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Copacabana’s true gem

Pavão Azul

Why locals love it

What more could you want in a bar than ice-cold beer, good food and friendly service? Good, because the place is not big or comfortable at all. But who cares? We just love our botecos: after the beach, happy hour, before going somewhere or even as the main destination.



Why you should visit it

This long-time Copacabana’s favorite occupies a kind of weird location right in front of a Police Station. Run by two Portuguese sisters, food here is quite serious. Drop by for a beer or a caipirinha, chat on the street and make new friends. There are 2 bars, quite the same, one in front of the other.

Special tip

Try the cod fish pataniscas, the black bean soup and the shrimp rice. Arrive before 6pm if you want to be seated.

Pavão Azul
R. Hilário de Gouveia, 71

Mon-Su: 12:00-00:00

(21) 2236-2381
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