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Enthusiastic Tour Guide - Adi
ADI was a terrific tour leader, very informative and great passionate about his subject matter - Prague. The early start was a bonus, so nice to see things in the cool of the day without all the ‘tourists’!
The Naked Tour Guide: Bright & Early Breakfast Tour of Prague
Great tour!
Dana is a wonderful tour guide and the tour itself was very interesting. I recommend this tour, if you want to see something else than the overcrowded tourist streets.
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Small group tour after sunset
Great tour, I would definitely book the other tours of The Naked Guide if I had more time in Prague. The guide (Marcus) was incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share. The small group (we were eight plus Marcus) helped to transform the tour more into a dialogue about than a presentation of the sights. Lots of insights into Czech/Prague history - of course focused on the Prague castle. Marcus explained how history and architecture are connected, how Bohemia/Czech was connected to Europe’s aristocracies. It is absolutely worth doing the tour as at night, Prague castle was almost empty. For what we got out of the tour, the price is almost too low. Ergo: it’s a great deal, great tour, great guide. Do it!
The Naked Tour Guide: Prague Castle at Night
Great tour to understand what happened during WWII and under Communism
Honza is an excellent guide. He is well educated, informed and thoughtful. He guided us through almost 100 years of history in an understandable and interesting manner. His stories made history come to life and made it seem more personal. We learned a lot and enjooyed our time with him. He was most generous with his time and knowledge. Excellent experience!
Prague World War II & Communism Tour
Tragedy and Triumph in the Czech Republic
We signed up for this tour not knowing quite what to expect, but we were aware of both the Nazi and Communist invasions/takeovers of Czechoslovakia and wanted to learn more. Our guide Michal provided significant and detailed information about the tragedies and heroism of the Czech people under both regimes. Facts and analysis were at Michal's fingertips and we visited places in Prague we would not have otherwise seen or even been aware of. One can read about historical incidents and get some flavor of events, but to see, for example, bullet holes in building facades, the place where the Gestapo "interviewed" prisoners, where the assassins of Hitler's top representative in Prague were betrayed and committed suicide after the Nazis overcame their defenses, and where the young Czech students immolated themselves to protest Soviet domination, brings history to life. Michal gave us almost more information than we could absorb, but he was passionate about his country's past and current history, political and otherwise. While it may not appeal to all, if you have any interest in 20th century history, this tour is a must.
Prague World War II & Communism Tour
Walk the old town with Michaela was one of the best moments of our visit to Prague. She is a very warm, friendly and a humble human being. She talked to us, told us about herself and her family and so did we share about our family and then it was like a close friend showing you her city and explaining you everything so nicely!!! She is extremely flexible, in the fact that we had already been to a spot in the tour beforehand and so we told her and she said “no problem I will take you and show you something else interesting”, that was very sweet of her! So I highly recommend a tour with Michaela to anyone who wants to know about the history of Prague and see all the important historical spots plus make a friend for life 😊😊😊👍👍👍👍
Walk The Old Town With Local Guide
In Prague, you cannot find many local tour guides. Most of the guides are foreigners. This is probably due to the English education and Czech people's reserved personality. Michaela is one of the rare locals that know a lot about the history of the country and at the same time, speak great English and are able to communicate in an international way. We talked about the ancient and recent history of Czech and Slovakia, as well as different sides of Czech society. She is a passionate storyteller and the content are organized so well that our experience is immersive. If we did not go on this tour, we will be only two dumb tourists who have seen tons of castles but know nothing about this country. It means nothing if you come to Czech but does not have a conversation with a local except for ordering food and checking in at the hotel. Also, Michaela used to lead large groups of tourist so no worries for the quality of the touristic parts.
Walk The Old Town With Local Guide
You can book this one without thinking! Michaela is a great guide and tells you all the things that are worth knowing and fun to remember. Tour ends in the park near the castle and from there it is only a few minutes walking to the castle, a nice bonus.
Walk The Old Town With Local Guide
fantastic tour and guide
Dana, our guide, was all that we could ask for (and more). When we (husband and wife) visit a foreign city, we usually try to arrange an in-depth tour with a local guide who can show us things off the beaten track and yet fill us in on the touristy stuff as well. We use that information to guide us for the rest of our stay. Dana filled the bill completely. She guided us to spots with very few, if any, tourists and explained the history of Prague and the various places around the various places in/around the city she took us to. Yes, we visited the Castle grounds and saw the Charles Bridge, all packed with tourists, but, to get the best feel for both locations, Dana told us to come back to the Castle at night when the tourists were mostly gone (and some of the Castle attractions became free) and to visit the Bridge in the early morning before the tourists arrived. She led us down a narrow passageway for lunch at a restaurant near the Castle with no tourists present except four or five roadies who were there to set up the Rolling Stones concert later that evening and who had been to Prague several times before with the band. Dana showed us how to use Prague transportation; she gave us restaurant recommendations where we'd meet mostly, if not entirely, locals; and she followed up an email request to give us information about other places to visit during our stay that we might have otherwise missed. I could go on with details of our tour and other things Dana did to make it so memorable, but take it yourself. You won't be disappointed.
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Excellent Tour
Whether you are a newbie or a veteran beer drinker this tour is for you. Wonderful variety of tasting options, exposure to local pubs, and guides with a wealth of knowledge.
Beer & Czech Tapas Trail in Prague
Excellent tour
We really enjoyed our tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. He seemed to have an excellent grasp of the topic and told us a lot of things we would never have been able to find out on our own. Seeing the different sites where things actually took made the tour feel very authentic. This was the best tour we had in Praha. Our guide didn't not try to rush the tour which was great. He was able to answer all of our questions. One bit of feedback we would suggest is to describe what life was like under communism for the average person. Overall it was a wonderful experience and we would definitely work with your company again. Thank you.
Prague World War II & Communism Tour
History alive.
Great story about the history the most beautiful city in Europe. The history told by the guides included the grandeur of the city's leaders and the sad history of the era of National Socialism and it's effects on peoples. The guides covered it all. One could tell they enjoyed telling people about their home or adopted city. Highly recommend.
The Naked Tour Guide: Historical Prague Tour
The tour came fully dressed!
These guys give a great tour. In no time it was obvious these guys knew of which they spoke and and enjoyed sharing the story of this great city. I would highly recommend this tour. Small group and individual attention. Super! The clock was unbelievable.
The Naked Tour Guide: Bright & Early Breakfast Tour of Prague
Sleep later, and enjoy the reward!
Marcus was a pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and fun guide who shared with us witty, insightful and fascinating info about the area. Truly a pleasure. A big plus was the custom material they developed for us to use the rest of our time here.
The Naked Tour Guide: Bright & Early Breakfast Tour of Prague
Excellent experience
We could not have had a better introduction to the city of Prague than our guide Dana. She was knowledgeable, prepared, extremely pleasant and vey patient with our group of six seniors. She was attuned to our needs, suggesting breaks at the appropriate time. She communicated both the history of the city as well as the current atmosphere, and encouraged and answered our questions. Overall, it was above expectations.
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Prague Castle Tour
Absolutely a pleasurable tour with expert guidance. Very small group so you have feeling the guys are talking to you. Dan was super
The Naked Tour Guide: Prague Castle at Night
Fabulous Tour & great Guide
If you want to visit Prague differently, if you like to avoid some tourists ans still visit Prague like it should, book Prague behind the scenes!! Our guide is very friendly and she knows her history. She is great & make sure to wear walking boots, you go all around Prague! I really recommend her ! Cheers from Belgium!
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi
Escape the crowd for a while
It was great to see a very different side of Prague and gain an insight into the local arts scene. Tomas was a great guide: friendly, knowledgeable and his enthusiasm is contagious. This tour was a major highlight of my stay in Prague. Thanks again Tomas.
Alternative Prague Tour
Highly recommend it!
The Naked Tour Guide: Prague Castle at Night
Very nice walking tour
We did the tour on Friday the 13, but nothing bad happened, and we were even so lucky with the weather! It is quite a lot of walking of course, but in a pace everyone can manage. A lot of less known smaller places to be seen, and some beutyful sceneries. Dana is a perfect guide, has a lot of knowledge and felt very personal and friendly. In this kind of small group you can always be aware what is said, and also pop a question whenever needed. We enjoyed, thanks!
Prague Behind the Scenes: Small-Group Tour with WiFi

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