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Great way to know the city!
My boyfriend and I enjoyed the experience! It was great to know more history and getarounds from a local.
Hidden Treasure: Secret Passageways Tour with Beer Tasting included
Very relaxed, enjoyable, and informative tour of the passageways of Prague (plus awesome beer)
Hidden Treasure: Secret Passageways Tour with Beer Tasting included
Brilliant, highlight of my trip!
Petr was absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable about the beer, food and history. I had a brilliant evening exploring bars off the beaten tourist track and I felt like I got to see some places I would never have discovered on my own. The local beers he recommended were superb and tailored to my tastes perfectly. Petr was a delight to spend time with and made me feel very at ease.

I would more than happily recommend this tour to anyone, it was brilliant.
Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
Very informative and a good chat along!
One of the best tours in Prague, in which you get to have more of an inside perspective of Prague - what it was in the past and what it has become. Natalia was absolutely fantastic!
Hidden Treasure: Secret Passageways Tour with Beer Tasting included
So great
The truffle hunt was so great and our tour guide was very informative, friendly, and helpful. She even gave us recommendations for other places and things to do in Prague. The lunch we ate after was very delicious. Overall had a great experience and would suggestion friends to do it.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Great time with something unique
Great time going into the park. Learned a lot and enjoyed the conversations and interactions. The lunch was also very good. Would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about truffles, Prague, dog training, or just someone looking to try something new!
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Very informative tour by lovely guide!
Hidden Treasure: Secret Passageways Tour with Beer Tasting included
Good experience
We enjoyed the tour. Lunch was at a scenic location and was good with a generous serving of truffles.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Amazing and one of a kind experience, a must do in Prague
This had to be one of the more unique and amazing tours my wife and I have ever taken. The tour guide/handler was very knowledgeable about both Prague and truffles/truffle hunting and Neli the dog was so wonderful and full of energy. Not only do you get to watch a truffle hunt in front of your own eyes but you get to learn the intricacies of it and get amazing views of the city while you do. To top it all off you have a wonderful lunch and truffles to take home! I highly recommend this for any traveler visiting Prague.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Worth Every (S)cent!
There was so much to reflect on after this very personalized tour that it is difficult to pinpoint the highlights! First, Nela the hunter and Ela the guide were both delightful and clearly experts in their respective fields. We learned about the mysterious truffle business, dog training methods, different truffle types and growing conditions, and got to watch Nela in action. As a long time dog owner, I learned that obedience training stifles the hunter’s enthusiasm, which explained Nela’s slight unruliness (which wasn’t bothersome in any case.) There were a couple of people in our group who grumbled about the food (they were Vegans) but honestly, this lovely, informative trek through a beautiful park with a thoughtful guide is not about the lunch (my pasta and beer were delicious)! However, you will receive a pungent truffle to take home and add to virtually anything edible. The strange aroma and exotic flavor will hopefully remind you of one of the best little adventures you can treat yourself to while visiting Prague. Do it!
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Excellent Tour
Whether you are a newbie or a veteran beer drinker this tour is for you. Wonderful variety of tasting options, exposure to local pubs, and guides with a wealth of knowledge.
Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
Both fun, informative and a great meal!
Wonderful tour. Peter (Petr) is very personable and knowledgeable. He have us his background on how he became a truffle hunter and the ins and outs of training his dog Nela to hunt for truffles. Nela was awesome. We had great weather and Nela found 4 truffles! We capped it off with a pasta plus truffle meal which was very tasty. A great and unique experience.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Different to other tours
This is a great tour, that is quite different to other tours around. The tour begins by learning about the truffle industry followed by a lovely walk up Pertrin Hill watchling the beautiful Nela hunt for truffles. The tour ends with a quite nice meal that includes truffles.
Peter & Nela provide a great morning out.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Great Tour!
Our guide, Tomas, took us to 4 places that were local and off the beaten path.. We had a small group of approx 10 folks from Norway, US, South Africa and more. Tasted many types of locally brewed beers and ate fried bread, pickled sausage, marinated camembert, strudel and other things (I didn't taste the cow tongue, but others did). Tomas was a great guide. We are a bit older and had to work at times to keep his fast pace, but I would gladly do it again!
Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
Wonderful vineyard visit.
We were met at the winery by Tomas and Peter and taken on a tour of the facilities. It was well orchestrated from start to finish. Only the finest equipment is used in the winery and the tasting was well presented with quality glassware. The wines were interesting and the tour of the facility ended with a wonderful film showing how the wine was made.

Then it was on to tour the vineyards with Tomas and enjoy a picnic lunch while sitting in the shade of a tree and looking at the rows and rows of vines. We were shown the different varietals and different vineyards. We had a clear definition of the growing season and Tomas explained how the workers have their own blocks of vines that they tend to for the vineyard year.

Of all our vineyard trips, this was certainly one of the best. We would highly recommend this tour.
Bohemian Vineyards & Wine Tasting Tour from Prague
Favourite Activity in Prague
I joined Petr, Nele and two others for an entertaining morning and delicious lunch learning about truffles and dog training. Petr is truly passionate about what he does and it was impossible not to fall in love with Nele, his beautiful and smart truffle hunting canine partner.

If you want a break from the crowds and tourists that swarm the Charles Bridge and Palace, spend an informative morning learning about the art (and science) of truffle hunting. And, all of this is concluded with a delicious lunch, of course complimented by black truffles.

This was definitely one of the highlights of my week long visit to Prague.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Fun, engaging, informativr tour
Petr was an extremely informative guide and had a lot of knowledge and insight in the truffle industry in Europe.

He was also nice and welcomed any questions or comments. His dog is really energetic and cute too! I strongly recommend him for a different taste of prague.
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Amazing unique experience
Exploring the nature side of Prague with Petr and Nela gave us a fresh perspective of the city. Petr was very patient with us when he explained how he trained Nela to hunt for truffle. Needless to say, Nela was a darling and we all loved her. Truffle hunting was one of the main highlights of our stay in Prague!
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Truffle Hunting Tour
I would say the Truffle Hunt is a good choice, if you are bored by classical sightseeing and have a few hours spare to do something different in a slow pace. The price my look quite elevated at first glance, but after careful calculation and considering the current high price of truffles e.g. in France, it is surely adequate and worth it.
Before the tour, I was a bit sceptic, because of the « mafia stories » announced on the websites. I was not sure, what exactly to expect and imagined someone telling half-true exaggerated stories. However, the tour guide was really competent, having a scientific background and knowing well his field. I have tried truffles several times before, but now I learned something new about their biology and difficulty to search for them, as well as the truffle business, hunting techniques and dog training.
Personally, I was quite surprised that the dog is very agile, a real hunting dog, as I would have assumed that ideally, truffle hunters use some calm, slow dog races.

+ something different, competent guide, interesting info not only about truffles, but also about Prague and Czech Republic, ideal length, lunch included, probably good for all ages, as well as families, includes some nice views of Prague, possibility to taste uncommon food
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch
Calling all foodies, nature lovers, and dog people!
What do parasitology, canine operant conditioning, and haute cuisine have in common?

Petr Synek can tell you -- with the help of his beautiful Weimaraner, Nela. For the past two years, the two of them have been hunting truffles. Petr, a parasitology Ph.D. candidate at Charles University, started truffle hunting as a side business to supplement his academic work. His canine companion Nela is an excellent example of the traditional Czech expertise in dog training, which you will see firsthand as she bounds through the trees hunting for treasure.

On this tour, you will see some of the beautiful parks and gardens that Prague has to offer as Petr shows you how Nela was trained to seek out delicious, expensive fungi. You will learn about the biology and history of truffles in Europe, including right here in the Czech Republic. Best of all for foodies, you'll get to taste them yourself at a classic Czech restaurant near the Vltava in a dish prepared just for you using truffles from Petr's own stash.

If you're tired of wading through the crowds on Charles Bridge and eating tourist fare in Old Town, come walk off the beaten path and discover the funky -- and delicious -- world of truffles in Prague.

You can check out Petr and Nela on TripAdvisor as well, where you can find more information and reviews:
Prague Truffle Hunting Tour with Luxury Lunch

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