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Roman delicacies bicycle tour


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With this experience, you will discover some of the best Roman delicacies while pedaling from in the centre, on the banks of the river, until areas that you would not have mimagined to see.

Duration: 3 hours
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Tour by Nicola

Hello I'm Nicola and I was BORN and raised in Trastevere IN THE VERY CENTRE OF ROME. Since I was a child I loved to show my places to friends and visitors and make them feel completely at ease walking in the narrow streets of my city. Today many things are changed…I remember during the 80s when the area was full of handmade workshops, the kids like me were still playing soccer in the streets and you could feel a strong identity of the neighborhood. Nowadays many restaurants and clubs have been opened and the noise of the trolleys on the "sanpietrini" (the typical kind of pavement in the centre of Rome) can be heard everywhere! Anyway A REAL ROME STILL EXISTS and it is exactly this one I WANT TO SHOW you.

I attended the classical high school, I graduated in "Geography" and then a specialization in "Land Management and Valorization of the Territory" at Sapienza university of Rome. The PASSION OF SHOWING MY CITY and its surroundings became a real work almost more than ten years ago when I started to work with the Richmond University in Rome carrying out outdoor activities for the students. At the moment I collaborate also with other American universities based in Rome organizing all the "not touristic" tours. In the last four years I started to carry out private tours for travelers who want to visit the "OTHER SIDE" of Rome creating PERSONALISED ITINERARIES.

I'm a curious and positive person and my background of studies allows me to show you the city from a geographical point of view focusing on a mix of historical information, anecdotes and curiosities involving as much as possible the participants. SOCIAL ASPECTS, HISTORY, ARCHITECTURE, ANECDOTES about Rome and a bit of culinary make my experiences much more appealing and complete to understand different ASPECTS OF THE ITALIAN CULTURE. I'm also a tireless traveler and I am convinced that having spent so much time in contact with other cultures allows me to enter easily in tune with people. During my tours I like to make you FEEL "ITALIAN" and to stop by my favourite places to have COFFEE, a SUPPLI' (ball of rice with mozzarella inside typical of Rome), a slice of PIZZA or a GELATO.

Most of my itineraries are by bicycle or electric bicycle since I've always loved to ride my bike. In recent years I started promoting cycling in Rome with the association Rebike Altermobility, for which I'm the president, most of all through elementary school educational projects.

What is important for me is YOUR complete SATISFACTION and I will do my best to match your needs. If there is something specific you want to visit, to eat or know I will be glad to make it possible, just let me know. Write me also to have any suggestion or advice about Rome and its surroundings, it will be a pleasure to help you.

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  • Narrow streets of Trastevere
  • Tiberina Island, where the first Romans started to build the city
  • River banks of the Tiber, a must "ride" in Rome
  • Castel Sant'Angelo seen from below
  • Milvio bridge, far from the touristic places
  • San Peter Square, we will pass by it

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I will bring you in places where Romans go to have a light lunch, a coffee or a gelato. During the ride you will taste some delicacies in different places considered by many Romans the best in town.

What we are going to taste? A wonderful supplì (a ball of rice with tomato sauce), a finger-licking trapizzino (a delicious hybrid of pizza, calzone, and the “tramezzino,” an Italian triangular sandwich), a wonderful gelato and a real tasting coffee.

If you do not have your bike we can rent it together near the meeting point, it costs 10 euro.

We will start from the city center and we will ride for a good stretch of the Tiber cycle path, which connects some of the gastronomic pit stops, offering us an unusual view of the city seen from below, bridge by bridge, pedaling along the banks of the river. We will then go through the narrow streets of the historic center discovering incredible views of the city.

During the ride I will tell you about the place we are visiting, their stories and anectodes… my background of studies, I’m a geographer, makes the ride much more appealing since I will let you discover the city from a not conventional point of view.

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What’s included & not included

  • Coffee
  • Bicycle
  • Delicacies

Meeting point

Piazza Santa maria in Trastevere

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Fantastic experience - Highly recommended
I've visited Rome a few times so I was seeking a more local experience so chose this tour. Other friends were arriving into Rome so in the end we were 6 (mid age) women. Nicola our guide could not have been more accommodating, apart from the murals we also wanted to stop and sample some food/wine along our route so he happily incorporated this too into our ride. What we all really loved was exploring another side of Rome away from the tourists and the classic must sees, on this tour we visited exciting and quaint neighbourhoods and saw how the local folk really live and some really fantastic murals! Nicola was informative and we learnt some great information too. Nicola is really easy- going and wants you to have a great experience and each of us, regardless of our cycling skills (from near none to a tri-athlete) had a fantastic time. Do yourself a favor and book this tour, you won't regret it.
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