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Tour Guide Too Tired
The tour guide was on his last trip after 12 days continuous and was looking forward to a break. Unfortunately this meant he was too tired to pay attention to his guests. He did apologise for this but we paid a lot of money for a service for a guide. Instead we got a driver, a canoe and pointed in the direction of downstream. Little chat. Gave no points of interest. Still no idea what part of the country we were end. Very disappointed. Would not recommend.
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Sandra was a fantastic guide. I got exactly what I was looking for with this tour. I loved seeing "real Prague" and hearing personal stories. Every stop was a treat!
Alternative Prague Tour
So great
The truffle hunt was so great and our tour guide was very informative, friendly, and helpful. She even gave us recommendations for other places and things to do in Prague. The lunch we ate after was very delicious. Overall had a great experience and would suggestion friends to do it.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Alternative Prague Tour with Tomas
Great tour! Our guide was excellent, with personal ties to the local artist community, and took us to places we never would have seen on our own. We enjoyed the tour very much, and finishing off with a local beer was a nice added touch. Thanks for a great day in Prague!
Alternative Prague Tour
Competetive Fun!!
Sometimes it gets boring to have tour after tour just be about someone talking facts of history while you stand and listen. This tour is NOT that. This allows you to be interactive with a partner and learn history along the way. Clues and directions around the city are provided to you via telephone and you have to solve puzzles along the way to move on! There are ciphers and things you need to seek out; but be might even have to get some strangers involved in your tasks! If you're looking to turn a typical boring tour into a crazy fun experience this is the tour for you for sure.
would definitely do it again
Sightseeing Interactive Treasure Hunt in the Old Town
Great time with something unique
Great time going into the park. Learned a lot and enjoyed the conversations and interactions. The lunch was also very good. Would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about truffles, Prague, dog training, or just someone looking to try something new!
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Good experience
We enjoyed the tour. Lunch was at a scenic location and was good with a generous serving of truffles.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River
We booked the activity as couple and we joined another group of five people. The activity was led by Dominika, that is a very nice person and expert instructor (she plays Kayak polo as pro). She was preparing the equipment and explaining the basic rules and then, during the trip, following up in case of need. We were canoeing on a 4h route and we had two breaks (coffee and lunch) The nature over there is amazing, we saw beautiful landscapes and the river itself was not so difficult as it was also a bit shallow. Afterwards we were a bit tired but satisfied. Recommended!
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Amazing and one of a kind experience, a must do in Prague
This had to be one of the more unique and amazing tours my wife and I have ever taken. The tour guide/handler was very knowledgeable about both Prague and truffles/truffle hunting and Neli the dog was so wonderful and full of energy. Not only do you get to watch a truffle hunt in front of your own eyes but you get to learn the intricacies of it and get amazing views of the city while you do. To top it all off you have a wonderful lunch and truffles to take home! I highly recommend this for any traveler visiting Prague.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Scenery you wouldn’t wanna missed
A fun experience ! it is really something you wouldn’t want to miss while you are in Prague!
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
This is was not a typical magic show.
Firstly it’s not a theater it’s got a far more intimate atmosphere with couches. really liked getting so close to the tricks and still not having a clue of how it was done! Even my husband who is a big skeptic enjoyed it. Highlights for me was when my daughter in-law felt something when he touched an old picture it was almost like there was a connection between her and the picture.
The Prague Illusion Show
Magic that feels real!
I didn't know what to expect (last time I'd seen an illusion show I was a little girl) but I was riveted to the scene the whole time. The illusionist has a lot of interaction with the audience but also use storytelling to make the tricks more compelling. I was holding my breath for quite a few of the numbers (the nail one... brrr !) but the hypnosis and levitation was the one that amazed me the most.

The venue, with its blue lights and cool magical themed cocktails, has the perfect mysterious atmosphere for this kind of show.
The Prague Illusion Show
Second Night in Prague
It was our second night in Prague so we had a little trouble finding the place. We arrived just before the show started. The show was great he did a great job of incorporating the majority of the audience into the show. Some of those illusions I'm still trying to figure out how he pulled them off. We really enjoyed the show...I would definitely recommend seeing it.
The Prague Illusion Show
Worth Every (S)cent!
There was so much to reflect on after this very personalized tour that it is difficult to pinpoint the highlights! First, Nela the hunter and Ela the guide were both delightful and clearly experts in their respective fields. We learned about the mysterious truffle business, dog training methods, different truffle types and growing conditions, and got to watch Nela in action. As a long time dog owner, I learned that obedience training stifles the hunter’s enthusiasm, which explained Nela’s slight unruliness (which wasn’t bothersome in any case.) There were a couple of people in our group who grumbled about the food (they were Vegans) but honestly, this lovely, informative trek through a beautiful park with a thoughtful guide is not about the lunch (my pasta and beer were delicious)! However, you will receive a pungent truffle to take home and add to virtually anything edible. The strange aroma and exotic flavor will hopefully remind you of one of the best little adventures you can treat yourself to while visiting Prague. Do it!
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Both fun, informative and a great meal!
Wonderful tour. Peter (Petr) is very personable and knowledgeable. He have us his background on how he became a truffle hunter and the ins and outs of training his dog Nela to hunt for truffles. Nela was awesome. We had great weather and Nela found 4 truffles! We capped it off with a pasta plus truffle meal which was very tasty. A great and unique experience.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
river beautiful, comments from tour guide
The river was beautiful. The tour itself was fun. The sexist comments from the tour guide weren't very popular though.
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Escape the crowd for a while
It was great to see a very different side of Prague and gain an insight into the local arts scene. Tomas was a great guide: friendly, knowledgeable and his enthusiasm is contagious. This tour was a major highlight of my stay in Prague. Thanks again Tomas.
Alternative Prague Tour
Daytrip with Lukas
Very friendly and knowledgable guide. We had a great hike in a very unique landscape and saw a lot of interesting sights.
Would recommend this tour to anyone!
Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark: Relaxing walking tour from Prague
Fantastic Experience
My hike with Lukas was the highlight of my trip to Prague! Not only did he guide me through secluded, gorgeous tales, he also gave me an excellent history of Czech Republic and provided excellent conversation as well. I would absolutely do this again. :)
Bohemian Paradise UNESCO Geopark: Relaxing walking tour from Prague
One of the most beautiful places
Had an amazing time with my boyfriend on this one! Great tour, amazing guide, beautiful views. Definitely recommended!
Bohemian Switzerland National Park : Hiking Tour In The Magical World Of Narnia

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