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Tour Guide Too Tired
The tour guide was on his last trip after 12 days continuous and was looking forward to a break. Unfortunately this meant he was too tired to pay attention to his guests. He did apologise for this but we paid a lot of money for a service for a guide. Instead we got a driver, a canoe and pointed in the direction of downstream. Little chat. Gave no points of interest. Still no idea what part of the country we were end. Very disappointed. Would not recommend.
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Awesome after dark tour
We enjoyed it very much! We were three friends plus another couple. Our guide Liam was very interesting and very theatrical. Dressed from the past, he told us many stories and legends and took us through beautiful streets despite the cold and the snow. I totally recommend it for an after dark tour, giving you a chance to see the monuments without any tourists.

Ghosts of Prague: Dark Shadows of the Old Town
Great storyteller in a beautiful setting of Prague
Great storyteller in a beautiful setting of Prague at night. Walking on narrow streets down to hidden squares to finally reach the Jewish Cemetery and the Great Clock Tower. Definitively a worth experience. The guide knows how to create the right atmosphere using voice, acting and music. Stories are a powerful mix of facts and legends, therefore giving you useful historical references then elaborated to gives you the creeps just at the right moment in the right place. Very enjoyable.

Ghosts of Prague: Dark Shadows of the Old Town
Very cool mystery tour
We took the tour with my teenage son. The guide was Liam. A very nice tour, Liam was dressed as 18th-century European gentleman. His stories were well told, he was spooky (as he should) but not scary.... His pace is good and you have time to take photos of the sites in the night. Each story is in the right length, tells all the spooky details but not too long. Prices are fair. Very good service for money. Overall, very recommended

Ghosts of Prague: Dark Shadows of the Old Town
Would definitely recommend to anyone!
I took the tour from Prague to Bratislava and it was fantastic! We had a really fun day and learnt so much from the guide. My favourite was the wine region and the Lednice and Vatice palaces were so beautiful.
Prague-Bratislava One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
Fantastic day!
Great way to get from Prague to Munich. I had so much fun and made new friends on the way. Highly recommended!
Prague-Munich One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
Great way to travel from Prague to Munich
What an incredible way to experience both Czech Republic and Germany! A fantastic guide, great food (and drinks!) and great laughs. The atmosphere was always fun and friendly. One of the BEST trips I have taken this year and I feel very lucky to have met like-minded people, I now call friends! I’ll definitely come back for another trip very soon.
Prague-Munich One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
So many cool places along the way from Prague to Vienna
I am really happy that I took this option. We had the best guide who shared a lot of stories of local life and made so many jokes that still make me laugh when I remember them. My highlight was visiting the Bone Church in Kutna Hora - you cannot find something like that anywhere else!
Prague-Vienna One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
Best way to get from Prague to Vienna
When I travel I always look for unique places that are far from the top tourist attractions and really shows you how the locals live and have fun. During the Prague to Vienna trip the guide told us so many fascinating stories about places that I would not have noticed otherwise. Especially Brno - there are so many details to notice!!! I recommend going there and ‘’always look up!’’ :D
Prague-Vienna One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
Skip the direct bus and take this tour!
I was going to take a direct bus to Berlin from Prague but when I searched for options I found this tour and decided to take it. I’m so happy I did as it is by far the best way to get to Berlin as you get to see so much on the way and learn the funny but also educational stories from our Czech guide. I would never have seen or learnt so much if I did the route on my own and I also become friends with my fellow travellers so this tour was really one of the highlights of my Eurotrip.
Prague-Berlin One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
History, countryside, nature & legends
I absolutely enjoyed my time during this trip. My favourite spot on the way was the “Wehlsteinaussicht” with its breathtaking views - you can really get lost in nature, as you marble at the strikingly beautiful countryside. I loved visiting Dresden as well. If you love history and you’re a fan of stunning architecture, this place is a MUST DO! It was just fabulous and makes me want to come back for more!
Prague-Berlin One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
Great time!
Incredibly nice guide, we had a great time
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Small group, unique experience
My husband and I took this tour with Michal and really enjoyed it. We were a small group altogether. Four of us, plus Michal. We stopped for a drink in a café first and then did some walking, followed by a short tram ride to a park with a great view, and then to a unique kind of community center, and a snack at courtyard cinema. All the while, Michal provided interesting information about what we were passing by and discussed topics you don't normally hear about while travelling to new cities -- such as homelessness and LGBTQ issues.

This experience was a really great complement to the other events we had planned while visiting, and it felt like we came away with a richer understanding of the current culture in Prague, even if that glimpse was a brief one.
Alternative Prague Walking Tour with a Local Expert Guide
Best way to know Prague
This tour is a fantastic way to avoid the super crowded historic center, and get a real taste of this wonderful city. I had been in Prague before, and did not really enjoy it: too many tourists compressed in a small circuit was suffocating for me....

So this time I decided to look for something alternative, and luckily I found it. Michal guided us - we were five in the group - through hidden cultural spots, gave us historical references, and also current information about Prague, its culture and its social life. We wandered through parks and residential neighborhoods, visited community centers, and ended sharing beers after the tour in a lovely local bar.

I totally recommend this tour, I hope there were more of this kind in different cities. :-)
Alternative Prague Walking Tour with a Local Expert Guide
The other side of Prague
Michael, this was one of the more significant tours we have experienced ever
It was a different tour, and only a guide with big soul who is really feels connected to the street can do
We felt that through you we experienced another real and different Prague
It was amazing, significant and we highly recommend that anyone who is available for a different kind of experience to choose Beyond The Mainstream
Alternative Prague Walking Tour with a Local Expert Guide
Very relaxed, enjoyable, and informative tour of the passageways of Prague (plus awesome beer)
Hidden Treasure: Secret Passageways Tour with Beer Tasting included
Brilliant, highlight of my trip!
Petr was absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable about the beer, food and history. I had a brilliant evening exploring bars off the beaten tourist track and I felt like I got to see some places I would never have discovered on my own. The local beers he recommended were superb and tailored to my tastes perfectly. Petr was a delight to spend time with and made me feel very at ease.

I would more than happily recommend this tour to anyone, it was brilliant.
Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
This was a tour we were impressed with.
We booked at extremely short notice and were really impressed how quickly Michal responded and was within 24 hours able to accommodate us.

Michal was a font of knowledge. He gave insights no guide book would have provided and managed to create real context around the sites visited. Michal was friendly and able to answer our questions with real depth.

This is a tour we would highly recommend.

Tony Burkin
New Zealand
Prague World War II & Communism Tour
Cool little tour
This was a cool little tour. The guide is very informative and personable. Each of the 3 locations are very different and let you experience the different ways in which to drink absinthe.
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
A tour worth taking!
Disclaimer: I didn't end up taking the Bright & Early Breakfast tour, I took the Prague Castle at Night tour instead.

Regardless, I was part of a tour group led by Marcus. I liked that it was a small group and it was easy to get to know everyone. Having the tour at night was a great idea because it was completely empty, making it much easier to hear everything Marcus was saying. It was quite a rainy and cold evening but Marcus went the extra mile and brought heating pads for everyone in the group. He explained the fascinating history behind the different structures on the castle grounds and I could tell he was passionate about the subject.

If I had more time in Prague, I would've loved to book more tours with these guys!
Naked Tour Guide: Bright & Early Morning Tour

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