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It was a wonderful tour, very informative, highly enjoyable and definitely satisfactory. I enjoyed it a great deal and would definitely recommend anyone take it - and, of course, hope to take more of Dana's tours in the future! :-)
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Just right
We decided on this tour because we wanted to see some nature outside of Prague and we weren't disappointed. Martin was a very good guide and answered all of our questions. He was very patient with us two novices on the water. I would highly recommend this tour. Lunch at the end was fantastic.. Paul and Belinda.
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
The best.
What a fantastic tour of Prague. Dana is such a professional at her job with a wealth of historical knowledge and being a local gave us lots of little known places and events. Dana also assisted us to get the correct transport back to our hotels. This is a tour that I am highly recommending. Paul & Belinda.
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Fun, engaging, informativr tour
Petr was an extremely informative guide and had a lot of knowledge and insight in the truffle industry in Europe. He was also nice and welcomed any questions or comments. His dog is really energetic and cute too! I strongly recommend him for a different taste of prague.
Truffle Hunting Tour with a Famous Prague Truffle Hunter
Great activity and great fun
The canoe safari is very different from any other sight seeing activity we have been on previously. Our guide Martin was superb from start to finish. We were picked up from our hotel and driven to a very rural train station before boarding the train for a short journey to the river location. Martin explained everything we needed to know before we climbed into our canoe for a 15min practice session in calm water. Then we were off!!! We had never been in a canoe before so can honestly say that if we can do it anybody can!!! The sights along the river are amazing and the surroundings quiet and peaceful. Martin took us for a lovely lunch at the end of the activity before dropping us back at our hotel. I highly recommend the canoe safari and the services of Martin in particular who made this a very special trip.
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Wonderful guide service
We booked a personal tour with a driver. Our older parents (80 and 77) accompanied us on this trip, and while they get around well, a four or five-hour walking tour wasn't doable for them. Having the van and driver was very helpful to get close to places and then get out and walk. Our guide was Lenka Diaz and she was excellent. She gave us a great overview before we started our tour and provided excellent insight to all that we were seeing. Our driver Pavel was also helpful in talking about his experience living in Prague and recommending his favorite beers. Communicating and making arrangements via email worked very well -- the staff was very responsive. We've used guides in other cities we've visited and it has really enhanced our trip. We would highly recommend using their service.
Private driving tour of Prague highlights
Amazing personalized service and tour
What an amazing Day! Just wanted to thank Lenka (our tour guide). We had booked a full day walking tour but she thoughtfully suggested to use a driver for the afternoon since the temperature was going to 36 Celsius. She was not only very informative but also kind and treated us like family. We saw everything that we wanted to do plus a few gems that Lenka suggested along the way.
Private driving tour of Prague highlights
Truly Excellent!
Using this service, we got so much more than we would have gotten had we only relied upon the standard included large group tour from the cruise company. There were four of us and we learned so much about Czech history and culture – we were able to take more time where we wanted and all of our questions were answered. We want to do a very enthusiastic shout-out for Lenka Diaz who led us on the tour of the Castle and areas on the other side of the river – truly outstanding! We highly recommend using her.
Private driving tour of Prague highlights
Long weekend in Prague
Our guide was lovely and friendly - she was chatty and happy to answer all our questions. She took us to lots of places we probably would have missed otherwise and made sure we were comfortable / if we needed a break! Because we were in such a small group it was much easier to look at things at our own pace and to hear her talking. Her English was fantastic and she even gave us little gifts at the end! Totally recommend this tour if you're in Prague :)
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
We visited Prague in November 2016 for a weekend trip. We were looking for a tour through the city, which is unusual, in small groups and delivers some great information about the city. So we ended up booking the "Prague Behind the Scenes" from Dana. In the end, it was just the two of us and the perfect tour through the city. Dana showed us the city Prague far away from the regular touristic routes without leaving big attractions combined with lovely little places with no tourists around. The café she showed us was lovely and the cake amazing. To sum it up, we had 4 wonderful hours in Prague with the loveliest tour guide I ever had. On top Dana provided us with information about shops, cafés and attractions even after the tour via mail. W would recommend this tour to everyone, it was fantastic!
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Amazing unique experience
Exploring the nature side of Prague with Petr and Nela gave us a fresh perspective of the city. Petr was very patient with us when he explained how he trained Nela to hunt for truffle. Needless to say, Nela was a darling and we all loved her. Truffle hunting was one of the main highlights of our stay in Prague!
Truffle Hunting Tour with a Famous Prague Truffle Hunter
Very personable, great experience.
Happily on the day of our tour there was just my husband and I with Dana which made the tour feel as though we were taken about by a friend . Dana was very knowledgeable and was able to take us to interesting places and routes away from the hoards of tourists. She was also able to recommend other local places to visit for the remainder of our stay in Prague which we have followed up on, much to our enjoyment. We can't recommend this tour highly enough.
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Fantastic tour in Prague
We scheduled a tour with Dana based on a recommendation from a friend. She took us to a number of interesting places imcluding the unknown areas that most people don't see. Dana really knows Czech history and culture. We realized how little we knew prior to meeting Dana! After the tour, we were able to replan the rest of our time in Prague. We're going to recommend Dana to our family and friends!
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
A wonderful tour of Prague
Dana was an amazing tour guide. We actually winded up with a private tour which was an added bonus. She was knowledgeable and a genuinely nice person. She took us to sights we wouldn't have seen otherwise, and also to the castle. She also took us to a lovely light lunch at a hidden away cafe. I could not recommend this tour more. It was so nice to have it be personal instead of a large group.
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Best Day of Vacation!!
Martin was an awesome guide. The river and mountains were breathtaking. Would go on this trip a hundred more times. Highly recommend!
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Great tour to see a different side of Prague
Our guide Dana was superb and shared her knowledge with us in a fun and informative way. There is a lot of walking but you don't really notice it as you wonder from one gem to the next. I will definitely recommend this tour to anybody who want to beat the crowds and tourist hot spots!
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Perfect day out!
Wife and I had a great time canoeing with Martin. He took us out even when it was just 2 of us (some guides would cancel). He was very patient (we were doing this for the first time) and offered good advise when needed - you get the hang of it after some practice. The river is very scenic and beautiful, would highly recommend it. Also had an awesome Czech lunch with him and he was more of a friend rather than a guide. If you wanna take a break from the city and enjoy the natural beauty, this is something you just have to do!
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Highly Recommend
Dana was awesome!! We really enjoyed walking through the city and seeing so many neat little spots. Dana was very knowledgeable of Prague and was a pleasant guide! Great day to learn about the city we were visiting :)
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Greatest tour ever סיור הכי מדהים
We had a great tour with Dana. We were very worried about taking a tour with a local from prague. But, it was worth every cent. She had enormous knowledge about everything and not only things that were in her script. She took us to places that were special and that on a regular tour you wouldn't get to. With dana you can get a feeling of the true culture of prague and see the whole story of prague. היה לנו סיור נהדר עם דנה! רצינו מאוד לקחת סיור עם מקומי כדי לחוות את פראג האמתית החשש הגדול היה עם השפה, דנה מדברת אנגלית שוטפת, ברורה ופשוטה. היא חברותית ונעימה ויש לה ידע עצום על פראג וצ'כיה בכללי. בסיור חויבו את התרבות ואת האווירה של פראג. הסיור היה שווה כל שקל! יתרון נוסף הוא שהסיור נעשה בקבוצות קטנות והיא מאוד גמישה בסיור לפי בקשתך. בקיצור מומלץ ביותר!!
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
David was a brilliant tour leader! He was very knowledgable about the city's history, culture, and people, while also entertaining us with personal stories and providing a different perspective on Prague. He took great care of us (I got a flat tire and he took my bike and ran with it while I had his bike so as not to interrupt the tour) and even extended the tour by 2 hours so we could sit in a beer garden and see a couple extra sights! What a fantastic way to spend the day, Highly recommend!!
Prague Views - Electric Bike Tour