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Great fun!
I've been on plenty of tours in Europe but this was by far the most fun. It's something totally different and laid back. It felt much more like going around the town with a new friend than being on a traditional tour. If you like trying new things and having a few good drinks this is a must do in Prague. Nataly is great. She's friendly, funny and very knowledgeable about absinthe.
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Great time!
Walk The Old Town With Local Guide
Excellent tour
Prague World War II & Communism Tour
Competetive Fun!!
Sometimes it gets boring to have tour after tour just be about someone talking facts of history while you stand and listen. This tour is NOT that. This allows you to be interactive with a partner and learn history along the way. Clues and directions around the city are provided to you via telephone and you have to solve puzzles along the way to move on! There are ciphers and things you need to seek out; but be might even have to get some strangers involved in your tasks! If you're looking to turn a typical boring tour into a crazy fun experience this is the tour for you for sure.
would definitely do it again
Sightseeing Scavenger Hunt in the Heart of Prague
Super fun, tasty, and informative!
Wow, we had a blast! We decided to go as a family (we're all of age) and I figured it may be tough to appeal to a variety of ages/personalities but Natalie did a fantastic job of keeping us interested throughout. Her passion for this really shines through as she takes you to some fantastic Absinthe bars and provides you with history as well as tasting tips on the tour. Would recommend for anyone visiting Prague that is looking for a unique and eclectic experience.
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Very informative tour by lovely guide!
Hidden Treasure: Secret Passageways Tour with Beer Tasting included
Knowledgeable and personable service
I would definitely recommend it!
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
Excellent tour that I would recommend to everybody
Dana was an excellent guide! She talked about Prague from the perspective of a local and showed us areas that we would never have thought about going to. We avoided most, if not all, the crowded areas, but still managed to see all the beautiful sights of this beautiful city. We loved the walk through the public orchard going up to the castle. This is one tour that we would recommend 100%
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Great tour
Took a tour with my fiancé and her mother. Natalia was a lot of fun and very informative. She was right on time and was very fast with email responses. We had so much fun, we booked another tour 2 days later
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague
A very nice way to start a Saturday
Our group of 13 Norwegian teachers booked a walk with Michaela, and we did not regret it. She is very nice, considerate and full of knowledge. We enjoyed every step. She took us to places we might have found anyway, but also places we never would have discovered by ourselves. She also told us fascinating stories about Mozart, the Czech language, The Velvet Revolution and the Jewish people of Prague that we wouldn't have heard without her. We are very happy about the walk, and I recommend her warmly!
Walk The Old Town With Local Guide
Off the Beaten Path
Dana is an engaging knowledgeable friendly guide who takes you where others do not.

Relaxing stroll along empty lanes, along the river, and quirky places you would not find on your own.

Great! Highly recommended.
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Highly recommened!
Our tour was with Jack (Honza) who was really friendly and took the time to understand what my partner I were interested in learning about. He tried to relate to this where possible during the tour which was a nice touch. Very knowledgeable about the topic and it was really interesting to hear his perspectives on a range of topics both historical and contemporary.
Prague World War II & Communism Tour
We wanted to see beautiful Prague castle, but were feeling overwhelmed with the crowds everywhere we went, so for our last evening in the city, we booked this tour on a whim. I'm so glad we did.

Dan was a wealth of knowledge, really taking time to explain the historical evolution of the castle to us. The castle at night was almost deserted which really allowed you to soak in the grandeur of it.

I highly recommend this tour! My only regret is that we didn't do it on the day we arrived, as I would have booked more tours through this company if I could have.

The Naked Tour Guide: Prague Castle at Night
a glance on prague
actually it was a great experience with micha, she is so talented ,friendly, has alot to tell about this beautiful city,,thanks and dekuji :D
Walk The Old Town With Local Guide
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River
We booked the activity as couple and we joined another group of five people. The activity was led by Dominika, that is a very nice person and expert instructor (she plays Kayak polo as pro). She was preparing the equipment and explaining the basic rules and then, during the trip, following up in case of need. We were canoeing on a 4h route and we had two breaks (coffee and lunch) The nature over there is amazing, we saw beautiful landscapes and the river itself was not so difficult as it was also a bit shallow. Afterwards we were a bit tired but satisfied. Recommended!
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Prague Castle Tour
Knowledgeable and friendly guide.
Best of Prague Sightseeing Tour with a Local Guide
A fantastic day
I went to Prague with my aunt. I am 48 and she is 70. As she wasn't used to ride more 'sporty' bikes, she was at the beginning a bit afraid. Eva was our guide and she managed very well to get her at ease. She was very helpful and friendly. It was a wonderful ride along the river. The places for the coffee break (with cake :-)) and the lunch were very nice, the food was good. We got back with the train and took a little ferry. We ended the day with a drink on a boat, a very nice place and not so touristic. The pictures will tell you a lot.
Guided Bike Tour from Prague to Karlštejn Castle
Enthusiastic Tour Guide - Adi
ADI was a terrific tour leader, very informative and great passionate about his subject matter - Prague. The early start was a bonus, so nice to see things in the cool of the day without all the ‘tourists’!
The Naked Tour Guide: Bright & Early Breakfast Tour of Prague
Scenery you wouldn’t wanna missed
A fun experience ! it is really something you wouldn’t want to miss while you are in Prague!
Easy Canoe Safari on the Sázava River from Prague
Amazing Tour
She knows her stuff! One of my favorite things and favorite people I met while i was in town. She is so good as a tour guide I booked another tour with her before I left. This is a must do if your in Prague!
Green Fairy: Absinthe Tour of Prague

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