer

Hi, I and my husband are planning a vacation for 10-12 days in Prague/Budapest/Amsterdam and Berlin and are looking fo… Read more

Priyanka January 31, 2018 answer

We want to to find a gym centrally located .. anyone knows about any decent gym that its not crazy pricey???

Ivan January 28, 2018 answer

We have a full day tomorrow and we wanna explore the outside of Prague, what do you reccomend ???

Ivan January 28, 2018 answer

Hi there again! Could someone please recommend me great veggie restaurants? Or even great places with plenty of options… Read more

Leo January 22, 2018 answer

Hi there, I was wondering if somebody could tell me a great pub and nightclub for LGBT... Just to drink a good beer an… Read more

Leo January 12, 2018 answer

Hi, i would like to get a pair of affordable boots for the snow. Which shops should i check out? Thank you!

Wen Li January 10, 2018 answer

Hi, Are there any food yarn shops for crochet in Prague? And what are the prices for cotton yarn? Thank you

Anita Odder January 9, 2018 answer

We are planning to visit Prague this summer with a group of around 80 students. Which places would you recommend us to … Read more

Lennart January 8, 2018 answer

Hi! Does anyone have a recommendation for local fashion/shopping? None mainstream. thank you in advance :)

Britt January 1, 2018 answer

Hi, i was recently told by a friend about a very small (3 or 4 tables) fish restaraunt he visited in the Jewish quarter… Read more

Jonny January 1, 2018 answer

Please i want to know where to buy affordable czeck products ? Crystals, glasses, handmade items.. i am afraid of fake … Read more

Heba December 31, 2017 answer

Hello, please i want some recommendations about cheap and good shops in prague for clothes as well as souvenirs, especi… Read more

Heba December 30, 2017 answer

Looking for suggestions from local on what to do for NYE in Prague, preferably a unique experience!

Sami December 29, 2017 answer

Looking for a place to go with friends to have a good time and meet nice girls

Evans December 25, 2017 answer

I will be in Prague for the next few days and would love to meet a local or other travellers here ! Do let me know!

Shashank December 25, 2017 answer

A place where we can meet people ore to have fun.

Im goning to prague in feb and i like have some company at the casinos, an the in the bars,, If you like to gambel, an… Read more

stig December 21, 2017 answer

Parties style : - Techno - Underground - young people Bars type : - Casual - Good vibes - Students vibes … Read more

ofir December 19, 2017 answer

I have wanted to buy moldavite for a long time but am wary that there are many pieces out there that are not genuine. I… Read more

Jonny December 18, 2017 answer

We will spend 3 day's in Prague. Can someone adivise me good hotspots, must sees, have to do, ect... in Prague? She … Read more

Michael December 14, 2017 answer

Hi all, I'm visiting Prague for my birthday. Could you please recommend a restaurant/ suburb for a nice dinner for 2? t… Read more

Angie November 30, 2017 answer

I'm planning to visit in Feb & my hotel will only give me a free breakfast :( can locals suggest a budget restaurants f… Read more

Priya November 28, 2017 answer

It would be great if it was a local restaurant (not so touristic) where we can have a dinner and after go to the bar an… Read more

Bea November 28, 2017 answer

Hey looking to go out for dinner tonight. But would like to goto somewhere that does Czech food where the locals eat - … Read more

Nicole November 27, 2017 answer

Looking for someone to show us some good bars in Prague tonight. Is anyone free?

Juan Pablo November 25, 2017 answer

Where to go on new years? Me and my 4 friends are coming to Prague so let me know if you know good club/bar that you wo… Read more

J November 20, 2017 answer

We are coming tomorrow in Hradec Kralove, then we are going to Prague, and our final destination is Pilzen. We are very… Read more

Erika November 17, 2017 answer

1. Is it the right time to visit? Is the winter is friendly for Indonesian? 2. What kind of place and activities that… Read more

budi November 14, 2017 answer

We are on a backpackers budget would anyone please let me know the rough cost of drinks in this club and if it is worth… Read more

Stefania November 14, 2017 answer

My husband and I are planning a visit to Prague, mostly to enjoy the Christmas markets around mid December. I need your… Read more

Shireen November 13, 2017 answer

I'm visiting Prague tomorrow and I need some tips - if you're a metalhead, please suggest me your favourite bar near to… Read more

Réka November 8, 2017 answer

I am exploring the idea of visiting Prague for 2 weeks in March. The idea is to see sights in both the city and country… Read more

Daniel November 8, 2017 answer

Hello there any suggestions to go dancing tonight in Prague?

Armando November 2, 2017 answer

Hi can anyone tell me wether the prague boat party with the 2hour free bar is worth a visit?

Toni-Anne November 1, 2017 answer

I am staying near mustek metro and wants to buy cheap and good quality cosmetics and jackets ? Please suggest.

Kanak October 27, 2017 answer

I am staying close to the castle and St Vitus Cathedral and would prefer to shop within walking distance, but will go a… Read more

Ingrid October 20, 2017 answer

Hello Im living in Prague for a while. I have been to a lot of blues, jazz bars. My husband's birthday is in two weeks.… Read more

Görkem October 19, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm moving to Prague for Erasmus, and was wondering are there any events or clubs where they play trap music (like … Read more

Gana October 16, 2017 answer

Hi, I've been wondering about the possibility of moving to the Czech Republic - my dream is to live in Mladá Boleslav a… Read more

Alternative nightlife: Something to help me stay awake all night ... can anyone offer some help

An Inactive User October 13, 2017 answer

I have booked some tickets for a concert at the Lobkowicz palace. I notice that it lies within the castle area. Is it r… Read more

kurt October 9, 2017 answer

I heard that the climbing babies are being taken down...will this be permanent? I am visiting the 2nd week of November … Read more

Diana October 9, 2017 answer

Hi. Where can I bleach my hair with Olaplex in Prague? Please recommend me some nice hair salon where I can do it :) Ma… Read more

Tatiana October 4, 2017 answer

Have any recomendation to buy woman bags with afforable price and good quality in Prague?

Fransiska October 4, 2017 answer

My son is 17 years, he would like to attend a dance club or concert with music and dancing , any recommendations?

Mike September 28, 2017 answer

I could use a good digital camera like a Nikon or Canon. Nothing extravagant. Is there a store in the center of the cit… Read more

Amy September 19, 2017 answer

I'll be visiting Prague in early November with my parents (in their seventies) and my daughter (13). We'll be in Prague… Read more

kurt September 18, 2017 answer

I'm visiting Prague for 3 days and staying in Zizkov. Is there a multi-day transit pass for unlimited rides or some oth… Read more

Amy September 12, 2017 answer

I´ll be on Prague on October and needed to go to Berlin. What is the best and cheapest way to do that, guys? Thankss… Read more

Nathalia September 11, 2017 answer

Hello, where are in Prague, near centrum parking lots with 24/7 security. I am coming with a foreign car and i do not w… Read more

Abron September 10, 2017 answer

We are coming to Prague in early November with a 1.5 yr old and 3 yr old. (Yes, we're crazy). We have an all terrain … Read more

Stephanie September 8, 2017 answer

We are coming to Prague in early November with a 1.5 yr old and 3 yr old. (Yes, we're crazy). We have an all terrain … Read more

Stephanie September 8, 2017 answer

Hello i am planning for 4days in Prague, Austria, budapest trip with my family ;Me My hubby and my 4 year old son can a… Read more

Sonal September 6, 2017 answer

Hi :) We are coming in Prague in December (8th till 13th) and I would like to have some recommendation, where to go, wh… Read more

Тина September 6, 2017 answer

My budget is within 6000 CZK for a geared road/MTB

Sagar September 3, 2017 answer

Hello, me and my sister are going to Prague in a couple of days and we were wondering if there were any cheap places to… Read more

Bo August 31, 2017 answer

In Belgium, tipping is not customary, but I would like to know if it is expected in Prague. If so, how much do you usua… Read more

Imke August 25, 2017 answer

Hi, I want to see the Europa League match of AEK Athene against FC Bruges this evening at 20.00. For so far I haven't… Read more

Henk August 24, 2017 answer

Can't find any info on this online. Is the Řepora medieval museum open?

Sebastian August 24, 2017 answer

We are looking for place to drink on budget (both beer and drinks). The closer to Karluv Most the better.

Maciej August 22, 2017 answer

Hi-Please let me know fun night clubs for teens(17 years old) -

Mike August 20, 2017 answer

Hi - I was wondering where good places to eat for someone who is EXTREMELY calorie conscious are? Any central restauran… Read more

Ellen August 14, 2017 answer

So im going to prague in september with a friend. We are both 18 and students and dont have much money to spend whilst … Read more

Phoebe August 14, 2017 answer

We are looking for the best clubs in Zizkov. Our music preference is anything in between Trance and Hardcore. We also … Read more

Frank August 13, 2017 answer

hello, i will travel to Prague on 22th until 26th of August with my family. what places do you suggest that we shouldn'… Read more

Styliana August 10, 2017 answer

Hello, im travelling with my family. my agency is suggesting to visit Karlovy Vary, for 50 euro per person. Do you thin… Read more

Styliana August 10, 2017 answer

So I will be in Prague for 3 days and I'm mostly interested in local food and beer. I want to eat in places that serve … Read more

Katarzyna August 9, 2017 answer

So I will be in Prague for 3 days and I'm mostly interested in local food and beer. I want to eat in places that serve … Read more

Katarzyna August 9, 2017 answer

Hi, Maybe this is a difficult question but my girlfriend is allergic to a lot of ingredients: gluten, lactose, maize, … Read more

Henk August 8, 2017 answer

What are some ideas on doing a day trip to the Bohemian Paradise? I won’t be using a car so it would have to be usin… Read more

Randy August 7, 2017 answer

Hi I am in Prague for 10 days from tomorrow, staying in the Vinohrady area, and I'm looking for any good gyms, fitness… Read more

Natalie August 5, 2017 answer

Hi Visiting Prague mid-august. I was wondering, if there where any mass participation races in Prague during augu… Read more

Thomas August 1, 2017 answer

Hi there, i wanted to check on the dates for X-Massacre 2017?? Can anyone help me with this?

Indranil July 27, 2017 answer

hii always I come to prague I looking stay and married haw I can find dating organization at prague best regards… Read more

Cuneyt July 27, 2017 answer

Dear All, My son, his girlfriend and another couple arrived in Prague today and are staying for 3 days. They are on a… Read more

Rui July 26, 2017 answer

Can you describe if there are in great local bands and venues? What about the national and international bands that co… Read more

Leon July 26, 2017 answer

I am wondering if theres is a nice place to have lunch near "Na dlouhem lanu Praha 6" please let me know! Kind regard… Read more

Rehza July 23, 2017 answer

I am wondering if theres is a nice place to have lunch near "Na dlouhem lanu Praha 6" please let me know! Kind regard… Read more

Rehza July 23, 2017 answer

Hello, I will be for some days in Prague and I'm looking for to know some addresses of this nice little restaurants or … Read more

Joardo July 22, 2017 answer

Hello, I'm coming to Prague in Sep. and I'd like to know the best things to do in Prague. I'll be staying for about 4-5… Read more

Khalid July 19, 2017 answer

Hi all- my husband & I are visiting a few days & we are trying to find a local yoga class that is offered on English if… Read more

Rachelle July 14, 2017 answer

Hi all- my husband & I are visiting a few days & we are trying to find a local yoga class that is offered on English if… Read more

Rachelle July 14, 2017 answer

where do you go with your kids in the city? (not the touristic places).

Noa July 13, 2017 answer

Hi there I will visit the Czech Republic in one week. I'm graphic designer and I would like to know czech graphic des… Read more

Joardo July 9, 2017 answer

Hi, could you please recommend me a nice and inexpensive place to stay? I'll be arriving by late October ~ early Novemb… Read more

looking for adriver for aprox 2-3 day tours out of prague for 5 persons. any details?

shlomi July 6, 2017 answer

Hello, have you escape games with real actors in Prague?Have you walkthrough experience with theatrical actors, special… Read more

Renata July 4, 2017 answer

(spending new year in prague or go by spring)

Solar July 3, 2017 answer

Hello guys, What 's the best store for a good ruckzack in your city? Would be great if you one or two shops! Than… Read more

Rick June 30, 2017 answer

any information concernig beaches/ parks for families along the sazava or the brunka river?

shlomi June 26, 2017 answer

Hi guys i have heard it is legal to eat magic mushrooms in prague. Where can i find them, any idea?

Hello. I', Luka from Tbilisi, Georgia. I want to visit Prague approximately 1 month later. I want to relax, have fun an… Read more

Luka June 23, 2017 answer

Hi! We're hosting a reunion for all international students who studied at the University of Limerick in Ireland. We all… Read more

Laura June 17, 2017 answer

Hello i have two days to spend in prague , can u advise about the must do things and eat in this beautiful city :)

Heba June 17, 2017 answer

Hello i have two days to spend in prague , can u advise about the must do things and eat in this beautiful city :)

Heba June 17, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm going to Prague tonight and arriving tomorrow early morning, will stay until Friday late afternoon. Since it's … Read more

Kornel June 14, 2017 answer

easiest way to reach Detnice by public transport

shlomi June 14, 2017 answer

best attractions & water activities for children, a long the Sazava pacific route/ Sazava river & the Berounka river?

shlomi June 14, 2017 answer

Hello people, I will visit Prague between Jun29 to Jul3 with some friends. Someone knows good places that we can prac… Read more

Hi, I am travelling on June 22/23 to Prague. Is there someone who can show me around a bit? Its my first time in Prague… Read more

marcel June 14, 2017 answer

Hello, I'm from Kuwait and I will visiting Prague from August 6th until August 8th. With a group of 25 students, wh… Read more

Amina June 14, 2017 answer

I wanna know where is the good area to stay and close to night club:) also , what clubs are recommend? Thanks!

Ste June 12, 2017 answer

Visiting with family at the end of December. We have the grandparents and our 11 yr old daughter with us. Any suggest… Read more

E.j. June 8, 2017 answer

we are coming to Prague later this month from Scotland and looking for good pubs and clubs ? we are staying for 4 days … Read more

stuart June 1, 2017 answer

hello to all. what is the easiest & shortest one to get from Prague to Liberec for a day tour. and best to see

shlomi June 1, 2017 answer

Name some good local appetizers that go well with a pilsner.

Bob May 30, 2017 answer

I appreciate suggestions to organize the trip.

Edu May 23, 2017 answer

Will be very greatfull if anybody knows of any places, thanks!

Hayley May 22, 2017 answer

Will be very greatfull if anybody knows of any places, thanks!

Hayley May 22, 2017 answer

Will be very greatfull if anybody knows of any places, thanks!

Hayley May 22, 2017 answer

Will be very greatfull if anybody knows of any places, thanks!

Hayley May 22, 2017 answer

Will be very greatfull if anybody knows of any places, thanks!

Hayley May 22, 2017 answer

Hello)) Do you any place that organize Salsa&Bachata night on Friday or Saturday? Any advice will be greatly appreciat… Read more

Çetin May 19, 2017 answer

Hello)) Do you any place that organize Salsa&Bachata night on Friday or Saturday? Any advice will be greatly appreciat… Read more

Çetin May 19, 2017 answer

I will be alone in Prague this Sunday (21 May) and would really like any reccomandation where to go and socialize with … Read more

Gerti May 16, 2017 answer

Hello :) ls there any house/deep house playing rooftop or any cozy club?

Basak May 4, 2017 answer

Hello :)) I wonder is there any cool market/fair specially for designers (accessories, fashion, etc) , that You can… Read more

Louise May 4, 2017 answer

Hi, anyone available for a city tour today?

Kamran April 29, 2017 answer

Where would one go to get a good but non expensive breakfast?

André April 22, 2017 answer

Hi! Me and my boyfriend are in Prague over the weekend and have already enjoyed some of the great bar-tips from this si… Read more

My April 21, 2017 answer

Hi! Me and my boyfriend are in Prague over the weekend and have already enjoyed some of the great bar-tips from this si… Read more

My April 21, 2017 answer

Hi! we're goin to prague 1/5- 4/5. we're wondering if there is a bar or club that is in to punk/rock music?

Elin April 21, 2017 answer

When in Prague last October I saw a beautiful Amber and silver necklace in a shop in Mala Strana. I have tried ever sin… Read more

Angela April 21, 2017 answer

Where can I find reasonably priced Czech handmade dolls with traditional clothing on them?

Marie April 21, 2017 answer

Where can i find posters of mucha art?

teresa April 19, 2017 answer

Hey, a high school class is going to Prague in a few weeks. We will spend 3 and a half day there. Could you please reco… Read more

Viola April 18, 2017 answer

I'd like to know just the best whorehouses where the local ones are used to go. Anyone could suggest me?

Renan April 17, 2017 answer

Where can to friends have fun in Prague on Saturday night? Need some info for cool places and where locals have fun in… Read more

Gerti April 17, 2017 answer

I am coming i Prague on Saturday and leave on Tuesday, so I have 2 and half days to enjoy. Wold like recomandations abo… Read more

Gerti April 17, 2017 answer

Where is the best place to exchange USD to koruna?

Marie April 13, 2017 answer

Ahoj, Kde mužů koupit ruce delane loutky v Praze Diky

Marketa April 3, 2017 answer

Sept 19 and 20 I will be in Prague I want to see him so many things as possible and I want to eat really good strudel a… Read more

Stephen April 2, 2017 answer

hi locals! What about Easter - when is it celebrated in Prague and are all places closed down? thank you, maria

Maria March 27, 2017 answer

i am staying in the hotel. and i prefer if there is pick-up and drop off. will there be any tours that inclue this serv… Read more

CRIS MAY March 24, 2017 answer

Hello guys, I need some help! Are there any good Rock or even Metal Clubs in Prague? Thx for helping! :)

Yve March 23, 2017 answer

Hey I'm going to Prague with a bunch of student (70) hahaha And I was thinking to take them to karaoke is there any … Read more

Marketa March 21, 2017 answer

Looking for an escape room suit to couple with a lot of experience ! (more than 50 rooms in the world). Looking for som… Read more

Matan March 16, 2017 answer

I like to buy yarn from different countries I visit. Is there a local yarn store with good selection in Prague center?

K March 15, 2017 answer

Hello, We want to take 2 different boat tours, a grand one on the Vltava, and another one through the canals called "t… Read more

Gökçe March 12, 2017 answer

Hi! Coming in prague this weekend (9-12 march) looking for some IDM / DrumNbass / notshittycommercialelectronic music … Read more

Daniele March 8, 2017 answer

Awake all night: I Hear there is a good alternative all-night scene in Prague. Any guides out there could show me around

Max March 6, 2017 answer

Looking for any free or cheap underground techno events on fri or sat 17th 18th march😀

Sarah March 4, 2017 answer

Need to now about some good clubs ?

Issa March 3, 2017 answer

My great, great grandparents were married there in 1834. When I come to Prague in May, 2017 I hope to visit this locat… Read more

Carolyn February 23, 2017 answer

which one is better? we are looking for some nice nature and short hiking in our 5 days in Prague.

Matan February 22, 2017 answer

Hi, any recommendations for a (4 days) visit in April'17? Would appreciate some "hidden" gems - restaurants/take aways/… Read more

Francois February 18, 2017 answer

Which markets to go to - and what to eat at them?

Anders February 15, 2017 answer

Would be nice to come home with some prag-designer earrings. In the area of 700-1800 korunas :)

Lise February 4, 2017 answer

I'll be in Praha next week and am staying at the Mosaic's hostel. I'll be there an entire week. I've been to Prague bef… Read more

Jerome February 3, 2017 answer

I'm a 20yo german male going to Prague with 4 of my friends for 5 days beginning February 26th. Now i'm searching for g… Read more

Manfred January 24, 2017 answer

My friend and I are going to Prague for just one night. First were going out to eat on a nice resturant. Then we want t… Read more

Vilde January 24, 2017 answer

Ski, sightseeing, photograpy, local tastes, salsa,communication,meeting up My plans are Skiing in different ski cent… Read more

Oscar January 20, 2017 answer

Hi. I am looking for a place to stay. what would be your suggestion to a hotel having access to all main sites and even… Read more

Maria January 16, 2017 answer

How advantageous is the Prague Card? Is it worth it?

Gökçe January 15, 2017 answer

Hi :) I would like to know which are the best latin music clubs in Prague? I want to move my hips. So thank you for y… Read more

Erika January 12, 2017 answer

Hi, Can anyone tell if there's any dog cafe or pup cafe in Prague where we can go and play with them.I love pets. Right… Read more

Meera January 12, 2017 answer

Hey, I'm a french student who will come in Prague from the 3rd to the 5th of Febuary ! The 4th, at night, we would lik… Read more

Matthias January 10, 2017 answer

Hi I was wondering how good the area of old town square is for drinking, I am visiting on a stag do with a group of abo… Read more

Dom January 10, 2017 answer

River views and rooftop views or any other great photography gems :)

Sarah January 5, 2017 answer

Tomorrow is my girlfriend's 32nd birthday. What's a surprising activity we can do?

Amer January 3, 2017 answer

Which taxi companies do you guys usually use? Reliable and well priced. Any advise which taxis to avoid in Prague?

Ansel December 26, 2016 answer

Where is the best place to buy quality fur such as scarves and hats but for local, non-tourist prices?

Chloe December 21, 2016 answer

Any recommendations for a ''Non-Touristy'' money exchange place with good rates?

Ansel December 17, 2016 answer

Hey guys! If you are celebrating NYE in Prague, where would you go? Also, what are your favourite bars and cafés?

Ansel December 16, 2016 answer

I would like to buy glass beads in bulk to make jewellery, bracelets and necklaces. Where can I find them?

Rocio December 5, 2016 answer

Hi There, I am staying 5 min drive from Wenceslas square.. looking for cheap beers in lively bars. cocktails too! I vis… Read more

Lewis November 15, 2016 answer

also local vegetarian specialities of Prague . What should I try lacy Cotton clothes pl Will I get them in Prague ?

roopa November 9, 2016 answer

Hi locals! At the end of November, I'm going on a trip with my school. I'm also going to organise a birthday party/cl… Read more

Angenita November 7, 2016 answer

I am traveling to Prague with a small group of friends, one of them is howeber 17. Will she havr any trouble going … Read more

A.D. November 2, 2016 answer

Hello der people of Praha, Were is the best place to rent two bikes in Praha? We are staying in Praag 1, where to … Read more

Luca October 30, 2016 answer

GF wants a big hunk of liver for dinner. Where in Prague can we find liver steaks (or similar) on the menu?

Михаил October 26, 2016 answer

Hello! Any tips for must eat restaurants? Not too expensive and preferably in city centre. Fine with almost everything… Read more

Chrissy October 25, 2016 answer

Do you have some tipps for kids, sonia is 6? We loved the zoo claudia

Claudia October 24, 2016 answer

Hi everyone! Where I can I find some techno music in Praha center? Exclusive or rave no matter

Daniel October 6, 2016 answer

Hi, if my flight arrives just before midnight. What's the correct bus, bus stop and transfer routes to get into the cit… Read more

Connie October 6, 2016 answer

Hello...I'm doing a solo trip to Prague and was wondering if there are any good reggae clubs?

Patricia September 21, 2016 answer

my husband and i will want to go Terezin Nazi Camps. how can we go there? is it possible to go by public transportation… Read more

Gizem September 21, 2016 answer

My husband wants to carry our tennis rackets. Any tennis courts in Prague ?

Joanne August 28, 2016 answer

I am traveling with 12 fellow entrepreneurs and we're looking for the best EDM clubs to check out while we are here for… Read more

Joe August 25, 2016 answer

without losing the whole day???? I wanted to rent a car and drop it in Budapest but I haven't found a renter that permi… Read more

Joanne August 24, 2016 answer

What is a better location to stay for 4 nights? Mala Strana or Old town?

Paige August 23, 2016 answer

travelling to Prague. where I should get a local sim card in Prague with good price. coming for 4 days.

Garv August 19, 2016 answer

What are deep house, trap, moombahton, trance options?

Al August 17, 2016 answer

Hi guys, are there any clubs/bars in Prague that play '90 (or '80s, '00s) music? My boyfriend and me are coming to Prag… Read more

Ajla August 14, 2016 answer

where to exchange koruna czk

Garv August 9, 2016 answer

Hi guys, I am pretty new in Prague and I don't know the city well yet; but my girlfriend is coming over for a couple … Read more

Alain August 7, 2016 answer

I'll be in Prague the 15th, 16th and 17th of august with three other friends and we are looking for techno parties, som… Read more

Marina August 7, 2016 answer

Hi all! I will be in Prague for 3 nights, and will have some time to kill usually during the middle of the day for a… Read more

Eitan August 5, 2016 answer

Hello everyone, i'm new here. i need the list of classified websites in Czech. i want to sell my mac book and my iphone

gloria August 4, 2016 answer

I'd like to take home beer-brand t-shirts as gifts to friends: Kozel, Budvar, Krusovice, etcetera. I can't find any pla… Read more

Jeff July 29, 2016 answer

Hi everyone! I'll visit Prague between 24-29/8 with 4 of my mates. What are the chances that air-conditioner in the h… Read more

Yoav July 25, 2016 answer

I would like to go and watch the formula 1 race of hungary (24/07) somewhere in Prague (city centre). Where can I go? I… Read more

Martijn July 24, 2016 answer

Where can one get good spa treatments in Prague?

Are there any good markets? (we're arrving in start august). We're mostly interested in second hand clothing, vinyls an… Read more

Lykke July 21, 2016 answer

Hi! Is there any places where you can get cheap thai massage? :)

Lykke July 21, 2016 answer

Hi there, my husband and I are planning on visiting Praque for 3days in September for our anniversary, any good cheap h… Read more

Catherine July 12, 2016 answer

Hello! Do you have any special spots to recommend for a vegetarian visitor. I try to avoid the tourist stuff and the f… Read more

Hi All, Thanks for your information in advance. I am coming tomorrow evening in Prague to catch up with friends who a… Read more

Boncho July 6, 2016 answer

Hi There!! I'm Anjali from Delhi, India..I'm coming to Prague for four days..I would like to know which all activitie… Read more

anjali July 4, 2016 answer

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